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April 26, 2007


She'll be so disillusioned.

(Thanks first to lauren abbott)


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Dave, where've you been? We mentioned this hours ago!

Why would anyone want to attack baked beans? All the baked beans I've ever met were hippy peacenicks.

OOh! And first!


He was preparing for his role in "Hugh and the Bean Can"

When they outlaw baked beans only criminals will have baked beans! I would have thrown some spinach or something at them. I loves me some baked beans.

He's such a has bean

ummm... dave didn't post this. and i don't read the comments on every post, sorry. why not send in links instead of posting them? :)

My first thought was that this was Hugh Jackman, and that the photographer was lucky that he didn't get sliced and diced.

You know, after looking at that photograph, it's hard to believe that's the same person who does an impersonation of Elvis in Happy Feet.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with baked beans.

It could of been worse. He could have forced the guy to watch American Dreamz.

What was he arrested for... A$$ault with a gassy weapon?

*blushes at gettin' called out by Judi*

Just kidding, JUDI! (OOPS, TOO.)

My soooo bad.

Plus - I didn't post on the other thread - just read it there. Whatever I find, I send yas.

This would have been more appropriate behavior from Beenie Man.

LOL Baron!!

oh wait...I'm still mad at you!!

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