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April 27, 2007


New-hoo-hoo math...¹

(Thanks to Mot the Hoople)

¹Earworm alert


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"...that jostle with each other, grow or shrink, cave in or bulge out."

Reminds me of that time I had to sit and watch Nordstrom's semi-annual shoe sale.

At first I read "New-hoo-haa math" and thought that this link should be intersesting.

Still trying to figure out the earworm... Tiny Bubbles?

So, math helps you get more head??

I REALLY tried to read this article, but got a headache when they started adding sums of domains of constants and

There it goes again.

In the future, I think I will stick to stories involving sheep and/or boogers. (Meaning Brittney and/or Paris)

YAY for Mot!!!!

If it's true, Siouxie, maybe I should go back to school for a math degree.

random: i guess someone from the geezer bus will have to help you. *sob*

you know you're getting old when your earworms die.

Ha ha, al. My BA is in math, with high honors. Did you know Cindy Crawford was a math major?

*Doing Snoopy dance*

A hundred bottles of beer on the wall? That can't be it...

Don't tell us yet, Judi. Someone's gonna figure it out.

The "earworm" only applies to folks who were corrupted by Tom Lehrer songs at an impressionable age, as I and (presumably) His Blogness were.

Such folk will understand why right now I have the periodic table of elements running through my head...

"Metals, foams and multicellular organisms" by Cher?

Right there with you padraig only it's "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park". Remember, the important thing is to understand what you are doing, not to get the right answer...

So, Stevie...is it twwwuee???

I was always good in Math...hated it though. Now I'm in accounting - BLEH!

judi, I'm stumped...

C'mon, guys. A Tom Lehr3r earworm is a good thing!

For Judi.

There is no greater purpose for science than the quest for perfect head. Bravo! I salute you!

And base eight is just like base ten really, if you're missing two fingers.

I am NOT a geezer. Yet. Except to my kids.

I'm just not sure I want my beer genetically, er um, mathematically, engineered.

*SNORK* @ newwww math!

"So, Stevie...is it twwwuee???"

Who remembers? My sex life now resembles that of a Sumatran rhino - sans foot massages.

I never thought anything could make me love math. This is working.

Awwww, Stevie...maybe you want to give her a call?

if anyone needs me, i'll be at the bar doing my math.

*joins crossgirl in drinkage mathematical studies*

I LOVE Tom Lehrer, and I am NOT old enough for that geezeer bus - NTTAWWT. I'm just sayin' my bus pass was a gift.

My personal favorite from the brilliant and underappreciated Mr. Lehrer is "I Hold Your Hand in Mine." Also, "Silent E" from The Electric Company. :D

Yay! I was hoping you'd blog this. I have Dr. Srolovitz as a professor this semester, and he was excited about this. I'll be sure to send him the link to your post.

just what I always think about while I am drinking ... "the change in volume of such a tension-driven domain is essentially the sum of the lengths of the domain's edges (imagine a honeycomb) minus six times the mean width of the domain, all multiplied by a constant that is particular to the material in question."

Maybe that is the rhino's problem too!

But, then again, if you look at it with a keen "Dave Barry" eye ... volume ... tension-driven ... lengths of the edges ... mean width ... uhm, anybody up for some beer and mathematical studies? Of course, you ladies are all well aware of the "six times the mean width" and "I'll respect you in the 'constant that is particular to the' morning" lies (not that I've told any of THOSE).

Don't blame me! judi started this

*snork* beanie.... Riiiiight.

My hubby is a high school math teacher, with a masters and bachelors in Mathematics. Only problem here is that he hates beer. I, on the other hand, or foot, like beer, but hate Math. So I just do like my grandma used to do to get a good head - on beer, that is. I put in a pinch of salt. So there, Mathematics people. Stick that one in your algorithms!

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