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April 27, 2007


Don't get any ideas.

(Thanks to Ulekewan Manetepe)


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"... and massage his cracked feet along with the soft spots of his ample butt."

That ALSO reminds me of the time I had to sit and wait during Nordstrom's semi-annual shoe sale.

Sounds like a viagra commercial.


*^$@(&Q(^Q(*&&^$$$ BOT!

They get bored. They don't even have any desire to reproduce, no sex drive.

So they're a married couple. Big deal.

Kama Sumatran?

They are aware that they need another rino, right?

"The odds of a successful union improve if the female doesn't inflict serious wounds with her long, razor-sharp canines, Riyanto said."

Uh, women? Don't get any ideas either.

oh and YAY judi for the headline!

"Sumatran rhinos also need long, regular wallows in gooey mud unsullied by their own waste to feel good."

Don't we all?

Do they mind if it's sullied with someone else's waste?

Hammie...that's just for the mud wrestling.

The horn of a Bentley Continental is way more effective than a rhino's. Just ask the blog gals.

I hear the Sumatran is best when medium-roasted. Then you grind it, form it into a puck-shape, and force hot water through it at ...

What? Oh, rhinos...

Never mind.

Mot, don't know about the horn...but the back seat is pretty comfty....

uh..Annie told me.

Oh, and Yay! to Ulekewan Manetepe!


Nobody cares enough about my sex life to involve "mud, massages and frequent foot rubs." Unless, of course, there are takers out here....? ;)


DeskDiva - I'll ask my wife, but I have a feeling she won't go for it. ("But honey, I'm just doing it for someone on the blog. It's like community service work!")

DD, I care...

Diva, I'd take you up on it, but I can only have one girlfriend (NTTAWWT)and Punkin would smother hurt me ;-)

DD - I would, but my wife doesn't let me date.

Unreasonable, I know.

Take him to the Spearmint Rhino. That might make him horny.

Some women are weird like that, honey...

*glares @ Mr.C*

*snork* @ Siouxie*

And awwwww....you guys are soooooo sweet. Well, Hammie anyway. *bats eyelashes* DPC - is that your pirate nature showing? Rrrrrrrrowwrrrr....

Scott, your wife is smart to keep you on a short leash. Er. As it were.... ;)


Unless you be the one wearin' the leather, Lass. Then I'd be happy to swab yer p...

I'm typing out loud again, aren't I?

I think they are messaging the wrong spots.

As always, Chris.... But I like it that way. I ALSO like leather. Just sayin'.

Um...Dr. Doug...? That would be massaging, not messaging, and there is. no. wrong. spot. :)

*Consults clipboard*

"Whoooa! The lady's right! It does say massaging, not messaging. OK, let's get that cable out of ..."

"But, Boss, we've already installed the router."

"Steam clean it, no one will know."

*absolutely laughing out loud at verizon*


Can you plug me now?

"Don't get any ideas"
No problem, never do

Talk about performance anxiety...

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