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April 27, 2007


Believe it or not, I am writing this blog post inside an airplane! We left the terminal at New York's La Guardia Airport about an hour ago, and now -- thanks to the miracle of modern technology -- we are sitting about 100 yards from the terminal, with our engines turned off to save power. The pilot has assured us that we either will or not be moving again soon, or possibly not so soon. He did not sound too certain about it.

UPDATE: We finally took off and -- this is the best part -- landed at our destination.


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Check for squirrels on the runway.

Any hot stewardesses, I mean, flight attendants?

Dave, when the airplane finally moves, it'll be time to start getting ready for the RBR's show.

"The pilot has assured us that we either will or not be moving again soon, or possible not so soon. He did not sound too certain about it."

...I feel that way about my bowels sometimes.

Dave, now is a good time to pull the old "Do you know who I am??!!" trick.

Dave, now is a good time to pull the old "Do you know who I am??!!" trick.

Dave, now is a good time to pull the old "Do you know who I am??!!" trick.

Three times even! A bot record.

Obviously you phone interfered with the plane's computer and shut it down.

Anybody famous in first class? (Anybody else, of course, is what I mean.)

while you're in nyc, couldya pick me up a knish and a really sour pickle, and a brisket sammich on rye? thanks. i gots a hankering for some nyc deli food. get off the plane, go to ben's deli - they're all over queens, and just order one. i'll pay ya back, i promise.

You could always annoy people by talking LOUDLY on your cell phone. They may just let you out.

Say hi to Jack. Loudly. That'll get you off in two shakes of a poodle's tail.

Dave's on a Plane! That's better than snakes.

Um, you DID check for snakes, right, Dave?

New Tony-Award Winning Play:

Oh, Dave, Poor, Dave, Plane's a Sittin' on the Runway and We're Feelin' So Sad.

*sweep* *sweep*


Do they need to reboot the plane again?


Ground control to Davey Blog...
Ground control to Davey Blog...
Your airplane's dead, there's something wrong.
Can you hear me Davey Blog?

*glues Diva's finger to preview button*


Siouxie, you missed a spot...


*glues Hammie's finger to ESC key*

got it ;-P

Dave, ask the Flight Attendant if it is really a good idea to store carrion in the overhead bin....

Uh CJ??? I do not think HE would like that very mucho...

He's a-waitin' on the plane
Here's a way to ease his pain
Two bloody mary's or maybe three
Will end his misery
And he wonders
Wah wah wah wah wonders
When when when when when
He'll get away
And he wonders
Will it be today?
He's on the runway
A run run run run, runway...

--Hats off the Del

Hats off to Del. Sheesh.

LOL Stevie...good one!!

I would think that a man who is running for President and is alleged to have many books for sale would be able to find something to do with a cabin full of people who cannot escape.

Stevie must be as old as I am.

Dave - I dare you to stand up and start singing.

Howard - I think we all are.

Hammie, perhaps he can suggest some online shopping?

Well, it's raining in New York AND Boston. So naturally planes as far away as Dubuque are unable to take off OR land.

*Waves @ Siouxie!*

By his silence, we can infer that the plane has taken off or Dave's fellow passengers have subdued him and stuffed him in the overhead.

lol, hr.

ty, sxi.

Captain: New York Regional Air Traffic Control, this is Derry Air Flight 666. We remain stationed on LAG runway four-niner awaiting permission to join take-off queue. Over.
ATC: Roger Derry Air 666, please remain in present location with engines shut until advised. Over.
Captain: Acknowledged, ATC. But we have a passenger who is becoming unsettled by the delay and is threatening to humiliate our airline via postings to his popular blog. Security has advised that we cannot remove his blog communications apparatus as long as engines are shut down and we remain stationary. Over.
ATC: Roger, Derry Air 666. SNORK! Over.

*Waves back @ Hammie* LOL

*snork* @Meanie! bend OVER!

Dave, just start practicing your campaign speechifications. They'll get that plane going in a hurry.

Advise the pilot about possible stowaways in the wheel well,tell him a sure way to eliminate these cheepskates is to deploy wheels mid-flight and watch that sucker free fall, talk about a way to kill some time on a boring plane flight...better than a movie!

The heck with it all - Just CALL JACK BAUER!!! He can get a plane in the air faster than two bunny rabbit can make two MORE bunny rabbits....

might be a good time to practice your harmonies for "Paperback Writer." :)

Siouxie, thanks for that! Is a CarriónBag like a JackSack (the bowling-ball-with-head-in-trade type)?

YAY you made it, Dave!!

Glad to hear all went well finally! Flying is scary.

Baggage claim.

There's still baggage claim.

Rule #1 of flying: Make you number of landings equal the number of take-offs.

Oops. Forgot to change my name.

Hammie - loooved the Verizon post.... ;) Excellent.

PS - Can you hear me NOW?

Airplanes were a real drag before someone (Bob C. Snodgras) invented lift.

Dave don't need no baggage claim. All his belongings fit into a 1-quart ziplock plastic bag.

LaFlamme, what're the gravity and thrust of your comment? If you're trying to force balance, don't forget slack.

Bob C. Snodgras ~ Dobbs's garçon

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