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April 09, 2007


Here is where we stand:

We don't really know. We missed last week. But here's where we think we stand:

Lunatic Vice President Darth Boothe was going to launch a nuclear missile against a country that has not been named (although we have our suspicions). Fortunately President Gary Payton of Your World Champion Miami Heat emerged from his coma, which was indistinguishable from his acting, to restore sanity to the government by... launching the nuclear missile anyway. So basically we have a struggle for power at the highest level of the U.S. government between two insane homicidal nuclear maniacs, which is a good thing because the terrorists have totally dropped the ball since their one lone nuclear strike, which was months ago.

The current ranking terrorist submastermind that this blog is aware of is Fayed, who edged ahead of Gredenko last week when Gredenko took one for the terrorist team in the form of having his arm whacked off, although apparently the only part of this that the TV audience got to see was the severed arm, played by the late Wally Cox. Apparently Jack will be interrogating Fayed this evening, so we are hoping for some excitement there. We are also hoping for fewer and shorter bunker scenes, and no mention whatsoever of the 25th Amendment. "Less bunker, more Bauer," that is this blog's feeling.

Edgar is still dead.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISORY: We have been warned by a number of sources that something much worse than total worldwide nuclear devastation may occur tonight.

UPDATE: There is nothing happening at this time.

UPDATE: Whoa. House is on Prison Break. There must have been a major plot twist.

UPDATE: House just spat on a surgeon! I hope he also shows up in 24.

UPDATE: I just can't imagine Bill and Karen having sex.

UPDATE: Jack's interrogating somebody and THEY'RE NOT SHOWING IT!!! What is WRONG with these people?

UPDATE: Could this dialogue be any more wooden? Really, could it?

UPDATE: It was a trick missile. I knew we couldn't trust President Gary Payton of Your World Champion Miami Heat to be a homicidal lunatic.

UPDATE: Two words, Jack: (1) Power. (2) Tools.

UPDATE: They're in a kitchen! There's probably a fryer! Come on, show some initiative!

UPDATE: Who is General Habib again? Is he the Latest Terrorist Mastermind (LTM)?

UPPDATE: "We're all doing some learning today, aren't we sir." Blecccch.

UPDATE: I hope they remember to exchange insurance information.

UPDATE: How come sometimes the terrorists speak English to each other, and other times they do not? Hmm?

UPDATE: A fake! Good one!

UPDATE: See? Why are they all of a sudden speaking English?

UPDATE: No! Don't involve the president!

UPDATE: I keep hoping they'll slip up and name the country they're all talking about.

UPDATE: Milo is too jealous to be uplinking for Nadia.

UPDATE: I think they should let the viewers vote on the target.

UPDATE: Thanks for joining us, President GPOYWCMH!

UPDATE: A code! Those sneaky terrorist mastermind bastards!

UPDATE: Jack has a visual on the target vehicle and is going to engage.

UPDATE: "I'm on my way to you now." Thanks, Mister Screenwriter!

UPDATE: The Sanitation Truck of Nuclear Doom!

UPDATE: I hate the bunker.

UPDATE: That was a crunchy neck.

UPDATE: These terrorists are horrible shots.

UPDATE: Biting, headbutting AND a chain! AND "Say hello to your brother." THIS is why we watch this show.

UPDATE: UH-oh....

UPDATE: Our worst fears have been realized. Audrey AND the Dreaded Chinese Subplot.

UPDATE: Well, except for our worst fears being realized, it was a good episode. Much more Jack. Thanks for joining the blog tonight; stick around for The Amazing Steve.


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*sneaks out of the blog closet rather disheveled, buttoning the bodice of her dress*

*leaves Al inside for a moment to compose himself....*

I thought it was Alfonso Ribeira who played on that show....

Late check-in! I missed everything, even TCH guy's fabulous intro.

I have no idea what happened tonight, because I haven't read the comments yet.

I was absent due to having a date. Yes, with a person of the opposite sex where they buy you dinner and everything. Wow, who knew this could still happen?

AHHH! Thanks Zach! I love TV trivia, but I would have never have gotten that one.

Here's a good one. On the Sleuth network, the show volume is so low that I turn the volume to like "45". The commercials however are like twice as loud; they blow you off the couch! Why is that? I hate that!

*voice lowers dangerously*

I'll certainly grant you good-lookin', but don't be dissin' my Jack...

By the way, we have an official answer on that Crumb Count. Any takers?

This is too obvious. "24" doesn't start getting good until a point in the season when the writers have had a chance to review the viewers critique of the first part of the season. I tell ya, we should demand royalties!

Wow - 7 simuls, including 2 with Ridley.... I'm exhausted. I need a cigarette.

*hopes it was good for everyone else*

I was absent due to having a date

Oh my gosh, I've heard of those! What are they like?

I loved Simon and Simon!!! I preferred Gerald MacRaney over Jameson, but he was cute too.

