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April 30, 2007


The Internal Watch

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Not even right twice a day...

One question: Why?

OK, another: Why would you spend $275 on a thing that is as functional as telling time by the shadow the sun on your arm hair?

I would definitely want it to tick, so that I could be sure there is actually a watch in there, and not just another ugly bracelet for men.

Dave, we'd rather get you THIS!

By not wearing a watch at all (which I haven't since my last one burned up on re-entering the atmosphere a while back), I am ever bit as avant garde and cutting edge as anyone with that watch.... and I saved $275 that I can spend for the better good of mankind....

Or on hookers, booze and grilled stuffed burritos from Taco Bell..... Depends on my mood.

Brought to you by the same people who brought us prepackaged ice cubes.

Is it me, or is there some inverse relationship regarding common sense and money?

Takes a licking, but keeps on um,...um...

Okay, that's stupider than the squirrel fashion!

*Considers buying one*

I paid $350 for the upgraded model that also doesn't tell you ther date.

*Considers buying two*

Is the watch intended for prison inmates? Is THAT why it has that covering on it, for THAT? You know, guys on the inside who collect timepieces have to get their fix somehow, and until tax money put high speed internet in every prison cell in America no one would have ever thought to market something like this.

I'm very confused. This is an INTERNAL watch? Where is it supposed to be worn?

In case I wasnt clear enough: that watch looks like something you'd smuggle into prison the old fashioned way!

That's hot...but where do you put the batteries?

*hair flip*


You like to party, yes you do. And I'm sure you'd like to be stimulated by something bigger than a kiester watch.

I have an idea. Why not smuggle yourself into prison and see what happens?

Looks sure nuff waterproof, anyway.

Send me 3 easy payments of $79.99 and I'll send you the Superman decoder glasses that allows you to see inside this watch.


Me thinks that it ought to be "poo" proof. And I say "me thinks" very often.

Bonus feature: accurate in all time zones, no adjustment needed!


How funny to see Me Thinks! I was just at the Renaissance Festival!

When them guys start saying Milady to me I just cain't help but cackle, it sounds SO WEIRD!

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