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April 27, 2007


Be on the lookout.

(Thanks to Queensbee)


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the guy can run in heels? i'm impressed. poor reporting though, no description of the shoes.

way more interesting than watching cheese age.

I agree, cg! were they strappy?? shiny? how high the heel? the reporter must be male.

The man was described as 40 to 50 years old, bald or with short white hair, of thin to medium build.

*checking booger page to see if any of our blog dudes resemble this*

*psst* Sio - "Booger page"?

*sneaks out to photo-shop image on Booger page*

um..I meant the Wyo's "Blogger" Page ;-P

Interesting that when you roll over "hair" on the page, it brings up an ad for "Hair Club for Men." Maybe the whole thing is some sort of promotion.

I kinda thought so, Siouxie, but just wanted to be sure I weren't missin' nuthin'.

Have any of you ever gotten that hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach when read a news story and thought that the description of the perp bears an uncanny resemblance to yourself?

What???? Just askin'.

CJ?? you are safe! this guy wasn't wearing a do-rag!

random, it's even worse when your mom calls you and says to 'look at the paper, that your picture is on page one', and it's a guy wanted by the cops who could be your twin brother. creepy!

*Hmmm... makes note of idea for Halloween costume*

Oooo!!Hammie!! can I pick your strappy sandals?????

prrreeeeeeeeety pleeeeeeeeeeeeease????

Sure. But we could make this a group effort and join the next Mummer's Parade. Just a thought.

I swear I've never been to Oregon. Wasn't me. Honest. Those days are over.

In that part of Oregon, a man running down the street with nothing on but a pair of high heels might not attract all that much attention.

The locals would assume the Greyhound coming up US 101 from California came by earlier in the day.

Oooh. Hammie. Nice idea. Meet y'all on the Rue du Bourbon!!

Waitaminnit - Clean Hands is an Oregonian, and he hasn't been around here all day.... Coincidence? Ha!

The Hands Household was up ALL NIGHT with a screaming baby... I don't have time for this kind of recreation these days, alas.

Heinrich nailed it, though.

Is that the Mummer's Parade in Philadelphia?? Road trip?

Methinks Dive was thinking of the Flashers parading on Bourbon Street!

QUITE CALLING ME DIVE!!!!! I am NOT that far in the gutter!!

Oh, poop. Yes, I am.

Why did that cause a lockdown? What the hell was he going to use as a weapon?

Bethie, I'm assuming they were stilettos that he was prepared to stab someone with.

'alas no naked man' <-- Are they honestly disappointed?

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