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April 02, 2007


The important thing is patience.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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I thought the WHOLE IDEA was to lock them in the car until they turned 18 and you could send them off to college!

Nice picture to go with the story - "Feel the full fire of my wrath, evil child! Roarrrr!!"

First again!

Ahhhhhh, the OPERA!

He wanted a nicer mommy, I'm assuming.

Oh, and YAY, CHERYL!

Wouldn't it be funny if she had the wrong kid and car? The kid woulndn't let her in because he didn't know who the crazy woman was screaming at him.

Oh, and YAY, CHERYL!

Wouldn't it be funny if she had the wrong kid and car? The kid wouldn't let her in because he didn't know who the crazy woman screaming at him was.

sorry - I was trying to spare you all from a typo.... :(

So...what was wrong with just leaving him in the car?

She needed to get home and he just wanted to make her suffer for a few hours.

I can't say much. My dad removed the hinges from my bedroom door once. or twice.

"...and then my mom goes all eric-the-red on me..."

I believe it was OtU that once said 'teenage boys should be kept in a barrel until they're 18 and fed through a hole. When they turn 18, plug in the hole....'

That works, too, CJ!


I think I said that about OtU...

I have always been fond of the West African proverb: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

OK, so I mentioned it, but it wuz Mark Twain who said it first ...

(Sure is a good thing I got past the statute of limitations before y'all caught me, eh, Annie?)

OtU, I remember that Heinlein had some variation of that in "Time Enough for Love". But considering what a huge influence Twain was on him, I have no trouble believing that RAH swiped it and filed the serial number off.

BTW, did you catch this news when I put it up?

WD, that is truly excellent news - glad to hear that the intramural fighting was resolved and that things are at least somewhat on an even keel over there now.

OK, WD ... found my way back here ... yep, I recall readin' that and thinkin' I hadda get back to you on that item ... and then I ... ooooooohhhh! Shiny!

OTOH, yes, now that you mention it, RAH did say somethin' like that ... but in any of the several times I've read it, I'd already had the quote by SLC so firmly ingrained into my consciousness that I merely noted it in passing, and it registered only as an acknowledgement that this (reading Twain, and lovin' his stuff) wuz a nice little gem I had in common with Heinlein ...

Other than that, cye ...

Back to the teenager...

How did his thinking go on that one? - I'll torture Mom, and then she'll give me what I want?

Did he really not see that there had to be a time when she would get into the car - and not be happy to have been locked out?

I think they left out the key fact - this kid doesn't have all his marbles.

I kept wondering why she just didn't leave him in there for a while. You figure that sooner or later, he's gonna get hungry.

Kudos to the mom, for not letting boring old common sense get in the way. She now is in a position where the son KNOWS, without a doubt, that she means business. What did it cost her? Couple hundred bucks? Probably totally worth it. He will tell the siblings...

If that had happened in Southern FL, I'd have just left the brat in there until he was well done.

An axe went a bit far. Why didn't she just get the cop to spring the door with one of those little metal bars that they have to do such a thing? It might have damaged the lock a bit, but nothing like an axe....Just sayin'....

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