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April 11, 2007


Men: Heed the warning.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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It is none of those clots' bloody business.

And so, the Indian gov't continues its quest to correct the image that the world has of it as being awash in red tape.

Ladies You'd better be honest. You CERTAINLY don't want to be audited there.

I think the real purpose is to give guys of the male gender knowledge of when to retreat and hide.

'red tape'...now with wings!

Hmmmmm, wings--that gives me an idea on how us girls could use that handy adhesive strip...

YAY again, Cheryl!

Be afraid, be very afraid.

You notice that the first 5 comments were all from MEN?


*herds them all back to the previous thread for whippings and domination*

serious note: This is beyond wrong. It's prurient at best and (gob)smacks of victimization, legalized rape, objectification of women and a perspective of women as property./end serious.


*lashes him to a VERY splintery rough-hewn wooden post and proceeds to detail his medical history right through his @ss*

I think Sanjaya should write a song about this and record it with the world famous Indian rock band, "The Gobsmacked Women Civil Servants".

*snork* @ jec!

Could we at least get you gals of the female gender to wear Mood Clothes, you know that change colors to warn us from a distance?

I think our government already has a similar program.

Judging by personal experience, the purpose is to let the government know when to assign women to the DMV.

*bows to the wisdom of Queen Siouxie*

So shall it be!

Cj--when a female (for grins--we'll specify; from India) crams the uncompleted form down a male superiors throat--then he'll know she feelin a bit moody. Then I'd guess he'd be welcome to complete the form his self if he wants it filled out so badly.

ahhh for once i am not sad to be old and decrepit ;)

I am also gobsmacked, especially since I appear to be the only one to have actually read the form -which appears to ask MEN as well as women for their menstrual history.


Jeff: Maybe for this guy

PS Sorry for not direct linking. The bot has issues with me today.

A break, please .....

Wrong, this is just wrong. I sentence Satyanand Mishra to six hours of kneeling on the uneven board! And to washing dishes, for that matter!

BTW, in case you are curious:

Main Entry: gobsmacked
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: flabbergasted, astounded, shocked; also written [gob-smacked]
Etymology: from gob 'mouth' + smacked 'clapping hand over in surprise'

*snork* at Gob.

What about us post-menopausal gals? Would we get to be the gobsmackers (which I think I may have been called in the past, NTTAWWT as I remember).

Wow my first snork. tank you mon.

oh and judi? you are NOT old and decrepit! (perhaps your boss is...but we won't tell him k?) shhhhh!

You know, I always had the impression that most men really, really didn't want to know anything about menstrual cycles. I remember once when I was in college, and a few of us females were discussing (not too detailed) some stuff, and the guys nearby were just trying not to cringe. We weren't even saying much!

I would wait 30 days before handing in that form. And give them a sample so they can run their own detailed tests and get all the information they need, as I'm sure it doesn't get more detailed than that. But that's just me.

Strangely, men are not asked to keep track of how often they release sperm.

Why are those records not being kept?!

That could explain a lot of things, eventually...like who is having an affair, who made who pregnant, etc.

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