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April 18, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)

(Here's your thank-you gift.)


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And on a Judi men's thread too!

*wondering if I should admit the Jewban and I play a game we call "spot the boob job" for entertainment on evenings out*
*decides never to say anything on the subject*

Woohooo! Thanks, judi!
For the record - my fave.

Who ogles? MOI? Shirley you chest jest!

WOOO HOOO!! thank YOU, judi!!

*jumps up and down yelling*


It ogles the mind, Annie.

Personally, I'm a leg woman. And arms. Yep. Arms. Oh, and buns. OK. Legs, arms, buns. That's it. Oh, yeah - and the delicious neck.... Hmmm....

I'm sorry...what was the question again?

what?? were you saying something, Diva?? I was ogling at playing with my gift.

Son't forget the face, Deskd, regardless of what the article says. ;)

WTG, Siouxie! I looked at your gift. Very nice. :)

i'm trying to ogle matthew and george's naughty bits but they're not quite visible....

Oh, I never forget a face, El. ;)

NT - boob jobs and bad dye jobs, not to mention bad wigs and toupees. i lead a very boring life too.

So THAT's why they say 'never look a gift horse in the mouth.' Best be lookin'...asunder down under.

Am I the only one who thought the "gift" was going to be a certain sappy singer from the sixties? You KNOW who I'm talking about!

So that's what "donating your body to science" is all about!

George Clooney says "I don't need a phone with sequins..". He didn't say whether or not he wanted one though.

Moon, I also thought that but since judi used my post, that was a chance my sensitive eyes were willing to take.

El, I likey too!! I'm trying to unwrap him it, help, ladies???

*notices the lack of men willing to weigh-in on this important issue*

Come on guys?? shirley surely you don't believe you guys look at the face MORE???

ww - the bad toupees is the version we play in AC... ;)

Can't comment; too busy ogling!

Yum! Thank you judi, even if they are mostly babies. I'll take door #1. And double thanks to AWBH for *gulp, palpitations* George! I need to go out for air now.

*steadfastly refuses to consider anyone over the age of 23 as a "baby"*

*steadfastly agrees*

*conspirational grin @ Diva*

How is it that I never get invited to do participate in these studies?

^5 Tammy!!

Maybe you should change your name to Schadegirl?

Siouxie, my eyes are up here.....

*snork* @ PB!



Oooh... TWO pirates? Wow. Mmmmmmm. Nice, uh, sword ya got there, PirateBoy. An hour with me and we'll be calling you PirateMan! ;)

*winks back at NT*

Now to get Ungarr back in the online flirtation game where, when he pops one out, it flies outta the park....

surely ubetcha meant "babes".

That would make a difference, cg. Thanks for catching her obvious error. ;)

If they're legal, in my book they're regal. ;)

Well, El - any man who gets me will be treated like a king for the rest of his life.

hmm I dunno, DD - I'd rather be treated like a queen...just sayin'.

*rethinks wearing tights or kilt to Scarborough Renassiance Festival*

Truth? Sure, I glance at the "attributes." But if her face is a horror show, I'm done looking.

On the other hand, if her face is nice, then the rest might warrant a more thorough look... just depends.

...on whether I remembered to wear my mirrored shades.

*buys bouffant wig, gargantuan rhinestone earrings, long sequinned gown, super support hose, false eyelashes, a fake chest, and the entire Liza/Barbra/Judy CD collection for Siouxie*

Voila, Babe. Everything you need to be a killer Queen, except for Freddie Mercury.

Ex-Matt? Go with the kilt. Mystery is very, very good.... ;)

*pops in*

Did someone erroneously say that some men may be too (gasp!) YOUNG for us more "experienced" Bloggals? For shame! We would NEVER go for the under-18s.

Especially if the cold snap returns. I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression.

I've always been a face-man but mostly I'm looking for the smile that lights up the whole. (Pasted-on grimaces, as some of our Bulletin^3 subjects wear don't count.)

Thanks, Diva!

I'm just attracted to a great sense of humor and personality...yeah..that's it.

um...for the record, a man must be attached to those attributes.

Kalifornia is having a cold spell. It did not reach 50 here today. To quote Seinfeld, "we have shrinkage".

Did I mention Matthew McHunkeyhey is a Texan who went to school here in Austin at the University of Texas?

He made headlines here some years back when neighbors complained about noise late one night, and the police showed up to find ol' Matt nude, playing his bongo drums (real, not metaphorical, bongo drums). Wish I'd been there!

JD - not to burst your bubble or anything, but if hunky matt were to use his g0d-given 'drumstick' to play his bongos, no one would have complained about the noise. IYKWIM.

Ducky, I remember that! and I also wish I was there ...um...playing the bongos, of course.

Annie, sadly, I have no first-hand (har!) knowledge of Matt's drumstick, so I can't say how much noise he would have made banging those bongos! ;-)

My personal favorite

And, he grew up in Longview (where my husband works, I take classes, and we'll probably move soon). Haven't heard of him visiting though.

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