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April 27, 2007



(Thanks to Mike Pontillo)


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81 isn't that old. Other little, old ladies in the news recently have been shown shooting their problems. She would have had enough beef in the freezer for the rest of her life.

This is the FIRST time this has happened since
Dennis Rodman retired.

Or not.

was the car red?


The bull reportedly stood behind the Chevy Caprice for an hour trying to get the woman to turn off her blinker.

Hello? She should have given it a mud-massage-pedicure. EVERYONE knows that.

Why didn't the woman jump out, throw a rope on the bull and try to ride it?


Hey Blurkie!

Sio, you're on a bull-fighting tear today!

Good thing the Ol' lady wasn't driving a Pinto!

Hey blurk! how's the meat??

uh..I mean ..where's the beef?


Hey, CJ!

Drats!! you got me!

she was probably in a taurus...

Hi, blurk!!!!

Hey, nannie!
Great to see ya!

Hiya blurk!!!

How's tricks today? I'm still servin' up the blogojitos or whatever else tickles my yer fancy.

amazing post...........:)

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