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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to baligurl)


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Poor animals. Being exposed to all that extra, unnecessary X-ray radiation.

"brightly colored tropical snakes coiled and stuffed into plastic containers, the kind typically used for takeaway orders at the deli counter"

"I'll have a knish, a reuben and a python. Oh, and a kosher pickle."

Ssssssssssssomeone needssssss to put a ssssssssssstop to thissssssss outrage!

SSSSSSSnail mail.

I blame global warming. PSSST and Rosie.

I knew a girl who ordered spiders online. She also took her pet millipede on the ship (an Uss Naval Carrier) when transiting from Norfolk to San Diego. Very, very odd person.

YAY me!

YAY bali!!

EWWWWWW critters!!!

Enough is enough! I have had it with these M-F-ing snakes in this M-F-ing mail!

Yay, bali

Boo, Smugglers

They need to ship a smuggler in there for the animals to feed off of...

ROFLMAO @ Punkin (I'll NEVER be that hungry) Poo.

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What did Samuel L Jackson mean at the National Movie Awards?

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