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April 23, 2007



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*sets out bowl of marinara*

Perhaps maybe it swam there? Or maybe flew. It is scientifically uncertain.

I think it was drawn by the Florida Weirdness Magnet.

*fires up the deep fryer*

"Big blob found off Key West"


"Castro Buried at Sea"

HEY! I resemble that remark!

*snork* @ Punkin & Feedel "The Blob" Castro!

It's Jimmy Hoffa. The tentacles are the clue.

It's definitely got Castro's eyes. (He has no use for them anymore anyway.)

-maybe a passenger from Carnivore Cruise Lines.

Poor thing got caught in the cocaine current off South Florida and just got a little confused.

somebody called?

Debi Ingrao, a mollusk expert and senior biologist at Mote, worked with squid experts from the Smithsonian Institute to tentatively identify it as Kevin Federline. Their theory comes from an examination of such characteristics as its sucker rings, body composition, color and low-rider pants.

*snork* @ Siouxie

“This is the first time this species has been found in the Atlantic, so it’s important to have it in the national museum,” Ingrao said.

What went unsaid: "...because it's startin' to really stink and we don't want it here, anymore."

Major EW @ whomever is holding that squid in their hands.

Maybe it was dumped from the hold of a tanker from the Pacific. When I lived on the Hudson River, tankers would dump their nasty salt water in our river and take in fresh river water. We'd find the weirdest fish.

Good point, Annie. It would be a whole different story if they found a live one.

Annie, it wouldn't be so EW if that was Cheryl Crow holding the blob...no?

Siouxie - it would explain her hands' fishy smell.

Ick, this reminds me of when the MM's would clean out the condensers on the ship. Squid, fish, mollusks, and seaweed, the whole engine space would stink of it. One of them even ate one of the little fish they pulled out.

Whale, that' snot quite how it works. Ships take on ballast water before crossing oceans, but the intakes aren't very large. They discharge ballast water when they get into quiet, shallow waters with itty-bitty (scientific term) fishies or larvae then growing up in our rivers. I get sooooo excited when I find something weird and new, then scuff the mud when it turns out to be a durn furriner!

CJ, here's one shit sheet of TP for to wipe the mud ;-P

Two words: whale vomit

squidworth? is that you?

In all fairness, Sheryl Crow is spelled with a "S" (incorrect if ya ask me). Anyways and therefore, she should not in any was be confused with us fabulous Cheryl's; who can spell our name correctly and are content in using a third of a roll of triple count at whim. If I'm going to "reduce" that ain't going to be where it begins.

Cheryl: In all fairness, your post should be reduced to the other thread!

Cheryl!! my bad!I meant Sheryl! we'd never confuse you with that nutjob!

Ohhhhhh, Annie. EWWWWW.

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