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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to Julieta Alvarado)


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First! ?

FIRST thing in the morning, I'll have to give this information serious consideration. (Judi--burning the midnight oil?)


And I sent that in too, about an hour ago. Oh well.

^5 Kristina!

*flaps off to bed, humming (Prehistoric) Girls Just Want to Have Fun...*

You mean our generation wasn't the first to discover that sex is fun? Imagine that! Who knew?

He may have come down from the trees, but prehistoric man did not stop swinging.

Well, guess there's some precedence for certain lifestyles, too....

That Fox News thought this was newsworthy doesn't surprise me. They are so hung-up they don't believe anybody should be having fun sex, even cavemen.

I always knew that Betty Rubble was a saber toothed tigress under the sheetrock. Yabba dabba do me!!!

*SNORK* @ Stevie

Betty what a babe!

...use of sex toys were widespread ... as a way of building up cultural ties.

So, where have we gone wrong!?

And here it was I thought the source of the quote "all work and no play" orignated during sometime shortly after the Phanerozoic eon...

...prominent male genitals and female breasts developed to aid recognition of the opposite sex in creatures...


Female 1: So, that a guy or a gal over there?
Female 2: Don't know. Can't tell if there's any Danglie Bits.
Female 1: Well, if there aren't, there should be Ramparts!
Female 2: Yea! And they seem to be ...
Female 1: WHOA! Wait. OK. Danglie Bits!
Female 2: Yea ... and he's not going to be impressing anyone ... might as well grow Man Boobs!

That the cavemen had more fun than we is a phallus C

Whoaaaa!! no coffee yet in my system and wake up to THIS???

all's I gots ta say is... well DUH!!

Mornin' Blogolodytes!!!

Sex; so easy even a Geiko caveman can enjoy it.

First pole dancer.

"The widespread lay belief"
"overlaying science"

They've GOT to be doing that on purpose.

(By the way, there's no such thing as "overlaying."

When I first saw that headline, I thought it was another story about Kevin Federline.

Brings a whole 'nother meaning to 'walking erect'.

Fivver- not to mention "wooly mammoth"

" allowed intercourse to become a vital part of social interaction"

MALE: so how was your weekend?
FEMALE: OK. How 'bout yours?
M: not bad. great weather we're having.
F: Yea
M: would you like to have intercourse?

FAW - your link's not working.

Chuck - and just how have things changed since then?!?

FAW - your link's not working.

Chuck - and just how have things changed since then?!?

Right up until they invented marriage

I am just shocked by this amazing discovery!

*wanders off wondering what prehistoric sex toys look like*

Intersting ponder, Suzy Q. While there were Jaguars back then I'm really not sure if they'd count...

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