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April 09, 2007


(Thanks to marfie)


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Stupid work filter. No productivity here.

Would someone mind providing a description for those of us with IT bock, please?

Something tells me they'll just retaliate.

It's a productivity enhancer - you load obnoxious cartoon squirrels on a golf tee, then smack them toward a hole. Whack-a-mole with a 9-iron.

IT bock? Is that a German bier?

Dave, you're nuts.

I'm just glad they're wearing helmets... It eases my conscience a little...

No CH, not enough spit iminating from the back of the throat to be German.

The squirrels sounded amazingly similar to Bugs Bunny.


I'm sure neither Meanie nor Bumble will like that last statement.

All be prepared for a German tirade.

I'm just glad they're wearing helmets... It eases my conscience a little...

I'm glad I'm wearing a helmet, to survive the repeated barrage of Clark's repeated commentary. Again.

Should I chime in with a beer tirade?

("Bock" is indeed a German beer style... and a very nice one, too.)

(I really do need to go earn my BJCP rating one of these busy years.)

Figure you to catch the potential beer phrase, CH. :)

OOH! Simul with CH!

OOH! Simul with CH! About beer, no less!

Sorry about the multiple posts. The robot is seriously giving me grief.....

Clark - no sorry needed. Just messin wit ya.

Yay! Must be a slow day on the blog, I sent this in weeks ago.

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