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April 26, 2007


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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How can I work
Has well proportioned EAR toHEADSIZE ratio.
into casual conversations?


But they're not selling anything now:(

Lots of great feedback, but I think one of my favorites it:

A+My home LIPO-SUCTION kit pays for itself, I'm selling the excess skin on eBay!

My favorite comment:

WOW, sold me her 67yo AUNT!—tires are now rotated AND the b-tch don't eat much!

What a hoot! I have GOT to remember to do this on my next auction.

These are comments, not about the member, but by the member to others that he/she has interacted with.

I love this one:

CONFUSED— the ouija board says I should poison my wife, the 8-BALL says to wait.


I did love the comments, but I was hoping they had a list of items to sell as well.

Very good, Bãrön. I'm so glad you don't need any more punishment!

Or on page 2:

FOOL! The FINAL PIECES are now in place, soon the WORLD will be mine, MINE!

Wait... Can I buy punishment on eBay?

In varying forms, DPC, yes.

Damn you work place fire wall. Oh well at least I check it out at home on my iMac.


DPC... Why buy it when all you have to do is... !

oooooooh! interesting...

So I went to the Toys and Hobbies section, but none of those items are what I'm looking for.

A+ the kidney was well packed--preserved and, so far, seems to be working fine!
What's the return policy if/when it fails?

At last! We finally see someone who's got the guts to leave some honest feedback on eBay!

Baron! I'd smack ya again if you didn't like it so much!

See DPChris... no need to pay for punishment when you can get it from Siouxie and Mistress DeskDiva for free.

Bãrön, love, you are just jonesin' for a beatdown, ain't ya?


I do realize that I could do that, but the pleasure would be far outweighed by the pain of having to look at BM links in order to use them...

Oooooohhhhh..... Baybeeeeeeeee. Spank me harder!!!

Nuh uh. Gotta leave you wanting more.... ;)

The thing is DPC, you never actually have to look at the link... just:
1. Google offensive celeb (BM, Twatney, Tom Arnold, etc...)
2. Without clicking, save link to offensive celeb (Madonna, Liberace, David Blaine, etc...)
3. There is no 3
4. Paste Link into Linky Thingy™
5. Let the good times roll spanking ensue

I've never been able to figure out that Link Thingy™.

*SMACKS Chris*!!!!

damn you...damn you both!!

my beautiful brown eyesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

DP Chris, ooooo... you, you, you... I'm gonna let the bloggals deal with you.

Thank you.
May I have another?

Ohhh Chrisssssssss??? come here...

Another bloggal? Here I am!

Your link is going to have to wait until I get home. My work firewall isn't nearly as liberal as yours is, Siouxie.

Two blog gals! Yea!!!

For some reason I find this vaguely disturbing
"sold me her SOUL, I opened the box and IT WAS DAMAGED."
no real reason to be disturbed, just am.

I just had to send the link to this to everyone. I laughed so hard that I am literallly going to need to go redo my makeup.

It's ok Chris...just some harmless nipple clamps...

what a shock that there would be weird stuff on ebay! whoda thunk that!

With a spring mechanism, or threaded?

A+package arrived safe,in one piece,and the 'object' still pulsating when opened
Oh, My.

um...the adjustable, sliding kind.

You could use the cheap kind.
Just a suggestion.

Or, better yet...

Next time don't write CONTAINS PORN in big red letters all over the box! sheesh!

I love this! Gives me an idea for the next time I send a care package to my son in southern California :-)

Oh, VAL!! You are a GREAT mom! HOW funny....

ROFCFL! (Rolling on the floor crying from laughter)

Nemo, you were disturbed because the next line was something like, 'Plus it had a strange smell.'

Me? I'm just disturbed....

You can definitely buy punishment on eBay.

Dang, I already have that one.

(Laughed So Hard I Peed In My Pants)

Try this --

Start at the end (the earliest feedbacks left) and read them in reverse. It tells the seven-year story of someone slowly losing his (her?) mind.

i have a A+ blood type ,30 years old, complete helthy, never drinked or smoked. i am ready to sell my kidney. i will travel any where. i sell it to best offer. offer me at mazkal13@hotmail.com.

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