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April 26, 2007


Can't wait to find out what they've got at the zoo.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I sent this one in too... Oh well, ewe got to take what you can get.

I'm going to have to wait, because our nanny filter thinks it's p()rn.

Awwww, too baaaaaad.

And yikes! on that singles ad.

Woolly thinking all around.

I can't believe they couldn't tell the difference...sheesh


That is all.

Like lambs to the slaughter

maybe born every seoond.

Those must be the quietest sheep ever. Or the dumbest people.
On second thought, I think it's mostly Column B. Couldn't someone tell it was wool and not fur? And what about the smell? I know my dog can get fragrant in the summer, but dog smell and sheep smell are in two totally different categories.

that was second not seoond. Unless that is a real world that happens to fit here.

You'd think the hooves would be oh, maybe, a HINT?

lots of japanese feeling sheep-ish about this scam...

Hannibal Lecter: Then something woke you, didn't it? Was it a dream? What was it?
Clarice Starling: I heard a strange noise.
Hannibal Lecter: What was it?
Clarice Starling: It was... barking. Some kind of barking, like an animal.
Hannibal Lecter: What did you do?
Clarice Starling: I went downstairs, outside. I crept up into the barn. I was so scared to look inside, but I had to.
Hannibal Lecter: And what did you see, Clarice? What did you see?
Clarice Starling: Poodles. The poodles were barking.

how stupid do ewe have to be?

By now, the con artists are doubtlessly on the lam(b)...and boy, do the victims all feel sheepish...

*snork* at Silence of the Poodles.

Well, I guess you could look at this way. Lamb probably tasted better than dog. Not that I would know. Just saying.

Meant to say:

Well, I guess you could look at this way. Lamb probably TASTES better than dog. Not that I would know. Just saying.

Know what happens after you confuse barks with baas? Time for some poodle sushi!

So did her new dog baaark? And is the actress telling all her friends-"well, those European animals all look alike"?

Two words: Mint. Jelly.

*SNORK*@ Poodle Barking (and baaark)!

*snork* @ artchick!

It's a Cabra-doodle.

This is very saaaad indeed.
I must say that I find it hard to believe that so many people had the wool pulled over their eyes.
I hope I'm not putting my hoof in my mouth when I say that it cud have been done better.
Also I love that Silence of the Poodles.
Reminds me of a threat I made to a cetain poodle if she didn't stop leaving me little presents in front of my room.
Sheep would be better.

Believe ewe meeeee, Aggies wouldn't have been fooled! Poodles don't back up to the fence the way sheep do.

I sent this in as well, but noticed this morning that the Urban Legends site is calling it a hoax.

Dang, Jim....way to burst my bubble!

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