Simon and Simon ROCKED!!!

Sorry, DD, but in pressure situations like this I can't count past 2.

I like ol' Kieffer (Keiffer? Keifer? Kiefer?) just fine, but we don't see nearly enough of him on this show. I love him in the Three Musketeers movie, but of course my babe Charlie is in that one too...and Tim Curry who is awesome and well the others are fine eye candy too - Oliver Platt and Chris Donnelly.

I don't think Audrey and Cheng are in California. The sun was shining through the window and it looked like a rising sun, so that kind of implies that they're not even in the US... unless it was a light or something? I don't know if they're China, whatever. It was probably a light.

You gotta read Jameson's book, Wizzy. It is called An Accidental Cowboy.

I cannot believe that the 'bot never bit me tonight!

"Biting, headbutting AND a chain! AND "Say hello to your brother." THIS is why we watch this show."

Yes, Dave, you hit the nail on the head. I've been waiting all season for an episode like this one. I was screaming "Yes!" during the last five minutes of the show. Unfortunately, this has been one very, boring season. However, it just may go out with a bang (no pun intended). I can tell you I won't be buying the DVD set for season 6.

DEFINITELY Gerald McRaney.

Suzy you went out on a date on Jack night and he didn't say that he couldn't go out tonight because Jack was on!?!?!?!?!?

Drop him quick. He's obviously a loser if he doesn't watch 24. The least he could have done was watch the show with you.

Oh no, I'm not gonna' choose between the Simon brothers. I'll take whoever is left. You guys duke it out over Mac; I'll take JP, no problem!

Steve should be along soon. His poor little fingers must be aching.

Rising sun, Jess R? Must be Japan, then.

I would guess Japan based on that symbolism except that Awawawdrey was reportedly in China when she was supposedly killed in a failed attept to rescue Jack, but, hey, maybe she has a lousy sense of direction to go with her lack of personality.

And that would surprise you?

But I have to agree with Al on this one. I no longer trust my pastor implicitly since he called with TEN MINUTES left to go in tonight's episode.

these Chinese villans have serious timing. First Jack takes down Logan and boom, he gets swooped up by the Chinese... Now Jack takes down Fayed, and seconds later he gets a call from the Chinese again.

so, basically with the new subplot we could end up with Yao Ming vs. Gary Payton in a cage match with Jim Jones refereeing? Can't wait for hour 24 now! ;)

dd. still there? I had to take a laundry break.

Yep. I'm here.

Almost done with the summary! I'll post in a few minutes.

have to wonder what level dungeon master Jack is compared to Cheng...it would have been wonderful if Jack had broken into "Chain of Fools" after taking Fayed down.

Other unfinished plots:

What is the connection between Bluetooth bro and Logan and the Chinese?

Bluetooth told Jack he was behind the deaths of Palmer, Michelle, and Tony. Later, he told Papa Bauer that wasn't the case. So what gives?

I hope we get all these answers by the end of the season. I'd like a clean slate for season 7. Season 3 ended with Jack crying and then driving off. I'd like to see a clean ending this season with no holdover plots.

YAY! I love you, Steve. ;)

*snork* @ the ref....


I have no inside information or lifted double secret scripts, but if the Chinese guy knew to call at exactly the time Jack secured the nukes, he had to have been tipped. The mole plot lives. Back to Milo,Morris,Nadia,or any other CTU employee except for Edgar. Or maybe....

Previously on “24”, we found out: If you tell someone you’ll lend them a hand, it’s important to make sure they understand that’s just an expression; A tactical nuclear strike is a good way to surprise people; It’s never a good idea to go for a moonlight stroll under the Santa Monica pier, because you’ll never know what you might find.

The following summary occurred between 10 pm and 11 pm:

10:00 pm – It’s just like one of the joint chiefs to walk in front of the television everyone’s watching. Lennox argues that holding the Unnamed Country responsible for Fayed’s action is pretty pointless because nobody is really sure which country Fayed is from, or which country is about to be hit with a nuclear weapon.

10:01 pm – Karen calls Bill, and Bill says that Jack isn’t optimistic about breaking Fayed, since he’s shatter resistant. Karen mentions that Wayne has decided to become a very well-known person in the Middle East, and asks Bill to “pretext” something to stop the missile. “Pretext” is CTU talk for “lie”. Bill refuses.

10:02 pm – Mr. Joint Chief of Television Screen Blocking tells Wayne that someone with an RSS feed has tagged the missile, and there are many radar installations, jets, and several hot air balloons on the way to intercept the missile. Wayne helpfully points out that the missile has gotten someone’s attention.

10:03 pm – Nobody says anything because everyone thinks it’s someone else’s turn to say the next line.

