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April 22, 2007


(Via Gizmodo)


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Quick! Pillow fight! I need to turn up the TV first before the dishwasher kicks in!

THG - I suspect this sort of thing would wind up at your house....

"playful pillow fights over the remote".....riiiiiiiiiiight!!!
I wonder if they work while stuck up an orifice


How is it affected by drool??

These would leave fewer impressions on my face, versus the way I've been doing it.

Mom! Billy hit me.

I was just changing the channel.

That'd have to be a pretty big orifice there, Jazzzz.... Just sayin'. ;)

While at first glance this appears to be something so idiotic that only a guy would dream up, due to the use of pillows, I'd have to say he was a metrosexual.

*snork* steak.

How's that interior decorating business coming?

Diva....You might be amazed what can be done with the right motivation. I mean, what if GOLF was on??
El....guys aren't smart enough ;-)

"Pounding the pillow" WBAGNFASOED (for a symptom of reptile disfunction).

No El, it involves pillows. Clearly a woman is responsible.

Now that remote controlled microwave oven, that is a man.

Use with this . . .

Use with this . . .

Edgar, everyone knows that if a woman had designed the pillows, the 'buttons' would have been in needlepoint. :)

pssst Jazzzz, sorry about your guy...

Oops, pounded the pillie once too much

Where's the Mute Pillow?

*snork* @ CJ!!

El, I agree..not only would it be in needlepoint..but it would be color-coordinated to go with the rest of the house.


Also, "pounding the pillow" WBAGEuphemismFSex. Unless it already is and I've just never heard that term before which wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I was always led to believe "Pounding the Pillow" was sleeping, but then I have a big family so my parents may have fibbed.

Diva, I've always heard of "pounding the wall" but I guess "pounding the pillow" would be a bit more comfty.

Those would be SO useful for when my bf wants to watch UFC again.

"C'mon baby, Chuck Liddel is about to beat the sheboygan out of that guy! Nobody cares about Rachel Ray, seriously!"

"Sweetie, you can watch your silly bam bam movies right after..."

"Gimme the remote! He's got him in a reverse choke and hmmmmppphhhrrrrmmpphhh. bbbee? bbbee mm cnnnt brrrrthe. BBEE!!?? RRMMMPPHHAAARRRMMMPH!"

"Speak to me, Rachel."

You're thinking of "pounding the cushion" and that only applies if she's phat. Apologies to Cowboy Troy from another thread.

Ok...Watching Extreme Makeover now...looking out for bali!

Siouxie - THANKS for the REMINDER!!!!!

Listen, Brad - careful here. THIS baby's got back.

Welcome, Diva ;-)

*getting the tissue ready*

THIS baby's got a Cuban back...just sayin' ;-P

um...bali said she was wearing a blue Tshirt and hardhat...

THAT sure narrows it down to about 200 people.

She shoulda waved or something. Or mooned. Mooning would have stood out.

But she did say she was working on the mantle (sp?)- staining it.

LOL Bethie....mooning would have probably been edited...unfortunately. Didn't she say she ran under the flag too???

bali??? where are you?????

I was trying to find the thread where she mentioned all of this, but couldn't find it.

Yeah - she should be out here directing this blog tonight.


They need a good moon to break up the sadness.

Well...I guess we can tell bali we kinda saw her...somewhere in there...awesome job too!!! we are sooooo proud of you bali!!!!

Yay, Bali! She said she ran under a banner or something, but I got started late....

YouTube, YouTube!

I'm here!! I was at the watch party, nobody was crying til the standing wheelchair part. Did you see my teak fireplace I stained? (The top 6', anyway.) The older girl's room was a vampire room, I guess they thought that was too weird to mention. And a local dentist gave the family lifetime dental care, which was very cool. Wow, thanks for watching, y'all!

Bali did you lose your mind... again?

YAY bali!!! that was awesome!! WTG!

Um...what, Edgar? And aren't you still dead?

Thanks, Siouxie! I need volunteers for my farmhouse remodel, so if anyone's free this summer...

Why didn't they get the little boy one of those stand up chairs too? The look on his face said it all. He wanted one too!

The chairs are custom-built for each individual's height and weight, and James is still growing. It won't be practical til he's finished growing. (He's not paralyzed from the waist down, the paralysis is in one hip, the right, I think.)

Bows to Bali.......... you are a hero!

Thanks, Jazzzz...the City of Lawton is the real hero...we love our soldiers!

bali, we love all our soldiers too!! God Bless them all! They're our heroes.

Amen to the both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMEN to what Siouxie said!

(Jeez, Jazzzz, I passed you in the hall before I saw your amen...COOL!)

Hey El.... the NYY are playing some team from.. uhhhh.. Bastin? ESPN HDTV.... *ducks projectiles from Poo*

Jazzzzie!! Out of respect for El and Annie, I won't express my desire for "Bastin" to kick some Yankee @ss. I am a Marlins fan first and foremost. But, I do have my second choice. (It's Stephen King's favorite team too, btw).

*winks* @ Siouxie.....I'm an Astro (not a$$ ho!e) fan. Don't tell El, but I don't dislike the bean boys, I am just helping El concentrate concern rays for her beloved Yanks. She helps me with mine.

*winks* back @ Jazzzzie!! shhhh...we won't tell.

Speaking of Stephen King...guess who I am going to get to see play with The RBR's on June 1st in NYC????

Things really couldn't be worse in YankeeLand, even though we were ahead by one run when I came in here. How humiliating to have the Med Pox hit 4 homers in a row - ACK!

I cry for my Yankees. :(

And bali, I didn't see it but I almost cried just reading about it - YAY for you and what you do. :)

El!!! don't hate me ;-)

But I got my ticket to the NY RBR show!!!! I am NY bound, ladies and gents. I am soooooooo excited I could just BURST!!!!!

"Um...what, Edgar? And aren't you still dead?"

Well I was, but you'd be surprised by what doctors can do these days.

Dayam, Edgar, I AM!

Siouxie.....can you see my green glow from there?? could you hide me in your trunks?

Sure, Jazzzzie!! I'll make room for ya ;-)

gonna be a little tight though...what with all my makeup and stuffs...

btw, green does NOT become you... ;-P

Siouxie, I wanna go too. I'll paint yer house!

I won't take up much room, however I'm not sure I will fit into a 1 qt. zip lock bag.
Time for beauty rest. Catch youse guys tomorrow......................JZ

LOL Jazzzzie! we'll squeeeeeeeeze you in! Niters!

bali, I wish you could!

hehe...I was # 69

Siouxie - yay for you. I'll be expecting lots of pics!

And I'm not sure which 'trunks' of yours Jazzzz was talking about. ;)

*zips out*

You bet, El!

Time to get MY beautimous sleep...nite all!

*leaves nite light ON for the west coasters*

*attempts to dim green glow of envy directed at RBR ticket-holders*

*sneaks in and leaves a tray of goodies expressly for blurk and any other bloggers defending our country (past and present), with her devoted and emotional gratitude*


You all are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*sneaks out*

*SWEEPS* up before Annie gets here...tee hee...

Mornin' Punkin!!

I won't say it - but I'm thinking it! (yay Sox)

btw - get your TICKET!!!

*zips in*™

Punkin, may I say in the most sarcastic way possible:


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