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April 25, 2007


We would like to believe this person is joking.

(Thanks to Neil G)


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I have no idea where to begin with this. I am truly at a loss....


wow. breathtaking stupidity... completely oblivious.

Dangit, steak - you beat my by a hair!

Oh, my - they're not joking. That's my guess.

Gracious! What's terrifying is that this person probably votes.

I hope someone writes back and tells her that the reason it's hot in the spring is because she lives in Hot Springs.

I hope someone writes back and tells her that the reason it's hot in the spring is because she lives in Hot Springs.

Maybe I'll write to her...twice, slowly, so she gets it.

Not to mention the misprinted headline... "Daylight exacerbates warning."

CH - it's too hot to vote. Those durn Republicans ruin everything. (kidding!)

The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!

Blame Al Gore. Everyone else does! :-)

She does seem to imbue Congress with much greater powers than we do. THANK GOD it's not true.

I blame Al Gore.

Yeah, those Republicans and their amazing powers...

I love the confident arrogance she has in her ignorance.

Actually, it scares the cr@p out of me.

Psychic blaming simul with Scott!

*goes in search of a cigarette*
*hopes it was good for him!*

Actually, it IS a joke: http://www.snopes.com/humor/letters/daylight.asp

Then again, it does almost look to be typed on a 3/4 square, merely saying.

*puts on best sententious voice*

As we all know, the earth receives about 3000 kilocalories per square meter per day. That works out to 125 KCal per hour. Over the course of the 21 days of early Daylight savings time plus the extra 14 days that we will receive in November each meter of the Earth's surface will receive an extra 4375 KCal. This, in turn, taken with the fact that the average person has approximately 1 square meter of skin surface and that a person consuming an extra 3500 kilocalories will gain one pound means that everyone in the northern hemisphere will gain, on average, 1.25 pounds this year due only to the change in the Daylight Savings Time rules!

Can we, as an already obese country afford to ignore this?

Further, as everyone does extra exercise to work off this unwanted extra weight, they will not only put off extra heat but, in addition, extra carbon dioxide, the single most important gas implicated in global warming!!!

I blame al qaeda.

Or Australia.

*puff* *puff* *hack, hack, cough* I don't smoke, diva, still.... :-)

Bravo sir you almost had me!!!!!!!

CH - Driving all these cars is ruining Mars, too? Yikes! The problem is worse that we thought!

Clearly, the answer to global warming is a wave of mass suicides. Errr... you first.

(Of course, I meant "you" as in "you, Mr. Gore.")

Years ago when I was a reporter and columnist at a small TN paper (until Lewis Grizzard died and they started syndicating someone named Berry), I had a reader ask of one of my columns, "Was that satire or did you mean it?" Of course I said yes.

Magoh's Link

Snopes says it's true, the letter was written and published. The writer wrote it as a joke but who knows whether the newspaper thought so.

I thought it was a bit too well-written. I still laughed though, thinking about those newspaper readers in Arkansas. BOTH of them were probably scratching their heads over this.

What about violins on television? Shouldn't someone be writing a letter to complain about that?

Yeah, marfie, and sax!

Hey, watch it, Annie! *g* Of course, living here wasn't my first choice, so you may have a point about the larger population.

Come to think of it, I poke fun at a lot of the silliness here in Arkansas myself, so never mind. ;)

Well the writer has a very important point, but what about the many other pressing issues, like Endangered Feces, Flea Erections in China, Making Puerto Rico a Steak, Presidential Erections, Pouring Money into Canker Research, the Eagle Rights Amendment, Busting School Children, Conserving our Natural Racehorses, Youth in Asia?

Huh? C'mon, speak up!

(RIP Gilda)

or having a Dick Cheney in the White House. Go git em, Emily!

Scott - whatta you mean you don't smoke? Of COURSE you do, as hot as you ..... Oh. OH! Cigarettes. Oh. Well, me neither, actually. Can't stand the things.

Heh. Actually "Connie" is a guy...and his letters are mainly satire. Reminds me of being transferred to Alberta as a very young Mountie. About a year after my arrival, the debate as to whether to bring daylight savings time to Alberta began. The farmers and ranchers were apoplectic, claiming that the time change would make their livestock confused and sick. As a former big city kid (who had been living with DST for years), I was astonished...and I never DID see a heifer in Alberta with a wristwatch...

AFKAT - of course cows can't tell time. Have you ever heard the saying, "Until the cows come home"? Have you ever waited for one? They take for heifer.

*snork*@ Emily. The author's an attorney and it was a joke, but the Snopes link might have addressed this and then I'm being redundant and I'll just go away now after I finish this run-on sentence....

*steers clear of bovine puns*

AWbh: I hereby nominate that post for the 10 Best Puns of 2007. Also the 10 Worst Puns of 2007.

Who dat? Show yourself, coward!

Whoever you are, I preferred the one back here, where the dad is suing the library because his boys found a spicy book when they were supposedly looking for info about military academies -
"darn that Dewey Decimal. I said "West Point," not "Wet Points!"

Annie - I also thought that was a stellar specimen. Brava again!

Diva - Well, maybe I will swagger a bit, then. ;-)

Not YOU, Scott. Sheesh. ;P

Annie, Anonymous may be the better judge!

Okay, Annie, how 'bout I stagger instead?

This reminds me of the person in my Master's program who, when asked by an instructor what the potential future effects of telecommuting might be, she answered "Well, we'll have to build more roads."

This was the same person who insisted that North America and Canada were two seperate things.

Schadeboy - Master of what, exactly?

I love it! S/he really mastered her tone in this bit of satire.

Thank God snopes.com found this to be a hoax...People that stupid make my life as an atmo scientist very very very very hard! Sadly, there are those that are that bright...I blame it on their science teachers (Just kidding! I was one for a while!). Back to ocean forecasting for me (from Oklahoma, where Ocean front property is cheap!)

That article was probably one of the stupidest things ever written. I blame global warming.

Well, Scott, I think you should swagger, then.

*sits back to enjoy the view*

I reason that when you are limited to one square per sitting that the first thing to go is the mind.

Well, I live about 1 hour from LR, and it has been cold as hell here. I don't know where this nut is from, unless they are joking.

Jazzz - he's joking.

"Dewey Decimal" WBAGNFA gay male pornstar.

Maybe this twit could buy some "carbon indulgences," I mean credits, from the scam artist, I mean His Holiness, Pope Al Gore, so his Church of the Carbon Footprint can plant a "tree" somewhere with her money so she can go to Green Heaven. BWHAHAHAHAH!

Durn. I usually Snopes things before passing them on. I hate to cast a bad light on the blog, especially if there's an extra hour of it.

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