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April 29, 2007



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First! Good morning, bloggies!

Quick, before it's too late, BOMB the CAMPUS! Once the baby ones learn to bite us, we'll start turning into squirrel zombies!

Morning Artchick!

Okay, I'm as much for shotgunnin' squirrels as the next guy bbbuuuttt...when you pick up a wild animal yer gonna get bit. It's called nature.

City folks...geez.

The Tree Rat jihad!

Thank goodness they have an 'adult patrol'. Who knows what kinda trouble they might get into if they didn't patrol their adults!

A newspaper with a pronunciation guide. They must know their audience.

First kid; Pretty, OWEEE!
Second kid; Cool, OUCH!
Adult patrol guard; oh-wuh-TAH'-nuh!

I think that patrol guard's comment was a little longer: Oh-whut-ah-NUT-I-am....

The vocal squirrel lobby has obviously intimidated Wisconsin authorities and/or media with some kind of P.C. nonsense. Back in my youth, everyone for miles around would have been automatically Forced to Undergo a Series of Painful Rabies Shots. None of this maybe/maybe not shilly-shallying...

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