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April 07, 2007


We went to the Exploratorium, which is a large fun educational place full of hands-on exhibits that demonstrate scientific principles. One of the exhibits is a drinking fountain made from a toilet, which demonstrates the scientific principle that, yuck.



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Oh, Dave. Dear Dave. That is soooooo wrong. But at least you look like you know it....

And what are you doing up and posting at this hour? Even in California....Oh, wait. It's only like 9:45 there. OK. Carry on.

Have I ever told you just how hilarious you are?

But I reeeeeaaaally wish you'd gotten all of that sign in. "A sip of"... what?

No. On second thought, I don' wanna know.

And since I'm apparently the only blogit out here at this hour in the Midwest on Good Friday...well, technically Holy Saturday now....FIRST. AND a hat trick!


I hope you remembered to put the lid down.

I love that place.

And here I thought I was the only person out here, Stevie!

There's the San Francisco we all know and love. Now, go sit at the bottom of the crookedest street in San Francisco-and watch all the fools drive down it. That should keep you in stitches.

The sign says, "A sip of conflict." The NY Times mentions it in an article about the Exploratorium.

Where's a Baby Ruth bar when you need one?

lol. I'll bet at least one four-and-under-year-old mistook it for the real thing and tried to use it.

Dave looks flush with excre excitement.

Sure, but can he replace a faulty flush valve?

Dave, if you could let the little guy in the rowboat out of the tank, he'd really appreciate it.

Good night, all.
*leaves out bottle of B. Alan Pincus mix for the morning crew*

Annie, Annie, Annie. Dave is like Jack. He can do anything!

PS - Found this gem when I was searching....OMGWTFBBQ?

Dave, were there flashing lights around the rim, er brim?

And I DID link Jack in that previous post.

Bad Dave. Do we need to put you outside? Where is that rolled up newspaper?

*sips breakfast margarita*

Nice blue shirt, Dave!

Bad Diva! Manilow links mean you have to tend the BlogBar!

The question was...is the flow of water merely a small trickle...or a good strong stream?

First to say ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Actually, the Exploratorium is great.

And Diva, love the album!

Speaking of which, it's been a while since we played:

Rock, Paper, Saddam!

What happened to the blog clock?

Good picture of you, Dave; ick for the toilet fountain. I definitely don't remember that exhibit when I was there, oh, twenty five years ago. My cat, however, thinks the toilet is her water bowl. Double ick!

*sips coffee and tries not to visualize drinking from the toilet*

My cat actually installed one of those on our toilet. She's a bit high falootin'.

That would be perfect for the dentists office.

uh dave, that's not a water fountain, that's a redneck bidet. just saying.

SNORK @ crossgirl

Dave, that certainly looks like a low-flow.

My dog wants to know where he can get one of those!

I think most college students would like to know where to get one of those.

it looks like they haven't cleaned the toilet fointain in years. My actual real toilet is cleaner than that.

and why is the water brown?? Just askin.' I thought the water out on the left coast was soft - no iron. Maybe just in Seattle...So what's in that stuff?

Is it just me, or does Dave's hand look freakishly tiny?

Either that, or his head is really big.

Interestingly enough, "Toilet Fountain" anagrams to "I left out nation". I'm not sure what this means.

*wipes down blogbar*

*Hands CJ a nice biiiiig blogojito*

Fair deal, man. I'll serve today.

mm, here in San Diego we have terrible hard water. No one drinks it. Everyone buys bottled water.

Great, DD, can I have a Bloody Mary?

Wow! How 'bout that? I used drank from the same toilet as Dave.

Susy Q, it does look like his poor hand is trying to curl away from touching the crusty crapper! hope Dave had some industrial strength wipes on board.

I agree with fud. big head.


Gotta love the crusty brown ring around the toilet there.

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