10:04 pm – Someone finally breaks the silence with a phone call, and Lennox answers it. Surprise! It’s “The Ambassador” from Unnamed Country. He says that they’ve noticed the nuclear warhead headed towards their country, and within the last couple of minutes identified General Habib as someone that’s been helping Fayed all this time! They’ve even been interrogating him! All within the last few minutes. Wow, these guys are FAST. I sure hope they only have one General Habib, because that seems like a pretty common General name, even in Unnamed Country.

10:05 pm – Two minutes left until no more Unnamed Country, and Wayne finally gives the order to abort the nuclear weapon, asks The Ambassador to star in a guest spot for the duration of the season, and hangs up. Mr. Joint Chief of Television Screen Blocking waits until after Wayne hangs up to abort the launch, telling the guy on the other end to ditch the nuclear weapon in the gulf. Lennox says that he’s sure that somebody in Unnamed Country has watched James Bond movies, and it’s going to occur to someone over there to grab some scuba gear, some underwater transports, and go get the weapon. Surprise! It turns out it doesn’t matter, because Wayne just had someone write “Nuclear” on the side of a regular old missile, and it completely faked everyone out. Turns out that Wayne isn’t a homicidal maniac after all, he just likes to scare his cabinet ever so often. It’s going to be a while before someone tops that one. Wayne orders the new information about Habib sent to CTU.

10:07 pm – In the CTU food storage and interrogation room, Jack slips on a banana while hitting Fayed and almost makes the CTU blooper reel. Fayed doesn’t seem to notice this, because he looks like he is meditating, or just really tired. Fayed asks if Jack is enjoying himself, which is a pretty dumb question. Fayed doesn’t talk. Bill calls to tell Jack that Mohmar Habib (equivalent English name: Joe Jones) has been working with Fayed, and Bill tells him to try something more drastic, like threatening Fayed with a ham sandwich. Meanwhile, Doyle tries to tell Fayed that no one will remember his name because it’s hard to spell, and his first name, “Abu” makes people think of The Simpsons. Fayed points out that it’s not spelled the same in The Simpsons, but Doyle ignores that and tells him that Fayed’s second in command will get all the glory. Fayed asks Doyle if he really thinks he’ll get anywhere playing on his vanity. Doyle says that he doesn’t play on furniture. Fayed says he serves the will of God, and Doyle says he’s pretty sure God has never made out a will, and nearly shoots Fayed. Jack interrupts and tells Doyle not to shoot. Jack says that Burke back at CTU hasn’t given any drugs to anyone all season, and it’s his turn to try with Fayed. Fayed doesn’t look the least bit concerned about any of this, or the fact that the blood coming out of his nose is coming out at a 45 degree angle.


10:15 pm – Lennox brings Habib’s file to President Wayne, and it appears that Habib is really South American, not Mid Eastern. Lennox mentions that Sandra won’t be making any speeches soon, because she’s on her way back to see Wahlid. Wayne confesses that the Joint Chiefs and he were able to concoct the entire “fake bomb” scenario a while ago during a commercial break, so no one figured it out. Lennox apologizes to Wayne. Wayne says without everything that happened, it wouldn’t have been nearly as dramatic over the last couple of hours. Wayne also says he’s not his brother David, and Lennox agrees that Wayne is much more alive than David. Wayne asks about Noah’s quick withdrawal, but Lennox doesn’t tell him what happened.

10:16 pm – Wayne reaches for a pen, but a force field around it keeps him from doing so! Wayne’s hand shakes!

10:17 pm – In the CTU transport van, Jack and Doyle argue about the effectiveness of pharmaceutical interrogation. Fayed says he’s not scared of any of this talk because back in terrorist school he was subjected to “The Simple Life” for 98 hours straight, so he can withstand anything. While everyone argues, the person driving the car pays absolutely NO attention to the road and slams into an armored car going the opposite direction. The CTU van lands on its side.

10:18 pm – Turns out that this is not your ordinary armored car. It’s from Terrorist Home Insecurity, and it’s packing a lot of terrorists. They all have posture problems and are carrying very heavy guns, because none of them is standing up straight, and they’re holding their guns with both hands. Jack orders Doyle out the back of the van with Fayed. Jack kicks out the windshield, and suddenly all the terrorists see Jack! Fortunately for Jack they’re all REALLY bad shots, at least for the most part because Jack shoots a lot of them even though they have machine guns. One of the stray bullets hits Doyle!

10:19 pm – Someone clearly didn’t get the memo, because one of them shoots Jack! That guy is definitely not going to be invited back as a guest terrorist next year. The rest of the terrorists run to get Fayed, and bring him back to their armored car. Fayed remarks on the happy coincidence that his men just happened to be driving by, but no one hears him. The terrorists leave.

10:20 pm – Jack, having proven earlier that he’s one of the undead, suddenly sits up! So does Doyle! Turns out that Wayne isn’t the only one pulling amazing pranks tonight. The whole thing is a set up. At this rate Gredenko will be back any minute waving his hands at Jack with one hand.

