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April 28, 2007



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Must be organized by transplanted toad lickers from Florida.

Which end do they suck anyway?

Must be organized by transplanted toad lickers from Florida.

Which end do they suck anyway?

Must be organized by transplanted toad lickers from Florida.

Which end do they suck anyway?

*sets out blog coffee*

Hoppin' John anyone? Mighty tasty.

HEY! I was just there a couple weeks ago. I was gonna take a picture of the sign, but my husband wouldn't go back.

*marks calendar for May 1st, to get there in time for gathering a race contestants*

Med knows about Hoppin' John?... truly an eclectic crowd hereabouts!

I REALLY hate the bot.

Thufferin' thuccotoads!!!!

Let me get this straight -

If you kiss a frog you get a prince.

If you suck a toad do you become a queen?

Baby's good and green you know
She's slimy as can be you know
She sucks toad
She's all brown and green and amphibian fine.


This Sucks.

Wow - XMatt - a bot-induced hat trick! That's pretty special. The bot doesn't like me enough to do that. :)

Also, I misread this as Toe Suck Daze and I thought it was for foot fetishists. I was gonna suggest Siouxie go there to get her fill of toevage.

Corrrrrrrrrrrection, Ms. D!

I do not have a foot fetish. I have a SHOE fetish. Although there are some 'round these parts that do. I'll model the strappy sandals for 'em ;-)

Darn. The Toad Suck Daze store (upper left) isn't open yet. And I was gonna get Annie that G-string she's been wanting.

(For her guitar, you perverts, her guitar.)

Shoes for Siouxie!

pssst, they're having Free Shipping...

oooooooohhhhhhh!! shoeeeeeesssiesssss!!

Thank you El!!! you are the BEST!!!!

I wasn't suggesting that you have a foot fetish...it's all about the toevage. :)

But the crew at KATV look so perky, they must have already started the Toad Suckin'

Toad Suck Daze WBAGNFARB

Also, do you suck the toad, or does the toad suck you - I am soooo innocent about these things.

Just to clear things up, Toad Suck is a city in Arkansas. It's just a hop away from Bald Knob.

Dick Morris thought it was Toe Suck Daze - boy, was he disappointed.

I know lots of places named something "Lick" (for the boring reason that there are surface deposits of salts there) but why on God's green earth would any place be named Toad Lick? To the best of my Google, there is no definitive answer to this burning question.

I thought Bumpass, VA was a wacky name, but it is named after the Bumpass family (nothing funny about that, right?)

Then of course, there is Dildo, Newfoundland. Don't miss the annual Dildo Daze!

Duh, I mean "Toad Suck". Toad Lick I could understand.

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