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April 25, 2007


(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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He just thought it would be cool to bring it to school

He was right.

Totally awesome.

*SMACKS the kid's parents*

now the parents may not have known anything about it. We (my brother and I)had a mortar thrower when we were kids...

And here I thought it was going to be a weapon for a different type of warfare....

*snork* @ mm.

Rough neighborhood?

At least it wasn't active!

I don't know about that, DD. OVYL built a functioning trebuchet for the fifth grade science fair.

mm - did anyone else know about that?

give the kid a break, he probably just wanted to start the day with a bang.

well, the police did about 10 years later when we decided to turn it in. Oh and by then my mom knew too. We lived cross the street from an Army/Navy reserve center. Sometimes they left stuff out, there was all kinds of cool stuff to find on Monday after reserve weekend...

I'm just browsing the headlines on wftv...
Teachers having sex with students, mothers trying to run over their sons, guns in the bathroom at school, & a self-taught dentist working out of his garage... .
What is in the water!?

jon- apparently not enough prozac.

When I was in junior high, we got a presentation from the cops about drugs and how bad they were. The cops passed around a display case featuring a few real joints so we could see what they looked like. When the cops got the case back, someone had added one to it.

mm, you outlaw you!!


Why, thank you, Siouxie!

For show and tell in second grade I walked in to my school shouldering a rifle from the War of 1812, got a few strange looks on the way, but otherwise nothing much. Life was different in the 60s...Bet my kid couldn't get away with that now.

A mortar thrower woulda been way cooler.

We only had machetes in Cuba for show & tell...


ya'll had the best STUFF!!

Dang, Sio... Show and Tell must have looked like payday at the cane field office! Did you have to cut cane on the way, to and from school? Uphill? Both ways?

We had a kid do the same thing in my class when I was in the sixth grade (in the 1970s). Teacher told him to take it home.

CJ, I worked the tobacco fields.

Care for a Cuban?? ceegar, of course.

DD, does that 'Sea of Love' thingy come with Dramamine?

I grew up in rural N. Fla and while we didn't take our guns to school, we sure were out plinking with them every weekend.

You know, Lex Luthor was always making nuclear bombs and laser death rays and bringing them to school....

He spent more time in detention than anyone I knew. Ah, good times...

Geez, kids these days. Don't even know what fun is. Why, back in my day, we'd grab us a coupla rocks and shape em and whittle em down to sharp little pointy things. Then, we'd jab at the teachers and the nerdy kids and club em and stuff and if that warn't enuff we'd hang em off a stick and roast em right next to the wooly mammoth. Yep, them were the days, right there. Good times, good times.

We had guns, machetes, swords, and a strange smell coming from the basement.

"He just thought it would be cool to bring it to school..."

He just wanted to hear his friends say, "You da bomb."

*snork's* @AWBH!

I am surprised. I thought in Texas you were forced to show up armed for school.

*SNORK* waaaaaaay up top to DPC.

Maybe he was in the Renegade Grenade Brigade. You know, kind of like Future Farmers of Amreica.

Stevie W - re you a member of "Future Spellcheckers of Amreica"?

Stevie - are you a member of Future Spellcheckers of Amreica?

I'm a member of Repetitive Redundancy Resources of Amreica.

No. re you?

*sits in front row*

let the games begin!

Annie 1 Stevie 1

No. I get claustrophobic in caves.

(I hereby nominate myself for worst pun of the day.)

*sets up a ringside concession stand*

Gumballs! Getcher gumballs here! Blogaritas, two bucks! NT's special recipe blog brownies, a buck fifty! I said Getcher gumballs here!


oooh...spelunking...I get it now.
Whatever you do, don't go hiking in Orange County.

Sxi - doesn't Annie get her usual handicap?

Stevie- who needs a handicap when I have you? :)

Oh yeah, Stevie...

*blindfolds Annie and ties her hands behind her back*

now you've got a chance ;-P

Be careful what you wish for.

A big LOL on the bunnyland story...I'll have to go take a hike. Can the ceramic ones be as vicious as the real ones?

%#$^@......hard 2 type like dis........

Heaven knows what she's typing with.

Bunnies are nothing but...I don't know how else to put this....animals. Do NOT turn your back on them. Ever.

*not biting at the obvious*

Do NOT turn your back on them. Ever. Unless you are planning some sort of trick-shot when thou lobbest thy Holy Hand Grenade.

I've never had a problem with them. They are a good judges of human character.

psssttt...Stevie, she's typing with a computer

Sorry, Annie...just trying to give Stevie a bit of an advantage.

I've been around bunny rabbits - it ain't yer back ya gotta worry about....

Here ya go, Chris...The Holy Hand Grenade.

Whatever you do, don't go hiking in Orange County.

Methinks the Mystery Gnome society is at it again...

Gotta go, frenz. Besides, Annie's tired.


Does not really light up or explode.

So, now returning full-circle to where we started, this would be a safe grenade to take for show-and-tell in second grade.


I like the rabbit on there and the "action shot" lol

My brothers used to make home made bombs, perfect for blowing up mailboxes and just generally startling the hell out of the whole neighborhood by the loud bang. He made them with a plastic bottle, hydrocloric acid and aluminum foil. He exploded one in our front yard for fun once, and it was so freakin loud we could not stop laughing picturing the whole neighborhood jumping up and yelling "WHAT THE HELL?!" I have since grown.


Right, Bethie. ;)

The kid's grenade would have been acceptable if it had been enclosed in a quart ziplock baggie.

I always wondered where holy hand grenades were made.

For shame, Annie. Stealing bandwidth makes Baby Jesus cry! ;)

DD - that's hilarious. I linked to a picture of the Grenade Holiness Church in Arkansas. I guess they don't like us linking to it. Sheesh.

Still - a funny church name! Gives a whole new meaning to Parish Wars.

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