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April 03, 2007


And she's not kidding.

(Men, do not click this link)

(Thanks to JerseyGirl)


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FIRST to ignore judi's warning. Oops.


Wasn't Blood-Stained Members the name of a rock band?

Hat trick?

Then she unzipped my trousers and I thought it was Xmas.

How many times have I said that?

That headline, ouch. I guess it would have been too much for the guy to have been from Frankfort.

Let this be a lesson to you guys. No means no or I'll bite you d!ck off!! Capiche?

fud - Blood-Stained Member was a punk band. They did some rock cross-over, though.

Fair enough

Well, thank God she wasn't doing something dangerous like driving! Being that drunk she might have hurt somebody.

Um, is she sure it wasn't a hot dog?

Photo caption: "Just in case you've never been to a disco, here's what one looks like." -- after a man's penis has been near-bitten-off on it.

The young woman who was arrested was six times over the legal limit for driving when breath tested.

There is a legal limit for penis now? And a breath test?!? Amazing!

Anyone else catch the link at the bottom:
Rare bird evades bird spotters by quickly dying

I thought it was Xmas, and then she bit me.

Come on guys, who hasn't that happened to?

uh, not me of course... Dave?

Did he really say "I thought it was X-mas?" Does anybody talk like that who isn't a Futurama nut?

**snork** at JayBee. What a great question to aks.... ;)

Yeah, Siouxie, but which part of no means no. It can be so confusing with all the alcohol, loud music, bright and flashing lights and a girl unzipping my pants in public.

"Then she unzipped my trousers and I thought it was Xmas..."


I so miss some of the old Xmas traditions....

Christmas won't be coming this year.

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