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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to Brian Smith)


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That potato chip looks more like a parrot with a beak on the left side.

NO TRANS FAT!?...fuggidaboutit

Bethie, I was JUST about to post that very thing!

"You are bidding on a mini George Washington bobblehead wearing a Philadelphia Phantoms uniform and a potato chip in the silhouette likeness of the first President of the United States."

No. No I am not.

Great minds, Siouxie!

Wait...I didn't know George Washington was a hockey player. And for the Philadelphia Phantoms, no less!

the chip does look like that hen who pursued Foghorn Leghorn

I read the header first as "BOY George Washington...."

I thought it resembled an older Paul Revere myself

On the potato chip Washington, looks like someone bit off his nose. Whether to spite his face is another mystery....

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