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April 01, 2007


According to the Internet -- and if we can't trust the Internet, whom can we trust? -- Audrey will make her surprise return to 24 tomorrow night, having managed to escape from a Chinese prison in bad shape.


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FIRST?!? Omigod, Audrey -- what happened to you?

Happy April Fools Day Dave! Has Sophie played many tricks on you and you feel the need to torment us too?

awright, hu stealed the 15th letter in the alphabet?

Dave, that was just wrong.

*weeps for Chloe*

*wonders whether her plastic surgeon has his eye on any particular luxury car*

I don't think it counts as April Fools, when we see 'tinyurl' while hovering and know the Candidate can't resist BM-infliction. Bad Candidate! No earmarks for you!

That's worse than bad shape, there. Think she was exposed to secret chinese gender-bending experiments?

Dave, these links to BM images can't help your candidacy much...

...or chinese gender-blending experiments?

Oh gawd it burns!...my eyes....my beautiful eyes....*weep*

Dave, you lie. As I understand it we get one more week of 24 as a whine-free zone before Awwwwwwdry returns.

Oh, the humanity!

Yes? You called?

Does your cruelty know no bounds? Eye wash!!!

and so class, we have now learned that not only can you not trust the net, you cannot trust politicians, even aspiring ones.

crossgirl - From now on, when I go to a "Town Meeting", the first thing I will ask is if the candidate knows the words to Copacabana. If they say yes, they go to the bottom of the list. If their eyes light up and they start singing it - I shoot them, and save humanity.

Punkin, I understand that Tancredo is a huge BM fan.

Heh heh. Heh heh. You said huge BM. Heh heh.

We can only hope that the AWWWWWWWWudrey story is a sick April Fools prank.

Once again, the BM is being thrown around on this site!

I'm telling ya, it's revenge for Jack pretending he was dead last season. The first words out of her mouth will probably be "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" followed by "So, how does it feel to think someone you loved is dead?".

Then he'll shoot her. We hope.

But Dave read it on the series of intertubes, so it must be real, even on April Fool's day.

Sh!t happens, after all


Nice try, Dave!!

It is an April Fool's Day joke,right???


Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Good one, Dave! Ha-ha...oh...you weren't kidding?

I knew it was coming but I clicked anyway. What does that say about me?

Addicted to BM?

A CB$ News/New Y0rk Times poll taken at 10:00am EDT on Sunday April 1 shows a major shakeup in voter preferences for President at this early stage in the race.

In particular, the fledgling candidacy of Dave Barry plummeted among both Republican, Democratic and independent voters, with only one mullet-wearing voter who declined to be named indicating he would still vote for Mr. Barry. When pressed for reasons for this sudden, shocking turn, the voters sampled expressed a surprisingly common, vociferous theme while thrashing about in a near-rage and threatening to do grievous bodily harm to Mr. Barry. Those voters able to articulate anything amid their fury spoke only one word before departing in tears: "Blindness". Correspondents are attempting to decipher this baffling statement, but for now, the candidacy of Mr. Dave Barry looks to be in serious jeopardy. There is no word from Mr. Barry's campaign organization on whether Mr. Barry will issue a statement.

Film at 11 ...

*waits for Mr. Barry's statement*

Happy April, Fools.

Ah, geeze, Dave, I was eating my lunch!

Oh well, I was torn between whether to watch "24" tomorrow night or watch the Gators spank the Buckeyes. Spanking it is!

OMG, did anyone else just see the NASCAR/deodorant commercial during the race? It was a takeoff on 24, including the dink-dink-dink music.

Bwahahaha! I have once again played my annual April Fool's trick on my unsuspecting roommates and friends. It never gets old!
Best part was I made banana muffins for breakfast this morning before I made the other "treats," and they all watched from across the room as I rolled the "chewy centers" (that's what I said they were, and it's true) in chocolate and asked if they had to wait until after the chocolate had set. They were so excited to try them I had a hard time keeping a straight face, but I pulled it off, once again!

April 1 has also become known as Evil Sarah Day.

I hear when you get to a certain age you actually look forward to a huge BM. Dave, any comment?

This is dave garther round and I will let you smell my farts! April FOOLS!................I love ,I love my calender fools yaaaa ya ya!

What's a BM?

Vowel Movement...wink.

Writers block you might say.

Where did you grow up, Kristina?

There is no word from Mr. Barry's campaign organization on whether Mr. Barry has campaign organization.

*snork* @ Meanie!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please be a joke!

Dangit, Dave, ya got me. Never saw it coming, even though I should have.

Once again, Imdb had removed Audrey from this episode, so I think we are saved for one more episode.

I'm new to the blog & was curious about somet things...first of all, what is the fixation w/ Edgar? Next, why does everyone seem to hate Audrey so much?

I hated Tom. Now he is the "angel of justice". So cool!

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