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April 29, 2007



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Personally I always get nervous too when I'm driving 180 miles an hour and people start throwing beer cans at me. But instead of TP, how about those styrofoam peanuts? They're soft and nobody ever knows what to do with them.


The other problem with TP is that it might be a bit hazardous driving 180 mph when you can't see where you're going. Might increase the accident rate though, which is what half the fans are there for anyways.

*Tries for hat trick*

Besides where are the fans going to get TP? The porta-potties always run out as it is.


Slow down Al!!
4 in a row??!!
I'm gonna start throwin' beer cans Sheryl Crow stationary.

BTW, Sheryl Crow is finer than a frog hair split three ways. I don't care who ya are.

*catches any and all full beer cans hurled in my general direction*

Throwing TP would work if they weren't allowed to keep it in roll. Just issue each fan a Sheryl Crow square and then watch them try and throw it.

I approve as long as you limit yourself to one square.

Well guys, time to get to work. Hope everyone has a great day!!

I suggest we throw cans at Cheryl Crow, oh and that David ninny as well.

Have a good day Blurk.

So...he feels just fine about driving at insanely fast speeds, but gets nervous about beer cans?

Maybe they should throw squirrels.

It might be judicious for Dale to specify that The Disgruntled Toilet Paper Throwers (WBAGNFARB) should only utilize the tissue in its pre-used state.

Just sayin'.

Just got here...now what's all this talk about Sheryl Crow's cans?

Perhaps he could recommend that they just not be heathens and sit patiently in the stands and be good sports about it, and not throw anything. Yeah! Ha! That'd be stupid!

Thank you, Jr. It needed to be said and I bet it will have an impact on the fans.

blurk, on the other hand, is just plain suffering from DSB if he thinks Sheryl is fine in any place but a CD. Just because she's stationary doesn't mean you has to hump her leg! Ladies, save the young man. He knows not what he does....


Hey, KDF, how ya been?

I was once on a research boat where the crew tried to explain to a female classmate that sailors often suffered from a malady they described as DSB; Dreaded Seaman Back-up. It's a silly thing, but has always made me crack-up. Plus, possibly applicable to blurkie if he thinks SC is finer than frog-hair split three ways, given that a patient and indefatigable person like Lance Armstrong had to gain some distance from her!!

kind of remind me of those idiots who throw stuff onto the ice a hockey games...

I can understand throwing full cans of Bud. Yecch! horrible stuff.

This whole Sheryl Crow, toilet paper issue is a classic example of someone confusing being famous with being relevant.

"...someone confusing being famous with being relevant."

Xlntly put, mot.

All I can say is AMEN, to Mot!!!!! I agree totally just because you can sing or act......doesn't mean we want you to tell us what to do or not to do! Then there is the totally irrelevant like Rosie who loves to hear her own voice


Well said! That could be said for most of the Hollywood folks. Famous but irrelevant to real life.

Sheryl, may I introduce you to the Dixie Chicks?

What I don't get is how anyone, male or female could find that foul-mouthed, bloated, sneering pig, Rosie attractive,much less as a person with whom to live?

She is just nasty to look at and when she opens her mouth with that harsh, sets your teeth on edge, voice of hers, well, I just don't get it.

The troll under the bridge, that one. ICK!

Well, I have to say I have encountered a lot of non famous people who think that just because they are talking their opinion is relevant too. And get offended if you believe you have the right to another opinion. I think famous people do tend to think their opinion is more valuable because they are on TV and in the papers though.

Hi, everybody. I've had a serious lack of blog time lately. Anyway, breezing in to say "hey" and then breezing out to enjoy some unbelievably beautiful Chicago weather today.

Here's what came to mind reading this post:

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

2. Blue Man Group.

That is all.

Speaking of dogs....


I posted a link to a photo (yesterday's SC thread) of the underside of the upper jaw of what I am currently calling the MDFH. I am sure it must be some kind of dog, but I think it would be a very bad idea for me to start prying open the neighbor's dog's mouths to make a comparison.

cg is too chicken to pry open her own dogs' mouths, so I pretty-please need someone to check their Emergency Back-up Dog's mouths. Otherwise, I may have to send that photo to a Vet friend of mine and she may laugh at me. I wouldn't want to publicly humiliate myself for not being able to identify something as common as a dog skull now, would I?