10:21 pm – Jack and Doyle jump into a car, and head after Fayed. Fayed is in a special Allen Funt equipped CTU van. CTU has replaced all of Fayed’s usual terrorists with special fake CTU terrorists…. Let’s see if he notices!

10:22 pm – One of the fake terrorists introduces himself as definitely NOT a CTU agent, but really someone that was sent by General Habib. Fake Terrorist #1 asks where Fayed wants to go. Fayed suppresses saying “Disney World!”, and instead asks for a gun. One of the fake terrorists gives him one. Fayed says that he wants to speak to General Habib, and Fake Terrorist #1 tells him that it’s been impossible to get a hold of Habib because he’s speed dialing American Idol. Fayed says he won’t tell them where to go, until he’s talked to General Habib. Fake Terrorist #1 says, “As you wish”. It’s a good thing that Fayed never saw The Princess Bride, because if he did, Fake Terrorist #1 probably would have been shot. Jack tells Bill to somehow get General Habib to cooperate, and Bill says that he’ll call the White House, forgetting that everyone is now underneath the White House.


10:27 pm – Bill informs Wayne of Jack’s plan to trick Fayed, and Wayne seems pretty impressed, even though Jack didn’t resort to nuclear weapons for his prank. Bill says that even though this was a pretty good prank, Fayed hasn’t fallen for it completely yet, and has asked to talk to General Habib. Bill’s talking pretty loudly, which he usually does when he sticks that piece of metal into his ear. Someone really needs to tell him about that. Lennox says that Karen is in another room meeting The Ambassador. Wayne says he’ll try and put pressure on The Ambassador, and Bill suggests maybe just asking him will work. Wayne gets up to talk to The Ambassador and suddenly slumps over, much to Lennox’s surprise. Wayne blames this on extreme localized gravity, tells Lennox to have someone check on that, and goes to meet with The Ambassador.

10:29 pm – The Ambassador tries to make friends with Wayne again, but Wayne won’t have it. Wayne informs The Ambassador of the plan. The Ambassador doesn’t think Habib is going to cooperate. Karen suggests being a little more forceful. The Ambassador says that he resents her tone, and suggests she get a little more sun to correct that. The Ambassador says they’ve done everything to get Habib to talk: they talked to him, they arrested his family, and even cancelled his subscription to Terrorist Today, but nothing is working. Wayne asks if they’ve threatened to kill Habib’s family, which even takes The Ambassador by surprise. He starts to say, “Well, duh! That’s the first thing we always try”, but catches himself and says, “Excuse me?” Karen says that he’s excused, and it’s down the hall and to the left. The Ambassador says this is all very barbaric. This makes Wayne really mad, and says that he doesn’t want to hear about it, because he knows how The Ambassador treats barbers in Unnamed Country. Wayne hands The Ambassador a phone, and tells him to make sure Habib doesn’t give away what CTU is up to.

10:31 pm – Bill tells Nadia that Habib will make a phone call to Fake Terrorist #1 and that Habib doesn’t speak English. Nadia says she’ll set up a separate channel to translate. Nadia tries to ask Milo to do it, but Milo has his sockets up in a bunch for some reason and won’t do it. Turns out that Milo didn’t like Nadia acting concerned when she found out that Doyle was bleeding earlier.

10:32 pm – Meanwhile, Morris either a really bad eavesdropper, has sprung a leak, or both, and asks what’s going on. Milo says he’ll set up a channel.

10:33 pm – Fayed orders the armored car to pull into a garage, which is completely wide open and has plenty of room, since there are no cars anywhere to be seen. I assume that’s because no one drives cars in L.A. after 10 pm. Jack and Doyle pull up outside. Fayed asks Fake Terrorist #1 why he’s never heard of him before, and Fake Terrorist #1 says Fayed should know by now how this works: Minor characters are introduced in the show, are shot, and are quickly forgotten. In the middle of explaining this, Fake Terrorist #1’s phone rings. Surprise! It’s General Habib. Even Fayed looks surprised. Nadia translates the conversation which she says goes like this:

Habib: “Hey, it’s me”

Fayed: “How’s it going? Did you send these guys?”

Habib: “Yeah, I did. Why didn’t you blow up anything else?”

Fayed: “I’ve been busy. I’ve been trying to stay awake, but I haven’t seen a Starbucks in hours”.

Habib: “I find that hard to believe. You failed, I should have sent Samir. Can you still use the bombs?”

Fayed: “Yes”

Habib: “Call me back when you get there. I’ll send you a new target. Do you understand?”

Fayed: “Yeah, yeah.”

Fayed tells the driver that the safe house isn’t far, and to head for the 110 freeway.

10:36 pm – The armored car leaves. Jack and Doyle follow.

10:37 pm – Karen asks if Wayne is feeling OK, but he clearly isn’t because his voice could be entered into a “talking like this” contest. The Ambassador says that he’s happy that everything worked out so well, and he’ll have to remember that “threaten the family” trick for later. Wayne tells Karen to show The Ambassador out, even though it’s Lennox’ turn to do that. The Ambassador says that he thought he had a promise to stay until the end of this season, but Wayne insists that he should leave.

