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April 30, 2007


It's not like here.

(Also thanks to Just Ducky)


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Who wouldn't cry?

If one of these guys were holding me, I'd probably be crying, too...

Motto: "Guaranteeing long-term therapy patients for years to come."

Oh now, that would certainly be something that I would spend my hard earned $$ on - a ticket to hear screaming baies. Like there's not enough of that in any public place...

"Babies are crying less and less every year"
Not in South Florida. Trust me, Miami rugrats could out wail those Japanese infants without much effort.

*Throws a "b" up there.*

The Japanese are going through an awful lot of trouble to get babies to cry, when all they need is this.

MtB, excellent point!

They tried pictures of Yoko Ono but that put the babies in a coma.

They're inventing "Cry Resistant Babies"!

what's next? barking dogs sumo? how 'bout debutante sumo? they could hold a teenage girl over their heads and the one that talks the loudest on their cell phone wins?

btw: those guys make me look good, real svelte-like. cool.

*SMACKS Meanie!!*

ohhhh my eyessssssssssssss!!

Siouxie hit Meanie? Must be Manilow. Thanks for the warning, Sio.

"WAAH! The sumo wrestler's diaper is bigger than mine! WAAH!"

No problem Jemmy. It's an automatic reflex..kinda like gagging in certain situations...uh..like when you go to the dentist. (sick people!)

Psst Japanese people, try thumbscrews. Then the babies will cry.

Why is Wayne Newton judging the crying contest?

I always remember this one routine by Gallagher (yes, Gallagher.... stop snickering).... where he was talking about his daughter as a baby.

(and I'm paraphrasing cause I've been drunk at least once since I saw it)...

"I was trying to put my daughter in her car seat and banged her head on the car door. I braced myself but she didn't cry. She just looked at me like 'Are you really that stupid?'.... I nodded and said, "Yes." Then she started crying.... Cause she knows we're related."

Clark, it takes a big man, might I even say a super man (har!) to not only admit to watching Gallagher, but then to actually quote Gallagher.

here's a reliable (legal) way to make them cry: Stand in line at the grocery store, preferably right before a late dinner.

*sees Manilow post from Meanie*

*starts wailing loudly*

*wins contest*

Babies are crying less and less every year?

Obviously the author has never been on a NorthWest flight from Singapore to San Francisco.

Oh dear Diva, you sure can achieve some volume. Here, have a sucker...There you go, all better? ;D


THAT was not nice!

From another world - on a flight from anywhere to anywhere. Babies cry on airplanes, just to be mean, I think. Mine did it, alas. I had one lady come up to me and say they were wishing good things for me, or something to that effect, after a flight from Louisville to Newark. Lord knows, I try to forget. I must've sung "Itsy bitsy Spider" in a whispery voice at least a hundred times that flight - and it was under 2 hours...

Thanks mm. I'll have a blogarita to go with that too. (It's 5:00 somewhere, right?) ;)

The first thing I thought was that the guy on the right would look almost just like some guy I went to high school with, if he were blond. He never dressed like that, though.

amen, Kirsten - that is true at any Walfart or Targte I've been to in the evening.

Hey now!! Gallagher is funnier than hell (at least, he was, haven't seen him recently) - everything before the Sledge-O-Matic is hilarious. Not as hilarious as Dave, certainly, but then, who is?

Sledge-O-Matic, of course, is just silly.

Why do they call them "apartments" when they're all stuck together?"

Why is the agency in charge of everything outdoors called the Department of the Interior?

Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?

*wiping eyes from mirth*

Kathybear, when I moved from Maryland to California with my two boys (aged 7 and 11 at the time), we traveled via Greyhound--three days on a bus with two hyperactive boys!

Anyhow, I was determined not to break the tradition of reading to them at night, so the three of us would huddle into one seat, and I would read a couple of chapters from a Harry Potter book to them.

I wasn't aware of this at the time, but the driver told me when we changed busses that everyone on the bus would move up close to our seat so they could hear the story, too.

Mr. C--That's where those quotes cam from? I had a Lebanese calculus instructor in college (first time through) and he said he wondered those exact things when he was learning English.

Mr. C -- Are you sure those are Gallagher's? I thought Steven Wright, and Google turned up a few sites that agree; also an amazing number that list those and more with no attribution.

I think Gallagher's funny, too, although the sledge-o-matic isn't my style. I like this bit where he talked about learning how to read. He said something like "There was this word, and the teacher said it was "little". Then there was this smaller word, and the teacher said it was "big". I thought "This is going to be hard.""

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