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April 01, 2007


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Holy Cow, the Pot of Gold is full of Beer!!!

Oh, My!

A most loving and benevolent God ... truly do you speak, Dave ...

Well, CJ ... Guinness would be better, but that doesn't have that "golden" hue ... so ... we'll hafta be content with this ideal ...

(BTW, didja get a look @ my otter pix? Linked elsewhere around here ... somewhere ... it's not that good, but it's OK ...)

I did, indeed, take a look. Nice pics, in a varietal way. The egret was my favorite; sometimes I'll look out my front window at the incongruous site of such a large, starkly-white critter, poking about in the lawn. Mostly, I've been snorkeling and trying to wade through a biography of John Adams. Not at the same time!

Do you think they sell chocolate flavored treats with a religious theme in the beer store?

Varietal ... that means either that I've got eclectic tastes ... or that I taste like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket ...

No ... there's hardly a rhyme or reason for those there ... no orgainization, mostly put there so I can link them, or my kids can go look at some of them ...

Some are mere fridge pix ... snapshots only ... but they have meaning to all of us (family) ...

Someday I'll wade thru the thousands and thousands and put up a real site ... mebbe after semi-retirement gives me more time of my own ...

Speaking of April Fools:


The angelic choir music they pipe into the parking lot is annoying....

And God said, "Let there be beer."

I wonder if they sell this.

And God saw the beer that He had created, and it was good.

Just to let you know, that picture was taken in Ontario Canada. The Beer Store is the official government sponsored chain of stores where you can buy beer. The only other place you can buy beer is the liquor store, which is also owned by the provincial government. We might be at the end of the rainbow but we do have to get our beer from the government.

Al - so, clearly, there is a benevolent government?

Dave, are you taking notes?

No wonder Dorothy saw all those weird things over the rainbow!

... um ... Blue?

They hafta pay for it ... even the Canadian gummint isn't that benevolent ...

"And God said to the beer to multiply in the earth and make all the people over 21 happy. And God sat back from his good work and decided that there must be a government-supported way to get the beer to the people. And so he created Ontario. And God saw what he had done and it was a little cold, but good. All the better for chilled beer. And God saw that the people would need the king of all sports to watch while enjoying beer. So God created hockey. And he saw that it was very good. But then God saw that the people needed a secondary and slightly less cool sport that still encouraged beer-chillage. And so God created curling. And God sat back in his heavenly LaZ-God recliner, enjoyed a frosty brew, and enjoyed the sabbath."

-- Effusions 34:9

1. Hockey and curling? Adonis - FYI - You're greek. Think Wrestling and javeling. Tight outfits and big spears. ;)

2. Beer is good. Wine is better.

4. Do you suppose God does his work from a LaZBoy with a remote control? Just wonderin'. :)

And there is no 3, as God has that number all to himherself.

[krrrrck] Uncle Omar come in! Need backup on the manliness of hockey in relation to all other sports. Backup needed ASAP! [krrrrck]

Ok Med. I may have the name adonis, but that doesn't mean I enjoy writhing around with greasy men or throwing sharp pieces of wood. Well, maybe the latter, but only at people. You see, I am a ninja. Therefore, I am eminently qualified to judge the greatness of all things.

As to the place he does his work from is the Couch-O-CryingYourEyesOut, seeing the condition the earth is in.

And so to not bum anybody out, I will tell a joke:
A man walked into a bar,



He sustained minor injuries.

Speakin' of which, didja hear about the termite that walked into a saloon and said, "Where's the bar tender?"

Yeah, Hockey ... greatest team sport there is ... well, action/team sport* ... on ice, NEway ... (*merely leavin' room here to allow the LaCrosse fans into the arena)

As a former Nodaker once said, he'd never seen a live hockey game until he got out of college and moved to Minnesnowta ... he loves it ...

"It's faster than basketball, they hit harder than football ... and they carry a weapon ..."

I'd add that they have knives strapped on their feet ...

Now, Curling? Greatest slow-action sport there is ... on ice*, at least ... (*leavin' room here fer ... other ... ahem ... "sports" ... IYKWIM ...)

Curling, like hockey, begins and ends with a handshake and a thank you ... Good manners, them Canadians ... (altho there are some rumors that the Iriquois invented hockey, and we know the Scots invented curling ... NBD, the Canadians have made each sport their own ...)

And if you think skatin' is EZ ... try a two-minute shift on the penalty-killin' line ... or, try sweepin' the ice fast enuf to melt it, so the rocks curl better ...


Thanks UO. Poetry.

Hockey is three activities taking place at the same time: ice skating, fooling around with a puck, and beating the shit out of somebody. George Carlin

Hockey is the first sport I loved. But your comment I enjoy writhing around with greasy men is shallow and uneducated. Wrestling is the only sport that is more than 4000 years old AND IS STILL PURE. It is THE REASON we have the Olympics. It's not greasy men and the WWF.

No slashing, wrestling is physical and mental combat. Chess in real life and real time. Physical fitness, endurance, strategy, thought and implementation between you and your opponent. In reality, it is only you, your preparation, and your ability to think on your feet, that separates you from your opponent. More like real life, business, and the board room than any other sport.

