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April 27, 2007


This is just wrong. They promised him beer.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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FIRST to say "dumbass".

FIRST to say "git yer ass home, Mr. C."

"You may have already won free room and board for the next 3-5 years!"

thank goodness, i'm not the only one who fell for that!!

If CH or TCHG ever commit a crime (presuming they are both crime-free today), this is how they'll get caught. But only with their choice of Belgian or Oregonian beers....

Sheer brilliance!

FIRST to *snork* @ Mr. and Mrs.!

Don't you know the Police were trying not to laugh their asses off when they called him and he fell for it. It's like getting to play pranks in the name of the law.

Sure hope Mr. C didn't run home. That was me pretending to be Mrs. ThePoint.

btw - Cops over here have sent mailers to deadbeat dads saying they've won lottery tickets, to come pick them up. And they actually show up.

Make that "GREEDY dumbasses."

BTW - I knew it was you the whole time, Annie. Very funny, ha ha.

Whew! That's a relief. We look so much alike, we're easily confused....for each other. I think.

I had an idiot steal my phone and give the number to his boss and girlfriend. When I had the same number transferred to my new phone, I started getting calls from them for him.

I had more fun then the phone was worth getting him fired and dumped. Criminals who steal phones are NEVER smart.

Matt, now that sounds like a story worth sharing.

*mixes Mojito and cops a squat in the cozy blog beanbag...*

Criminals are never smart. You can find a job doing anything! I've had amazingly fun jobs and suspect I am past due for finding another one. My new boss asked me this morning if I was really sort-of nuts; he had been riding in a car with previous bosses and we all three agreed! Yet he won't fire me! Dang these turf-builders!

Matt, now that sounds like a story worth sharing.

*mixes Mojito and cops a squat in the cozy blog beanbag...*

Dang, I think we have an echo in the blog. Sorry about that.

*hangs fashionable draperies in the blog bar to help muffle the noise*

Cj--I think you passed nuts long ago when you were able to quite literally, put your arse up to here in aligators. But frankly, its part of what makes you so fun!!

XMatt - THAT is an excellent story. I hope you got to actually be there the day they moved his crap out....

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