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April 30, 2007


It's here.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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Disco really has gone downhill.

Well, Father's Day IS coming...

Come on baby light my @ss...

Cool! Mood Toilets!

... is it low flow?

*sees about ordering one for his sister*

Siouxie, if we get one of these, we can say our a$$ seems lighter!


Check for the National Underwriter(tm thingie)'s label, lest we have another flaming bidet emergency.

I seriously doubt this will help guys with their aim.

wonders of little men come out to steer your landing on that thing.

At least it's only on when the lid is up. To prevent accidents.

Great. A spotlit target for toilet snakes.

Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.

*snork*@ meanie!

We don't have problems with our aim. The payload always goes exactly where we point the hose.

I can hear it now - "Hey, Mom, blue and yellow make green!"

Is that really where you want moths to gather?

Annie...There speaks an experienced mother!

[the spybot's secret access code began with "pp". A coincidence? I think not!]

We've come a long way from playing 'Sink the Cheerio.'

I want mine to play THIS!

Judging from this morning, ours plays the tube.


I don't suppose anyone is willing to describe.. The bot must've seen...something...and filtered it out..

I can see this leading to some very untidy incidents when people go to visit Times Square, Vegas and other light-bulb-intensive places.

"Untidy" as in "oops, I peed on a 10,000-watt light bulb and blew myself to Kingdom Come?"

What if, instead of the 2001 theme, you just had HAL's voice:
"I don't think you should do that, Dave."

mm, it's a transparent toilet seat, wired with blue LEDs. I did not experience the audio, however, which apparently consisted of a disco beat synchronized with some pulsations in the light.

CH - I was thinking only of sanitary implications. Don't even want to think of ..... of ...... *faints*

mm, if you're talking about the previous thread, I hovered over the name and the website www.dickhymen.com popped up. Clever post!


Why would anyone encourage dancing at the potty?

*snork @ jon*

"you dont have to light your batroom anymore

So...this was designed for the Batcave?

Somehow I'm just not wild about the idea of plugging my toilet into electricity.

fivver - electro-slob therapy.

Perfect gift for a wannabe actress, who may never get to see her name in lights! At least, she'll have something else that is lit up...
Somehow, that doesn't read the way I meant it.

The next version will have a light-up scoreboard and will play 'Charge!'

Somehow I'm just not wild about the idea of plugging my toilet into electricity.
Perhaps is runs on natural gas?

Buford - I'm guessing the scoreboard runs on natural gas already - peee-yew!

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