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April 11, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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First to say yay siouxie. And we have this town now.

Hah wild water buffalo couldn't drag me into that town!

I think that this calls for a spanking. And after the spanking...

New concept for an amusement park: Dominatrix World.

What a great idea! Can I be mayor?

I'm just wondering how long it will be before they ban me from the realm.

*snork* @ CH.

Do you [b]really[/b] want to know what comes after the spanking, dearie?

*cracks riding crop on thigh-high leather boot*

Makes me wonder what's been going on in the rest of China up until now. Hmmm.

I dunno, Edgar, but the bot has my scent again... I fear that it's only a matter of time for me now...

Hey DD! I thought it was my turn!?!


really, dammit.


Big Sister is watching you (and did you even bother to comb your hair this morning, and is that the same shirt you wore yesterday,...)!!!

Silence, Al!! I and [b]I alone[/b] will determine the order of the beatings!

Now sit down and be a good boy, or you won't get any dessert.

Silly mortals! You don't ASK to be mayor - you just ASSUME THE POSITION.

CH - fetch my wild water buffalo immediately!


Damn me for mixing my tags!!

Switches [b]I alone[/b] for I alone before anyone else catches it.

Then so sayeth I!

Deskdiva - 'preview' is your friend.

Edgar - nice shirt - did it keep you warm last night?

Is there going to be a Man Town so we can take turns?

Yeah, yeah - I know. I just keep forgetting to hit that stupid button.

*chagrined look*

mm - QUIET!

*psst* (Oooh, mm - NICE idea....) ;)

Now, Annie - if she likes submission, who are we to judge? Just remember that it's always the submissive who's in charge (so long as you're playing by the rules).


Who's ready for the spankings???

A spanking! A spanking!

I shall be administering Hands' spanking. He is far too eager. Let him suffer in waiting....

Power corrupts and Girl Power corrupts absolutely!!


Diva, you spank...I'll wax *EG™*

" 'A woman never makes a mistake. A man can never reject a woman's request.'"

What's so new about that? It's been that way for years around my (her) house.

CJ - you will be punished. At my discretion.

billinbossier, you have learned well at your mistress' feet.

Excellent, Queen Siouxie.

*plugs in wax bath*

*Thinks all the men are either hiding or have abandoned Woman Town*

Time to get the batteries out, ladies!!!

*Waves to all of Women's Town from the pub across the street*

*cluck* *cluck* @ Matt

I'm not just a chicken, I'm a full blown lily-livered, yellow-bellied coward.
But I'm a coward that will be keeping all his parts.

Oh, dear, ex-Matt. I certainly didn't intend to run you off....

*bats eyelashes flirtatiously*

*Has hot, male bartender take the Empress a Guinness*


He's all yours. Do with him what you will.
You can have this one too.

Why should he wash dishes in a restaurant? I want the offender to wash dishes at MY house. Sheesh.

And - excellent find, Siouxie! :)

Anything you say, daleks, er, dahlings....

*takes Meanie's linky tool away and hides it from the gals*

*packing my bags and checking Mapquest for directions to China*

"A disobedient man will be punished by kneeling on an uneven board"? Oh, the HORROR!

psst - it's REALLY uneven, especially the tall, sharp point on it that goes between their knees.


*ouch* Annie!!

El, thanks ;-) I thought of my gal pals when I saw this. Now if we could only have one of these towns here in the good old US of A! A reverse "Stepford" of sorts.

A drofpetS? What good would that be to anyone?

har, har, Meanie. fyi - we are not stopping at just one town.

"Edgar - nice shirt - did it keep you warm last night?"

You insinuating something Annie?

[pssst, Guys, give them the reins. They have them anyway and fewer chores for us]

*practices slanty board kneeling*

Stepford = Prodfest. Just sayin'.

*borrows El's zipper™*

*smack* Meanie!!

Where's that board???

*wipes the zipper™ and returns it*

*releases spiders and goes to join Mott and watch the show*

Ha I am still here. Do your worst! I am armed.

EG - have a seat. We're having a battle of wits, so technically, you're not armed.

You dare challenge to Greenberg to a battle of wits? Prepare to taste the bitter pill of defeat!

You dare challenge the Greenberg to a battle of wits? Prepare to taste the bitter pill of defeat!

Why did it post twice? And why did it change "the" into "to" the first time? Annie you may have won over the bot, but I'm not out of friends yet.

CJ's got the board, and he won't give it up, Siouxie.

And Edgar, I'd lay off the bitter pill talk. You're gonna need a refill in short order if you don't.

Lucky I work in a Laboratory isn't it, Meanie?

*tiptoes over to the side of the blog to watch the ensuing battle of wits*

*puts on heavy duty army boots*

*stomps on creepy crawly spiders*

fivver...silly man...did you honestly think a few bugs would scare us????

*off to bed now...make sure you do the dishes*

Edgar. Be a gracious loser. Futile resistance is not becoming. And posting a challenge twice is, as everyone knows, one of those 'protesting too much' thingys.
Time to wash dishes.

Listen to CJ. He 'gets' it.

It's ok, El. It's kinda cute, in an archaic, chauvin sort of way. Poor thing thinks he has a chance.
EG - one clue - the bot is....female.

Archaic? Annie I am half your age. And, as I don't espouse any of those opinions in real life, I could hardly be called a chauvinist.

And Eleanor don't worry about it. Since I don't have a wife or girlfriend, there is no one to tell me I can't rant nonsensically about every subject, and the more I rant, the less likely I will be to get a girlfriend, making me a lonely loser which means I can then rant more! And everybody wins, Yay!

Oh wait. I might not want to be a hopeless loser, Maybe you do have a point.

Dang. All the really interesting stuff on this blog happens when I'm asleep. *grumble*

I think I like you, Edgar. :)

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