10:38 pm – Wayne starts grunting a lot, and tells Lennox to lock the door. Lennox looks really alarmed because the last time he saw this happen, the Incredible Hulk showed up out of no where, and he doesn’t want to see that happen. Wayne collapses.


10:41 pm – CTU has everyone in place and ready to go, with snipers on both sides of everything because of what happened a couple of hours ago. Nadia comes up to point out that after some analysis, she found out that the Samir person Habib was referring to was killed two years ago. Milo suggests that maybe Habib is referring to another Samir. He also suggests that if Samir is dead, Habib might be gathering an army of The Forsaken, but no one hears this. Nadia points out that it might be a code that General was using, and if you look carefully you can see Morris throw his arms up into the arm and mouth the words, “Well, duh!” Bill tells Nadia that was good work she did to figure all that out.

10:43 pm – Bill tells Jack about the Samir code that Habib used, and Jack calls Fake Terrorist #1. Jack tells FT #1 about the code, and just as he’s doing so, a dramatic plot device in the form of static happens! Chloe tells Jack that it’s probably the tunnel ahead. Jack says, “How long is it?” Chloe tells Jack they have 17 minutes left, and Jack says that’s not what he meant. Chloe tells him 120 yards, but it hasn’t come out of the tunnel yet. Jack tells the CTU teams that he had Doyle are going to engage, and someone over the communications link says, “We had no idea! Congratulations!”, but Jack ignores this.

10:44 pm – Jack and Doyle drive into the tunnel, which is mysteriously completely empty, just like most of the streets in L.A. have been. The armored car is stopped in the middle. Jack and Doyle check, and everyone with a non-speaking part is dead, and Fayed is gone. Jack looks around and suspects that the door in the wall with all the bullet holes near the doorknob is probably where Fayed went. Since this is a common thing in L.A., he approaches with a little bit of skepticism. Jack kicks in the door and points the gun straight up, just in case Fayed suddenly got Sister Bertrille powers.

10:45 pm – Jack moves into the main area where all the machinery required to operate the tunnel is located, looking for Fayed. Jack sneaks around and finds that Fayed just mugged someone! He’s fitting right into the L.A. criminal lifestyle already! Fayed jumps into a big (but inconspicuous) white garbage truck, not noticing that Jack is doing a great Indiana Jones impression by hanging on underneath the truck. L.A. is one glitzy place because they even have lights underneath the truck. Jack makes a very loud phone call to Bill to let him know where the truck is headed, but drops the phone. Bill asks Chloe to figure out what she can. Doyle finds a dead body at the loading dock, so they’re pretty sure Jack was nearby.


10:51 pm – Wayne’s doctor hurriedly straps a pocket calculator to Wayne’s wrist and begins calculating how much overtime he’s going to get for this extended under White House call. The doctor wants to take Wayne to the medical unit, but Wayne refuses. Wayne asks for another shot of adrenaline. When the doctor refuses, Wayne looks like he’s going to cry, but then decides to go for a walk saying he feels happy. The doctor tries to resign, but Wayne says that they’re all in this season together and they have to stay until the end just like everyone else. The doctor leaves. Wayne asks Lennox to call CTU to find out what’s happening.

10:54 pm – Meanwhile, under the truck, Jack prays for no speed bumps as Fayed drives into his secret hideout. Fayed tells Halil that Gredenko betrayed him and now he just wants to blow something up, so they’re going to downtown Los Angeles for take-out. Halil doesn’t seem to understand this until Fayed corrects himself and says, “I mean, we’re going to take out downtown Los Angeles”. The men and Fayed all leave, except for one guy, who will probably be killed by Jack shortly.

10:55 pm – The guy takes three steps, Jack karate chops him in the shins, slams him to the floor and kills him. Jack enters the building, following Fayed to the bombs. Jack starts shooting, killing nearly everyone but Fayed. Fayed and Jack shoot at each other, both running out of bullets at the same time. They look at each other with looks like “What are the odds of THAT happening?”, and Jack runs up to give Fayed a giant bear hug., except it’s more of an I’m going to kill you hug. They fight until they can barely move. Jack crawls over and uses a hanging chain as a defensive weapon, and is thankful he took that elective in CTU training school. He bites Fayed in the arm, since he hasn’t bitten anyone in a few hours now, and wraps the chain around Fayed’s neck. Jack tells Fayed “Say hello to your brother”, and presses a control button near the chain. Fayed suddenly wishes that he was about 5 inches taller, because he’s lifted right off the ground and dies by strangulation.

10:58 pm – Doyle finds Jack. Doyle seems pretty impressed with how Jack ended up killing Fayed, and calls CTU to let them know that everything is OK. Doyle gets a phone call. Doyle hands to phone to Jack.

