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April 26, 2007



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Politicians kissing snakes... do they bite their own kind, do you know?

No NT, I beleive it's called professional courtesy.

Bah. Harry Potter could easily break this record...

That's what I thought. *winks @ Mot*
And anyway, politicians are the more venomous.

Is it ME or did THAT sound kinky too...

hmm I guess it's me.

Siouxie, it would be kinkier if there were tongue involved. *bleaches own brain*

What's the difference between a puffadder and a politician? One's a lazy, belly slithering, reptilian creature. The other is a snake.

eeeeeek, Tammy

bleach, please!

Anyone notice the story to the left about the boy being chained up to keep him from eating snakes and frogs?

Oh, and *snork* at Mot!

So the current record holder is from Florida?
Cue Twilight Zone music and Florida Wierdness Magnet graphic.

*wasn't me*

I've dated a few snakes...and I'll admit to (ugh) kissing them...but not nearly as many as this guy.

"Asked why he did such a dangerous act on Saturday..."

He was busy assembling nuclear warheads on Sunday, testing hand grenades on Monday, bungee jumping on Tuesday, dating Paris Hilton on Wednesday, locating land mines on Thursday, and complaining to Judi about not getting posted on Friday.

LOL Meanie...sounds like my kinda guy too...

wasn't me either, although i may be 2nd place.

Kissing snakes in public... Didn't George Michael get arrested fro trying to do that?

*replaces GM's fro with for*

If kissing a toad holds the possible promise of a handsome prince, I should imagine that kissing a snake would carry a greater reward. Just thinking aloud. Not that I'm in need of a handsome prince or anything, but I'm sure some of the blog chicks, including certain hot-blooded Cuban ones, wouldn't mind such a royal visitation.

*stands in line for toad-to-prince kissing*

*zips in*™

*gets in line behind Siouxie*

Good morning all. I brought some Neosporin for post-toad-kiss cleanup. ;)

If Richard Gere Had Done This, They Would Have Been Gerbils...

(c'mon, somebody had to say it.)

mot, that was my theory too. it didn't work. he was still a snake.

*wonders what he'll need to do beat THAT record*

Paris! Paris Hilton!

... hey, anyone seen Paris around here?

Yeah it's some where in France,
oh you mean Paris, eeeewww!

stop talking about me!
And no I'm not going to kiss any Snakes!
Oh you mean I'm the snake? Ok kiss away boys!

How many times do I have to tell you people that I do not know Richard Gere, I have never spent any time with him, never even met the dude.

So - leave me out of this!

If Richard Gere kissed a snake, people would most likely blame the snake.

Anyone notice that "kissing the snake" WBAGEuphemism for Oral S3x...? Just thinkin' out loud here....

Speaking of Richard Gere....

yes diva, we noticed. we were being polite.

DD... I think I implied that in the George Micheal arrested comment, but yes it WBAGEuphamism...

Well Gere, Don't do the crime if you ccan't do the time.

Well, cg/Bãrön, I always take things just a hair too far, I guess.


Rethinks the point. Polite? HERE?! NEVER!

Your euphemism is never too far, DD, it is usually just the tip ;)

I hate it when that happens...

What scares me is that the other record holder mention has the same last name as my maiden name...


*cough cough*

Oh, my, Bãrön! That is ... quite the image... ;)

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