End OT/

Sorry CJ, couldn't help you there, my dog thinks it's a game and clamped his jaw shut.

Just got visitors so I'll catch up later. Ciao for now.

All you need to do is lift the upper lip! How many pointy teeth after the Canine tooth? How many flatter teeth? Flattery will get me anywhere?

Adult dog has 48 teeth. Canines are not prominent as in wolves but are fourth from the front on either side.

CJ, looked all over net this morning and couldn't find any thing with the criteria you posted. Found this diagram of a dogs mouth though. Hope it helps.

I knooowww, but behind the Canines are there 3 premolars and 3 molars? Or 4 P and 2 M? Annie is possibly right that I am mistaking the last P for a M..., but this is clearly not a crab!!


Could it be the dreaded Jackalope?

Thanks, Mikey. I suppose I have to drag my behind to a library.... I am just very surprised that I can't find a critter that is similar and has only 3 Premolars. This is made extra fun because here, in the presence of the Florida Weirdness Magnet, this could be a perfectly common critter from somewhere else in the world!

Maybe its a crocogatorsquirrelrosieodonnel?

Hey, Mikey, lay off the nasty Rosie remarks. some of us regular peopl like her and aren't too fond of people named Mikey. Other bloggers can submit any of their Mikeys (including that crummy little kid in the old commercials, for those of us on the Geezer bus).

I'm with Mikey on this one...though I do think she's a funny actress (A League of Their Own). She's really no more immune out here to bashing than, say, Paris(h the thought) Hilton. ;)

Oh. And BOOGER! :)

Hi Friends,

I am taking notes on things that GOV should do to avoid Global warming.


Please help me expand the topic.


dearest Arse-had - For global warming, we blame global spamming. Knock it off before we all get heated up.

NASCAR fans use tp? Who knew?

CJ - I'm now typing with labrador saliva all over my hands, but it looks like Josie has 3 premolars.

Nice answer, Annie. :) Can I hire you to be my secretary? LOL.

Dangit...the HEAT lost!! ;-(

but it was fun!

but they lost....

but I got some free pom poms!!!

so all in all...it was a fine game.

I thought Sheryl was spelled with a C, not S. I always wanted to change my name to Cheryl but my parents wouldn't let me.

The kids in first grade called me marina marina the fat ballerina.

Don't name your kids marina. And buy lots of TP! I cain't stand running out of TP.

LOVE from Grammaw

I did get to see Dwayne & Shaq & President Gary Payton...so that was cool. nap time now. laters!

Jeeeeez, Annie! All I can say is that according to every resource I've found, Josie may be a labrador, but she isn't a dog! Although one crazy resource I found would lead you to believe she's a Fruit Bat and there may be something to that!

Arshad, I think the GOV should stick a brazillion rockets (nose down, on your house) and fire them to nudge us a tad further from the Sun.

Because Sio is napping and I am a gentleman (*snork*), I will refrain from saying that (or why) her 4:54 comment is hilarious when read by someone that speaks Jamaican!


'Scuse me, Sioux, but them's lighted pom-poms. It was fun, but a disappointing loss. Oh well, I'm off to ship 2 crates of citrus to Illinois friends that I had wagers with.
blurk, nice to have you back among us...

Oh CJ, Sioux & I were going to take the seat back covers, so that you would have a new do-rag! However, we curbed our felonious intentions...

Close, Stevie, if a bit too high in the latitude. It's singular (unless, ... well, I won't go there).

It's also a song lyric!

Take it easy,...
Take it easy,...
Ya pom pom cheesey.

What! Those are the actual lyrics!!

*goes to find reading glasses, as I kept reading poRn poRn*

With apologies to Scott Adams, my depiction of frustration with puzzling over a silly skull.

Jazzz - glasses have nothing to do with it.


I gotta agree with Annie wbh. Sounds Freudian to me.

Sometimes a pom pom is just a pom pom?