Greasy men in unitards is an uneducated, limited, narrow statement.

Just sayin'. And BTW, I truly love hockey. Dad's idea of babysitting was a hockey game in OKC when I was 5. But Dad also took me to wrestling matches, football games, basketball games and every other sport available. He gave me a well-rounded education in sport. And I love them all. Just don't bag on the oldest sport in the world.

Wuzn't baggin' it ... merely supportin' hockey fandom ...

Now ... wrestling? Best individual sport in the universe ... you, your preparation, your strategy, your experience, your strength, your agility, your intelligence ... and a few more ideas or items ...

against ...

your opponent ... who is at least as prepared as you are ...

'nuf said ...

Ok, truce. However, as a ninja, I reserve the right to scoff respectfully. We prefer to stab people in the eyeballs.

I'm feeling magnanimous cause of this post I read on the USAToday Tech_Space blog today. Go global village! (If you want to read it, go to the Tech page, then down to the Tech_Space blog. The post is at 9:00 on 3/30, sorry couldn't link directly. Stupid capcha.)


I didn't even come close to thinking you were bagging wrestling. And I am not discounting hockey, love it, watched Miracle with the kids yesterday. I was their age and saw every game live with Dad, whom I had to convince to watch the dramaticized Hollywood movie. Does that make me a candidate for the geezer bus?

But, thank you for understanding my appreciation and love of physical and mental combat that is wrestling. Just you. Against your opponent.

'Nuf said.

*gets down off her high horse, her really high horse. And is damn glad El and AWBH are sleeping it off. *

Where ugly women hope to get lucky?

((((adonis)))) BTW - I, being a roman Goddess, will be the judge of your status as a god. But do your homework before you scoff or the lionesses will eat you alive.

Ninja, Greek, American, whatever, it is cool to state your opinion. And I truly hope that you will open your mind and check out some real wrestling, cuz it is cool.

Sorry, knee-jerk reaction. I live in the midwest and when you say 'rastlin' I think of that fake scripted crap. No offense meant. Peace. See ya guys.

Long convoluted ideas of mediocrity...........please bring the pillow!

or at least it feels that way.

No ID, no guts, no glory ...

Yeah! Beer!

But do your homework before you scoff or the lionesses will eat you alive.

¡Carrrrrrrrrrne asada!

*gets down off her high horse, her really high horse. And is damn glad El and AWBH are sleeping it off. *
Posted by: Meditrina | 11:51 PM on April 1, 2007

May I be the FIRST to welcome you to the FIRST day of BASEBALL SEASON - GOOOOOO YANKEES! Wooo-hoooo!

for the record, I have a hard time watching wrestling - I get the mental chess match and the incredible physical strength & agility, but with those outfits, I just wanna reach up there and give those boys a nuclear wedgie.

Best sport you've never tried - polo. Yes, really. Get past the snooty stereotype. Tommy Lee Jones plays. Bill Devane plays. In fact, my last polo pony is retired at Devane's ranch. Now you've gone and done it - I miss polo. :'^( Maybe I could trade my kids for a couple of horses...or at least a saddle...or some free time.

aha - I found the other end of the rainbow. Pot 'o gold?

off topic, but hey, it's late. A guy from my town is in a 'best mustache' contest - here. He's Jimmy Ortiz,the guy with the black bowler hat and way cool dropped custom two-tone 'stache. If you vote for him and he wins, I promise to be nice to you for a day. (I get to pick which day.)Deadline is Monday at noon, so hurry.

Hey, Annie, my oldest daughter and I did end up going to Balboa Park on Saturday afternoon. There are pictures, if you're (not your) interested.

Wow, Scott - I gotta comment, then I'm going to bed. Love the palm. I used a similar shot for work last year. I needed something to show SoCal at Christmastime. It was a palm wrapped in lights.

I loved papyrus so much I planted it in my backyard. It looked downright Dr. Seussian. Shoulda kept it in a pot, though - that thing is aggressive.

Love the jabberwocky quotation. And your crinaeae looks like a woman! Either that or I'm up too late.

That's what I thought, too, which is why I called it Crinaeae.

Annie, how 'bout this SoCal Christmas shot?

So, God wants us to drink beer? What if we like wine instead? Are we cast out?

Now I'm going to worry about this all day...

LTTG, but I wanted to say, not to worry, Wahooligan! (Yeah, yeah, I know, it was a joke. Still...)

Ecclesiastes 9:7 Go, eat your bread in joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.

Judges 9:13 But the vine said to them, ‘Shall I leave my wine that cheers God and men and go hold sway over the trees?

Ps. 104:14-15 You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth and wine to gladden the heart of man, oil to make his face shine and bread to strengthen man’s heart.

This last one was brought up in my biology class just before we started studying plants. Funny, for a college that doesn't "allow" drinking.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to prosper."
Benjamin Franklin

And here's a man that's clearly prospering. (No, that's not me.)

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