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April 24, 2007


Kryptonite found!

(Thanks to Clean Hands) (UPDATE: And Cheryl Howard)


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As long as there is no "tar". That just makes Superman cranky.

This explains so much about Serbia.

If it has the makeup of Kryptonite, why not name it Kryptonite?

that's DOCTOR captain burrito pants to you.

I'm gonna get that two-timin' rat now!


Does Clark Kent know about this?

Strangely, Siouxie, Clark had to leave the room just before Superman came in so I could tell him about it. Right after Superman left, Clark walked back in. Clark never gets to meet Superman! What lousy luck!

Cool! I'm sure if you threw a chunk of it directly at Captain Burrito Pants' pants, it would stop him.

Jemmy, the official name can't be Kryptonite because the element Krypton in the Periodic Table can't be derived from it. It was a pure coincidence that this material matched up with the fictional description of Kryptonite.

First! To notice that CH was too impatient to wait for Dave to post this, so he linked it in the Burrito Pants thread! [*snork"]

It seemed like a stretch that Dave would use the link... O, me of little faith.

*ashamed for a second day in a row*

This news item was also posted in Scientific American so it must be true.
Kryptonite Discovered; Adamantium Remains Elusive
I guess Wolverine has to wait.

CH. Dave the Great even noticed that I had also sent it in. That makes me feel better, although I was totally happy to send in anything that someone else would also think to send in AND that Dave would think to post. Its kind of a pretzel logic, but it works for me.

CherylH - Pretzel Logic was one of Steely Dan's best albums. It works for me too.

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Saint Francis Preaches to the Birds

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