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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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The groom got to get a good buzz on, then didn't have to get married?!

I don't see the problem here.

"The groom...has been crying that word will spread and he will never get a bride again,"

And this would be bad because...?

so, he's still single, hmmmmm?
goes to cash in frequent flyer miles

Of course he was drunk. Did you see the bride?

*SNORK* @crossgirl!

ANNIE!!! dear GOD!!

I'd smack ya but you like it...

crossgirl, if he's got a drunker brother...let me know.

So, kissing in pubic - Bad
Marrying brother's bride - Good

Hum, seems this could be a run up to "You know you're a Red Neck when..." joke.

♪ He ain't heaving, he's my brother...♫

Apparently the bride wasn't too terribly picky about the groom. What was her thinking? "The guy I am supposed to marry is too drunk. This guy over here will do, though."

Annie...one of these days...to the MOON!

*snork* @ Meanie...I thought of that song too.

Baron, she wanted to make sure he could uh..perform...iykwim.

baron, all a girl really needs is the right dress and shoes, accessories, like the groom, are incidental.


in other news...


*sweeps SPAM outta this thread*

Hey, in a culture of arranged marriages, things happen that look awfully odd to us die-hard romanticals.

I knew an Indian party boy name of Sanjay that shocked us all by inviting us to a party to meet his arranged bride who was literally getting off the boat from back home. We had various unflattering images of what poor Sanjay was getting saddled with.

She showed up and was slim, completely gorgeous, sweet, shy, and had just finished her M.D.

Me to Sanjay: Your family set this deal up?
Sanjay: Yes, years ago.
Me: Did they have to throw in some cash?

Sanjay usually has a good sense of humour but he wasn't terribly amused by that.


A student-of-Indian-heritage of mine who has lived here all his life recently found out that his mother wanted him to marry her arranged choice, & wondered what he could do about it.
I instructed him to meet the girl with a case of Beer, a side of beef ribs!! and some DVD's of midget porn (all the rage according to my collection email spam.
He looked utterly shocked, but said that he would think about it.

kibby - please check the spelling on your 12:06 post. Freud has a cigar for you.

You're right Annie, Kibby transposed "Bad" and "Good."

*is thrilled at self for remembering to hover*

*helps self to gumball*

*laughs at Annie's last post in spite of wanting to smack her anyway*

I don't see why the bride shouldn't have chosen the brother. She still gets the same in-laws, and they have proven themselves to be thoughtful and considerate people.

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