10:59 pm – It’s AUDREY! The Chinese have brought her back to life! Chang wants Jack to call 310-597-3781 in ten minutes! An entire plot line is dropped for an even bigger terrorist threat: The return of Audrey!

11:00 pm – Time’s up!


The mole is Luke. He's gone to the dark side....

STeve(the 24 guy)! Steve (the 24 guy)! Steve (the 24 guy!) We need you!!!!

Jack hardly ever eats on this show, but he did take a
"bite out of crime" tonight! Snork!

He also gave Fayed a chain and a lift! Unfortunately,
it was around Fayed's neck. He shoulda known, you
never mess with Jack!

Just when Jack thinks he's saved the world, the
past catches up with him. Why on earth didn't
Jack just tell them to kill her? Well, as you
guys said they have 7 hours to kill (er fill)
before the season is over.

Isn't Milo a little too YOUNG to be working at
CTU? His pimples are oozing --get Oxyclean dude.

And is the whole CTU staff on drugs (it would explain everyone's pained look, especially Chloe's.
And why they move so slow-ly!

Next week: Jack goes beserk all for a dame.
Ricky Doyle threatens to shoot jack because he
wanted to interrogate and kill someone...why should
jack have all the fun?

Edgar's still dead, but Chloe is contacting the
Wax Museum to have an Edgar wax figure brought in.
Bill thinks its really Edgar and starts to ask him
about what it's like to die from poisoning and
if it was hard to come back to CTU. He gets mad
when "Edgar" ignores him.

And President Gary Peyton of the Miami Heat authorizes Jack to do anything he wants --except
blow up the world. And Peyton has gotten bad food
from Mickey D's, so he may not survive!

Tick tick tick!

OOOH!!!! A simul with Steve's summary post!

AND 2 with Ridley.

I'm gonna sleep soooooooooooooo good tonight....

But if the Chinese had a mole in this season and the end of last season, that lets a number of characters out. Can't be Nadia or Ricky. Could be Bill, Haig, Milo, Chloe, or Morris.

GPOYWCMH just needs George Karl in the cabinet and he'd snap right out of it and snap into Coach K! ;)

YES Al! We need Alexander "I AM in charge right now" Haig to be the mole! :)

By the way, thanks Steve, great stuff as always!

Steve (the 24 guy) YOU ARE DA MAN!


Greta job as usual Steve!

Didn't Kumar's friend's dad get the component already? What does Ching Chong Ding Dong want with it?

And a great job too Greta, I mean Steve.


(I was typing mine as you were posting)....

Snork for
If you tell someone you’ll lend them a hand, it’s important to make sure they understand that’s just an expression.

Gredenko will come back just as Audrey did. The Chinese
will graft a dog's leg to his severed elbow.

The problems ensue when he raises the arm/leg he
has an urge to....
and that's just the beginning.

What do you wanna bet that phone number is the
LA's premier P.F. Chang's (same last name, same
terrorist network.)

Did anyone else feel that there were too many similarities to the old Adam West "Batman" Series?



(I was typing mine as you were posting)....

Snork for
If you tell someone you’ll lend them a hand, it’s important to make sure they understand that’s just an expression.

Gredenko will come back just as Audrey did. The Chinese
will graft a dog's leg to his severed elbow.

The problems ensue when he raises the arm/leg he
has an urge to....
and that's just the beginning.

What do you wanna bet that phone number is the
LA's premier P.F. Chang's (same last name, same
terrorist network.)

Did anyone else feel that there were too many similarities to the old Adam West "Batman" Series?


***SNORK*** @ Milo's bunched sockets.... Not a pretty picture, Steve!! ;)


Did it again. OK, NOW my name's the way it orta be....

Yay, Steve! Take the rest of the week off - I found the mole.

So, Steve - you rock yet again....

*bows to superior blogging power*

OK, Annie - is that only supposed to be a mushroom cloud shot?

Jack says that Burke back at CTU hasn’t given any drugs to anyone all season, and it’s his turn to try with Fayed.

Sure Burke did. Remember Jack's traitorous brother Graeme, who died a few episodes back? Jack even asked Burke to give Graeme extra drugs, because he really wanted Graeme to talk and besides Burke was bogarting all the really good stuff and needed to share.

Or something like that.

An entire plot line is dropped for an even bigger terrorist threat: The return of Audrey!

Is it too late to go back to the nuke plotline? As boring as it became, it sure beats Awwwdrey.

Heck, I'm even beginning to miss the canisters. And did anybody call 310-597-3781 yet? I would but I'm afraid it would end up being one of those toll porn lines that charges you $4.95 plus $1 for each additional minute. Maybe produced by the same people that made the bondage video Milo was watching a couple of weeks ago instead of doing his job...

Ack. I screwed up the blockquoting on my last post. A sure sign I'm up past my bedtime...

Steve: great job on the recap, as always.

Let's see: Might this put us back to normal?

