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April 24, 2007



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Dave, you may need to fire Judi again.

I can't get to the page...

Didn't we blog this a coupla days ago? Siouxie-it's the sex doll for dogs.

ohhhhh....thanks, artchick!

rut roh...

judi, HIDE!!!

Definitely blogged a few days ago, but still hilarious, nonetheless.

Yeah the link showed up as purple for me suggesting I have visited the page before. And I don't think I regularly go looking for things like this, at least in the last 14 days.

I was going to say this thing's been blogged more than Britney but I'm afraid Dave or judi might see that as a challenge.

Let's do the time warp...yeah!!!!

Careful where you point that doggie toy, Baron...


(btw, did you happen to see my toevage???)

there are more things that can be stuck in a hole than there are holes that can have things stuck in them.

Some of these excellent comments weren't there last time, though.

Siouxie - toevage??

DPC - toevage

Chris...thanks to Baron, that is my new favorite word!

Too funny, Fud. Lots of new websterlings to be confuddled by. O.o

I wonder how many "dog lovers" have actually bought that toy?

Personally, my favorite word is alcoheimers, although I can't remember why.

Mush! Rosebud! Fetch! Take your pick.

I'll drink to that, Baron!


HEY MOT!!! how ya doing???

*waves enthusiastically at Punkin Poo*

Siouxie - Oddly, you popped into my mind on toevage. Strappy sandals anyone?

Hey Mot! How is the new job going?

Hi Sooz, doing well, trying a trick where I'm using the cell phone as a 3G modem, seems to be working so maybe I'll soon be able to blog ad nauseum again. I've really missed not being able to let loose with some snarky comments over the last few days.

Hi Med, so far so good thanks.

That would be great, Mot. You are missed.

Med, I love that word!! TOEVAGE TOEVAGE TOEVAGE!!!

Would this actually work? I mean it doesn't look like a dog.

Yo, Edgar, dogs aren't picky when it comes to uh, THAT. My leg doesn't look much like a dog, but several canines have tried.

Not being a foot fetishist, I am just not that interested in toevage, unless it is of the camel variety. Just sayin'.

EG-neither does the sofa cushion, the table leg, the door frame or his owners leg. of course, the average pet owner would just get their male dog fixed instead of encouraging that type of behavior.

wicked, all my males (dogs & ex) were fixed and still continued to try and hump me...go figure!

Siouxie, that's the typical male for you.

Having missed the original blogging of this article, the first thought that occurred to me is: when the dog finishes, isn't there a mess to clean up? Somehow, that alone would stop me from buying this thing. At least if he goes for your leg, you can knock him off in time. If he finishes with his toy, will he leave human legs alone?

Wow. Ok so that answers that question. You would have just thought dogs would at least have some idea of what they are supposed to be doing.

From what I have seen, dogs really don't need a lot of encouragement to do this particular activity.

Let's ask Cheryl Crow about this, shall we?

Neither to men, Mickey... ;-)

Sheryl would make sure to tell us to us one square sheet to wipe the mess.

The little Yorkie in the pic didn't seem to enthgused about the toy. Guess even a dog can tell the real thing.

oh belvedere...cum here boy.

geez, i forgot the link!

...enthusiastic... Woof!

uh..that would be neither DO.

uh..here doggie doggie

Sooz, does toevage mean we'll soon have push-up strappy sandals? Just asking

Mot, we have so missed your nausea.... ;)

Thanks DD, you always say the nicest things.

*draws toe(vage) through sand, hold arms behind her back, thrusting chest forward*

Awww, shucks....


Mot, not sure about push-ups but Victoria Secret makes these - both shiny and strappy. Lots of toevage!


those are foot bondage!

Ooh! be still my beating heart, due to DD's thrusting chest and Siouxie's sandals. I feel a proposal coming on.

*Waves toes @ Hammie!*

VS products...

At Ease, Private Johnson!

*squeals delightedly, bounces up and down, clapping*

I have GOT to get those shoes!!! Thanks so much for the heads up, Siouxie!!!

*Applauds again!*

Oh, Hammie. Applause is always nice. By the way...have you had your shower cam fixed, lately? ;)

Always. Err, I mean which ones... Umm, I mean I don't know what you're talking about...

get yer dogs neutered! i really mean dogs. no euphemism..

Diva, I've never seen any shower cams in MY bathroom...

Siouxie, you're not supposed to see them...




I think NT has finally plastered over hers, but I'm feelin' left out here... ;)

The answer for Sheryl Crow!

*SNORK* @ CJ!!!!


ooooooohhhh that windy feeling....

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