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April 12, 2007


But the headline...

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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They couldn't be more wrong. Leaking gas prevents butt blasts. It's when the gas builds up and has no escape point that a blast inevitably follows.

Well...yeah...butt the headline...

Lasky said McCarthy and his neighbors smelled gas more than 16 hours before the explosion. However, they didn't report the odor to authorities.

WTFBBQ?! Natural gas is odorless. That nasty smell is ADDED so people can detect and report leaks.

Does this bodycast make my Butte look big?

of course they didn't report it, everyone blamed it on the dog.

Butte, the more natural the gas, the smellier it gets.

the headline screamed it
"butte blast blamed on leaking gas"
the bloggers titter

juvenile humor
pleases this old punk no end
easily gruntled

sit on a balloon
hold fast the neck, don't let squeak
careful with that flame

Five. Seven. Five. Good job mud!

Though Butte Blast looks funny in print,
Here's a pronouncing hint.
Local folk are more cute,
They call the place Byoot.

Butte blast downtown. Film at 11- from your perky newsteam at the site.

Why would people admit they smelled natural gas but did not report it? Butte heads!

I think I saw this in a Bugs Bunny cartoon once, minus the priest....

Three stomach laughs. Good show.

Actually, it's pronounced B-ue-t, like in beauty :)

Sigh, first Beavis and Butthead, now Dave Barry. We'll never live it down.


Actually, it's pronounced B-ue-t, like in beauty :)


Movie version: Buety and the Blast?


Key Quote: "We could have went and hopefully we could have located the source."

And they wondered why no one had the confidence to alert them.

"Actually, it's pronounced B-ue-t, like in beauty :)

Sigh, first Beavis and Butthead, now Dave Barry. We'll never live it down."

hey newsflash, jrowe. you WILL never live it down. regardless how you pronounce it, you live in b-u-t-t-e.

there is a street in my neighborhood spelled "fallis". the people that live on that street pronounce it "fall - iss". but everyone (by everyone i mean guys) know it's pronounced "phallus"

mud - I'm so shocked you weren't the one to send this in. The snake must be sleeping.

We knew the correct pronunciation. Never the less, as kids on a driving trip, snorking about places called "Eagle Butte" and "Elephant Butte" provided us with some of our few sources of entertainment.

Oh, okay, it's still funny.

We knew that, Scott, even without you saying it. :)

I'm sooooooooo sorry, but I didn't lol until I read the article.

The holy father should have been on the crapper, just to make it funnier.

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