Ah, good, I fixed the blockquote problem. Without triggering the bot, even.

'Night, all.

Deskdiva - try again. That site might have to refresh to see it.
(it's your everyday basic mole rat wearing a turban and carrying the Presidential seal)

I think I've just watched the television equivalent of the Saigon embassy evacuation. All writers to the helicopters!


Nope. Never happens here, Riteaidbob. Nice try though.

**snork** @ WriterDude. Exactly. Must be a newbie.

PS - You rock.

And Annie - GACK! That's a HIDEOUS picture....

(I had to finally cut and paste back into the same d@mn browser window to see it.



Just got caught up and read Steve's AMAZING recap! As always, superb! Great show last night. FINALLY Jack got to do what he does best - shoot, bite and strangle.

Doh! Forgot completely about Burke and Graeme!

That's it, Steve! 15 min penalty for you!! ;-)

Mornin' all!!

Excellent summary as always, Steve. Multiple snorkage is a given...

Morning all! I got up about 2 hours ago and have been reading the blog ever since. Now I need a nap.
Ya think the new employer will buy that excuse???

Miss y'all! Good thing I wasn't hear last night, tho...Ridley bites.

Any coffee today?

it's early

*crawls around in search of coffee beans*

Ok, so the CTU agents that helped stage the "rescue" of Fayed clearly had lots of guns with blanks in them. I don't think they would've risked that kind of operation with live bullets. What if there was an inadvertent head shot? And I KNOW from watching television that, even with a vest on, bullets to the chest don't come without complications. It's not something you just sit up from and continue with your crime/terrorism fighting. So...when Fayed asked for a gun, why not give him one with blanks in it?

And Jack really needs to stop taking phone calls immediately after the crisis is averted. It's ALWAYS the Chinese calling. They have impeccable timing when it comes to threatening phone calls.

I've called the 310-whatever number every time it's been mentioned in an episode. Again last night. You get a lady saying something in Spanish (won't someone who understands Spanish PLEASE interpret it for us!) and in the middle of whatever she is saying, a guy says "Nextel phone for 24". I do know at the end the lady says "mas tarde" - later. But what's later??

*zips in*™

Just got here, have coffee and now I'm going to read the comments.

My favorite part was Jack underneath the sanitation truck for miles and miles. I think he was trying to top Keanu Reeves in Speed.

My favorite part was getting a shout-out from Ridley! Woohoo!!!


This is what it says...the mailbox number of Nextel 24 is full. IT won't accept any more messages. Please try again later.

in a nutshell...

We were at the Autism Speaks fundraiser/concert last night so didn't get to watch until this morning. Much better episode overall, I thought, with no VP and CTU acting semi-brainy for a change.

Of course there is Audrey. I wouldn't trade a single component for her.

Steve: *snork* at CTU food storage and interrogation room

Sure looked like it to me tooe.

This morning, they had Adoni Maropis (Fayed) on the morning radio show I listen to. He said he ended up in the hospital after that "chain" scene from shooting it over and over. He also said Keifer sent him flowers once when he got meningitis once and that he found out he was gonna get the boot during the reading of the premier episodes.

little morning trivia ...

*removes the extra 'once' from up there*

once was enough

Oh, Siouxie. Once is never enough.

Siouxie, I always love the back story. Thanks for sharing. :)

How much money would YOU have paid to see Jack grimace uncomfortably and nervously say, "Uh, I think you have the wrong number, I'm afraid I don't know anyone named...Audrey, was it? Whoop, gotta go, bye!"

A friend of mine brought up an interesting point. People who haven't player Metal Gear Solid please ignore.

Next season Gredanko will be alive with two arms. He will have gotten a replacement off of Gream. Using the arm, Gream will slowly take over Gredanko whenever Jack is around.
Jack and Gream are just clones of the old man and we will soon learn that Noah is the third brother who wanted power so he could bring down the patroits.

I mean, what is 24 if not just Metal Gear Solid out of order?

In real life competitors merge. For example, Sony's music club and BMG's music club. The proposed merger
of Sirius and XM. ANd some are saying GM and Toyota.

So what if 24, Heroes and NCIS merged, all from
"competing" networks? Would we see a scenario like

The new episode of "Hero's Day": Jack Bauer finds out that Gredenko, a bad Russian general from season 6 (2 seasons ago) of "24" survived, and is leading a mercenary group of one-armed men on a plot to take over Washington D.C. mall and release a bioweapon there. CTU has learned that former President Manilow, now a lobbyist for Haliburton, has been selling Gredenko the security protocols for Homeland Security, and that Nancy Pelosi has been unknowingly
bugged. Bill orders Jack to find and stop Manilow and Gredenko, and to take some flowers to Mrs. Haig.
Jack says he doesn't do flowers, because he thinks saving the world seven times over is enough. Bill
reluctantly agrees.

