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April 02, 2007


We have to believe that this voided the car's warranty.

(Thanks to B Coats)


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AAArrgh!! I HATE IT blocks!!!!!

But that is just dumb. Writers...I mean drivers should be more of the thinking type.

Me too.

They needed more ball bearings and duct tape.

Jet powered car; $53,000.
Launching ramp; $273,000. (Half price, there was no landing pad)
Surviving your 7th broken back in a sad promotional stunt;Priceless.

That'll leave a Mark VII....

*snork* @ CJ!

I love it. Back in the 60s and 70s, no matter what you were doing, it had to cost A.MILLION.DOLLARS, no matter how dodgy the accounting to get it to A.MILLION.DOLLARS.

And it was always death defying if they actually were going to attempt what they said they were going to attempt. But not so much if the bailed out early.

Throws a "y" up there behind the last "the"

Only a female of the Blog type gender would have gotten that one, Annie....

Only a blonde would marry/date/associate with such a stupid stuntman.


*gets back up*
I forgot that I could wait a while before ducking. Blondes are slow readers.

Urgent update - Yankees won. Bosox did not.

It's a wonderful day. :)

He just needed a car with tail fins.

*flips blonde hair, takes careful aim at...*ooh, I wonder if those shoes come in my size?

He just needed a car with tail gills and fins.

hey, bali - what's your cat marked lately?

Hey Annie, wanna buy some mesh beach bags? I thought not. I bagged'em up and slapped a hazmat sticker on'em and put'em in the neighbors dumpster. Steve (the cat) now enjoys the Great Outdoors fulltime. How've things been around here? Been busy with scuba season starting up.

I was so hoping for full after-burner on takeoff.

I sorta like the incongruity of the voiceover person sayin' @ the end, that the remains of the car are "floating aimlessly ..." ...

Lincolns float? (Must've been made outta balsa, eh?)

Hu gnu?

DPC - that's what SHE said. nyuk, nyuk,

bali - I'll pass on the bags, thanks, since Steve has most likely 'passed' on them already. It's getting busy here, too - wrapping up our "El Nino-no-show" season and leaping right to fire season.

OtU - helloooo - ever hear of Lincoln Logs?

Maybe they were before your time.

Come and listen to a story about a man named Ken
A poor stuntman, had the IQ of a hen
One fine day he was gonna jump his car
Across the St. Lawrence; he’d be travelin’ far
A mile that is; fifth try; 30 G’s

Well the first thing you know ol’ Ken had quite a scare
Folks saw Ken’s Lincoln break up in midair
Said the hospital is the place he ought to be
So they locked him in a room and threw away the key.
Nuts, he is.
Section Eight; mental ward

*big time snork @ JD*

In somewhat related news, it has been determined that
this guy is definitely ineligible for the PedalPub.

Heck, Annie ... I invented Lincoln Logs ... well, at least certain "uses" fer 'em ... IYCM ... no, mebbe you don't wanna know ...

OK, so I drew a blank ... I wuz deceived by the excellent paint job on the car ... couldn't hardly see them little ends-of-logs pieces stickin' out @ the corners ...

WD ... check yer site, in case I get lost on the way home ...

*Snork* at WD! However, that guy IS a good candidate for the Darwin Awards!

*SNORK* @ Ducky!!

Nah, Ducky. You have to take yourself OUT of the gene pool to be eligible.

*Spammer alert!!! (Not Spamalot™) ...*

Hmmm, looks like an east-coast version of Evel Kneivel's Snake River jump...all the way down to the premature chute deployment. With a Lincoln...shoulda used a Mercury.

shows just how un-aeordynamic those lincolns were

I can see it now. The next batch of Cubans will come floating on one of those.

You'd think after the sixth time his back was broken, he'd figure out that he was not meant to be in stunts... Whatever became of this person of stupidity? Did he finally achieve his Darwin award?

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