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April 30, 2007


No barking.

(Thanks to Just Ducky)


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I think the cops and the magistrate are barking mad.

“The law is not an ass.”

Of course not. A donkey, maybe, but not an ass.

YAY Ducky!!!

uh...I mean *WOOF!!!*

Hell, I bark at dogs all the time.

It's probably a good thing the cops didn't speak "dog".

They probably would have arrested the labradors and held them for 60 days under "The Protection of the HinterLand" Act.

Dangit, there goes my plans for tonight. I was all ready to get cheeky and bark like a dog.

pj, I do too! As long as they are securely restrained, of course...

Naming your son "Karen" will cause more emotional distress than barking at dogs will anyday.

Casey, what are you doing next Friday?

Well Stevie, obviously not barking....

Serious note:/Just considering the fact that this is kinda like road rage for cops. Maybe some therapy is in order?/end seriousossicity.

Oops - been hangin' out with OtheU too long....

casey?? but can we howl???

Siouxie, if you and I ever got together, I fear WE would be blamed for global warming! ;)

cuz we be sooooooooooo hawt! lol


Miami Florida (Yes, of the USA) - Warrents have been issued for over half of famed humo(u)r writer Dave Barry's blog's (click here) contributors.

Police agencies across the country are Fanning out to apprehend the suspects. Allegedly caught in print of "barking like a mad pack of dogs" these bloggers are being sought in connection with ".. insighting unrest, duress and 'common indecency' ... on an Internet-enabled dog pound". When asked if these allegations are true, Blog Goddess & Research Assistant Judi responded, "Yep, meow!".

Further information is sketchy at the time of publishing but it's rumoured that squirrels have hacked Mr. Barry's blog. If indeed this is true, further allegations of "Identity Theft" can be forthcoming. Additionally we could be seeing the "Squirrel Identity Theft" (SIT!) defense being persued.

Check back regularily (and often) for further breaking news.... neener!

*snork* at everybody!!

(And if any Northumbrian rozzers are reading, a *snork* is NOT a bark, so back off!)

You're ALL daft. Especially the Northumbrian rozzers. (Would that BAGNFARB?)

A daft young lad made a daft little growl
At two Labradors who were barking at him
“He’s an animal!” “He’s criminal!” “His barking’s subliminal!”
He was cuffed and dragged off, rather grim.

Now, the owners weren’t angry, t’wasn’t they with the beef
That would charge the unemployed with such speed.
Nay, t’was the bobbies & magistrate who, filled with such hate
Decided an example was best for his breed.
Then Judge Beatrice, bless her, a woman of class
Decreed decisively, “The law is not an ass!”

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