Jack takes a CIA charter jet to Dulles, where he
spots Curtis AND Edgar in the restaurant! Jack
can't believe it, runs over with Gun drawn (just in case!) and orders everyone in the restaurant to get
down! Curtis and Edgar pull guns and fire at Jack.
Jack hears three shots and fires at shoots Edgar
in the heart and Curuis in the thigh!

Curtis laughs at Jack calling him a lousy shot,
and appears to take a Cyanide pill.

Jack can't believe he's killed Curtis twice! He
starts to cry then remembers guys don't cry, and
stomps on Curtis's chest, breaking the ribcage.
"Let's see you come back from that!" Jack smirks!

The bodies are sent to NCIS for analysis. (I know
they aren't Navy, but thiis is a merged and albeit
different show!)

Ducky tells Jethro that Jack's bullet didn't kill
Edgar, and "surprise": it isn't really even Edgar.
Someone has rearranged an Arab terrorists molecules
to look like Edgar's but they couldn't or didn't get
the fingerprints or DNA quite right, "probably because they didn't have a sample." Abby finds a
spectagraphic slide of the two bullets found in
Edgar, and one of them has "Sylar II" stamped on it.
Everyone at NCIS is stumped, And both Dinozzo and
Ziva annouced they ran checks of every gunsmith and
bullet maker in the known world, and none of them
use such a stamp.

Just then, in the NCIS "war room", Hiro materializes
and says "Use the software, use the software. I am
Hiro from the future." Then he vanishes.

Gibbs thinks he's must have had really bad pizza
with the director last night, till McGee asks
Gibbs "Who was that?" Gibbs and Dinozzo hit McGee
on the head, telling him if they knew they would share. Ziva adds "Do you think that he was referring to the voice modelling software we picked up two
seasons ago?" Everyone kinda agrees and goes back to work.

Meanwhile, Jack goews to Pesklosi's office, shows his ID, screams "NATIONAL SECURITY" And gets in to see her. He then puts his finger to his lips and
says "shush" and shows her four microphones in her
office. He writes on a notepad "You've been BUGGED!"
Then Hiro materializes behind Jack, and Pesklosi
faints. Jack thinks she must be scared of bugs
(real insects) but that he should have said "you are
being recorded."

Hiro tells Jack he has to stop Gredenko and Sylar II, as Sylar I transferred his conscuiousness and
powers into a newborn at the hospital when he was
shot. Jack doesn't understand so Hiro gives him
the last three season scripts of Heroes and tells
hiom to study them carefully. Hiro then vanishes.

Jack tosses the scripts in the trash can, calls
CTU and asks Chloe to download evrything she has
about NBC shows to his JackPhone (TM). Chloe
says it will take a while, as she is being hit on
by Morris every few minutes. Jack yells at her and
tells her the world will be very very sorry if she
doesn't help him! Chloe says "alright, chill out,
Jack...it's not my fault you have no family."

Jack looks like he is going to loose it...again!

Tick tick tick....

jt: Excellent.

Siouxie, thank you! So the box is full, huh? When are they going to scoop it?

Wow! JT got a comment from His Daveness!!!

24 Hangover:

1) Who stitched Wayne's face? It looks like a $2 baseball.

2) Most effective counter-terrorism measure - Arrest anyone named Habib.

3) Remember Chloe?

4) After pretending to be shot, Jack popped up like, uh, something-in-a-box.

5) A moment of silence for Jamal, who now enters the Redshirt Hall of Fame.

6) Why does Chang need the component? It was probably made in China.

*snork* - $2 baseball. Funny, Mike! (Ref my Frankenstein comment of 9:36 p.m.)

Haha Jack, we have brought your girlfriend.... TO LA! YOU'LL NEVER FIND HER IN LA!!

Steve, have you ever tried to submit one of these to TV.com and see if for some reason, they accept it?


I'm not sure what you're talking about. You mean the user submitted links?

Diva's been plagiarized? Was it good for you? :)

See you all next week.

Might I suggest that the writers bring back President Allstate Insurance since, on "The Unit," he runs his "perimeters" brilliantly.

Last week, President AllState and his "unit" (hmmm ...) successfully foiled a bunch of ski-masked Chechen terrorists holding children and teachers hostage in a tony D.C. school.

Not one terrorist broke through THEIR perimeter. And, believe it or not, nobody died. Except the terrorists.

(Now, I realize Prez AllState may be dead. I'm getting caught up since I only began watching "24" a couple months ago because I was dying of curiosity to see what Richard Perle and his neo-cons buds saw in it. But, since "24" is a soap, they could easily bring him back to life.)

Where's Dave?

While we wait, I have a question. Several people have posted lists of plot holes we are waiting to wrap up for this season...I have another. I know no one wants to face this question, but where is Kim? I don't want her back, trust me. But I thing it's very odd that Jack as not asked about her once nor has any character even dropped her name. Is it me, or is this strange? He's been in a Chinese prison for two years but never even asks about his daughter. Whazzup with that?

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