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April 11, 2007


Here is your chance to make sure you keep it that way.

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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This is so cool, even *I* can do it. Thanks, PB!

I'm afraid to try. I have things to do. Will resist.

Good call Edgar! I got to level six, somehow. I'm not sure how I accomplished that.

too bad this thing doesn't work on e-mails

I love Boomshine - made it through all 12 levels, after way too much time trying (a few weeks ago when someone posted it in an unrelated thread.) VERY addictive.

PirateBoy has his own TP?

oh good, there's only 12? i stopped at 11. guess i'll go back.

I made it to level 8 and then got 19/21......took that as a sign to quit......heeding your warnings about it being very addicting sthnbelle

I got to level 6 so far...

It's either this or go back to tax work.

ok..just ONE more try ;-)

wtg, sbell!!!

Didn't this already get posted? I've played it before and I'm pretty sure the ONLY way I would have found out about it is the blog.

PirateBoy tp'd the blog?

It was un-officially posted, marfie - I forget who, but someone put a link in another thread.

Just played it again, and got a record-for-me score of 262.

Yay me!

I liked this one even though the music was trying to put me to sleep.

hypnotizing. finished it twice.

This is like that game in Star Trek TNG that had everyone on the ship playing and completely addicted while some alien being like Bill Gates took over the ship.

accckk!! I got to Level 12 and up to 53 of 55!!

I. must. stop. now.

Level 12 alone killed about 17 minutes of productivity time. Yay!

Oooh, pretty!

I just spent a whole lot of time on that, and finally finished, having learnt that I'm ranked Good. Yay!
What I love is that it just doesn't matter how many times you fail. You can keep on trying and trying and trying and watching those pretty little bubbles go 'pliiing' and pop. :-D

Hey Dave:
If you're gonna post links to sites that have music or other noise, warn us first! I'm sure the last thing in the world you wanna do is make it risky to goof off at work.

H from B

HfromB - just mute your pc. Siouxie - I made it to 261! Pretty, pretty bubbles - better than Zoloft. Pretty bubbles....

264, and that's why you can turn off the sound at the beginning, Howard and almne.

sooooooooooooo relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing..........


Annie, I didn't see my score...damnit! it was over 250. I must try again from home!

diverdown got me by two. I got 272

I sent this in to Mr. Barry a couple weeks ago, but I don't think I posted it in a thread. It's excessively addicting, and has resulted in many hours of enhanced performance.

I watched one of my co-workers beat it yesterday, in under 1/2 an hour. Once you clear level 12, it simply ends.

I've also heard, but can't verify, that if you clear all the blobs, something else happens. If anyone has done this, please post?

YAY 247 and all levels!!


30143832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938, and still going

Love the soundtrack. This really isn't that hard though. You just have to watch the direction of the little balls and make sure that you will get a big chain reaction.

PirateBoy, if you clear all the dots on any level, you get a "Boomshine", which is theoretically very colorful and full of boom and shine, and gives you bonus points. I've seen scores on this over 700.

pretty pretty pretty bubbles everywhere


okay, make them stop now....

This is fun.

It would be better with some parfait.

My 13-year-old son is in love with this game most of all the video games and online games he's tried. As he put it, 'The music is just so soothing, it doesn't matter even if the game looks like it's cheating, you just want to play more and more.' He has dubbed it "The Coolest Game Ever".

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