I found a couple of funny cartoons on the internet, and since this looks like a slow day for new blogs from Dave and Judi (I guess they deserve the weekend off, too), I thought I'd mention them:

Sandusky (MWF)

User Friendly Archives

Kit n Carlyle

jeez, CJ - I think you're puzzling within a silly skull.

Kristina, I thought the description in Spanish was of me, until I looked more closely:

Speedy, skinny, giant kitten cat with black bald spots!

Kristina.....The back ground on that first link you sent reminded me of poRn poRn. What does that mean?

Sometimes a brown paper wrapper is just a brown paper wrapper.

BTW.....is pompoN not correct?


I've been busy immersed in a work project for the last 3 weeks and missed the genisus of the Sheryl Crow bashing.

All I've been hearing about her was that the Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, has decreed that a fundraiser this weekend (led by Bob Costas for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center) a "scandal," because Sheryl Crow is one of the performers and she supports abortion and embryonic stem cell research. In fact, he was so upset that he stepped down from the foundation's board.

Is the bashing because of her Global Warming Tour? She's very up front about the purpose of the tour, so when someone buys a ticket, they know they will hear her point of view.

Everyone (nearly) wants to make a difference in this life. Celebrities have the advantage/burden of their views being heard. Just because they are celebrities doesn't mean they've lost the right to free speech.

And because we aren't celebrities, that doesn't mean we don't have the right to tune them out if we don't like what they say.

And lastly,


Jazzzz, you may need medical attention (Oh! Nevermind), though if you did a search, you may have found a fruit bat skull for a language I never considered as written.

*znorkz* @ ec'z lighted pom pomz!

[I'm zo immature]

Jazzzz, you may need medical attention (Oh! Nevermind), though if you did a search, you may have found a fruit bat skull for a language I never considered as written.

*znorkz* @ ec'z lighted pom pomz!

[I'm zo immature]

Siggy................If I didn't need help before, I do now!

ziggy - you're also redundant.

sly - a couple of threads back, Dave posted a thread about Sheryl suggesting a '2-square' max in the bathroom. Ms. Crow now says it was all a joke.

Although I'm now wondering at the meaning of '4-Square Church.'

slyeyes -- Sheryl Crow's bashing here on the blog is over her comment earlier this week that we should cut back our toilet paper consumption to just one square, except in those cases where two squares are absolutely necessary.

I don't think Archbishop Burke was aware of her position on toilet paper when he resigned from the Cardinal Glennon board over her appearance here this week. Come to think of it, I think the people here in St. Louis would have been more understanding had he resigned over the toilet paper.

Jazz, I'm not sure what that means.

Slyeyes, maybe I'm missing something, but of course we have the right to tune out celebreties if we don't like what they say. Sort of free speech backwards. Didn't someone say that people have the right to say what they want, but it doen't mean we have to listen to it.

Kristina, I believe the original quote was from James Madison. A more modern version was Daniel Patrick Moynihan:

"You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not, however, entitled to your own facts."

Annie -

My roommate's whole family are members/ministers of 4-Square churches. LOVE that comment!!!

DD - you should tell them that Sheryl is very upset with them. Or maybe tp their place o' worship.
*gets out handbasket*

I just love our psychic TV newswriters in Kansas City:

"Authorities plan to release the name of a man killed in a car crash tomorrow."

Such yellow journalism. You'd think they'd let the guy know he's due to die tomorrow, but they're obviously more interested in ratings.

Wouldn't it be convenient to be a psychic reporter? You could be sure to be on the scene when something important was goin to happen :)

Well, I wish that'd been the real order of business today. The big Target® shooting in Kansas City was about 20-25 blocks from my house. We've had rolling gun battles here of late, mostly gangland violence, but they've been in other areas. This is the first shooting in a long while at such a populated residential center. Congratulations, KC. We've made the top spot on CNN. :(


New city motto:

Kansas City: The Miami of the Midwest.

Kristina, I was referring to comments that celebrities think they are relevant because they are famous. I don't blame anyone for being passionate about a cause and doing what they can to advance that cause. They have the right to do that; we have the right not to listen.

That sounds fair.

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