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April 23, 2007


Key Quote: When asked what she would like as a suitable present, Maggie replied, "a Chippendale".

(Thanks to Claire Martin, who observes -- correctly, in this blog's opinion -- "This is the kind of old lady that judi is going to be")


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First to wonder Chippendale dancer?

I think she adds credibility to my four basic food groups: Beef, Pasta, Chocolate and Beer.

*patiently waiting for the "Dave Barry Turns 60" book to come out*


well, except for the fact that almost all i eat is veg, she's right ;)

My kinda granma! I hope when I turn 102 that I will be able to pronouce Chippendale let alone remember what one is.

Let's see, for my birthday I want that one in the chaps and cowboy hat and the cute thing in the motorcycle helmet. Oh and, why not, send over the hot stuff wearing aroma and sweat, come to mamma, big boy!

Go, judi!
Go, judi!
Go, judi!


(I've always wanted to do that!)

My Great Grandmother lived to 104, and swore by canned antelope.

I'd rather die at 25 than eat canned antelope.

I'd like to know what a "five-a-day" is, although it sounds like something that could either make you very happy or send you to an early grave.

First explanation gets my explanation of the rules of cricket.

Dance young buck! Shake that money maker! Grandma's got whole new bunch of dollar bills!

My grandmother who lived to 102 ate lots of Tillamook cheese, Ritz Crackers, various Hickory Farms products and drank prodigious amounts of Pepsi. Diet, I think.

Wyo: I think that swearing at them is the correct thing to do with anned antelope. You are certain she didn't actually saw "And cantaloupe"?

I meant "canned" but you knew that, didn't you.

Yes, Lari, I knew what you meant. I also knew what granny meant, 'cause she served it on occasion, and had many jars saved up in the cellar. (cantaloupe would have been too expensive for her as well.)

Gary: five a day

mm: Thanks. It's hard to imagine though that a wikipedia article could be more than a year old and have gone through 16 revisions, yet still only be one line long.

Cricket: like baseball except you have two batters, two home plates you run back and forth between but no other bases, you don't have to run on every ball you hit unless you want to, and you keep batting until you get out because of somebody catching the ball you hit or several other reasons.

Five a Day!

Lairbo. Tillamook cheese. YUM. Sign me up.

In fact, I think I'll contact my local legislator and see if we can't name it our state cheese.

And Wyo with the New Belgium. Good man. Fat Tire Ale is this homes house beer. :-) I'm getting a mighty appetite hangin at the blog today.

Wyo! We just put the Springboard on draught at my restaurant. I am not much on the beer, but I like this one. Ancient chinese secret!

If New Belgium brews it, It's good. Sunshine Wheat is my favorite, but I'm not too fussy.

btw, Med, my daughter's doing very well ($$$), serving at the nicest place here in Sheridan, Buffalo Bill's old Sheridan Inn. Hope you're doing well in your new position too. (if I remember right, you just took on a new challenge?)

Hmmm. I may start my Tilamook, cream cheese and Ritz crackers diet tomorrow. But I'll have to substitute Coke. Even if Pepsi adds years to your life, Coke adds quality.

Canned Antelope WBAGNFARB.

*snork* @ Renee 1st.

Holy cow, of all things, my 'Ready' post on the 24 thread was from the New Belgium people!

"My Great Grandmother lived to 104, and swore by canned antelope.

I'd rather die at 25 than eat canned antelope."

Comedy gold!

Thanks, CJ.

If I ever saw canned antelope, I'd swear too.

Go, Bulls!

/It had to be said.

Oh, no! Posted in the wrong thread!

/I suspect sabotage!


Why does she want a chipmunk?

Horace J. Digby

Dang! I missed Wyo!!!

As far as the topic goes ...DAYAM!

5 a day??

once a day would be just fine for me ;-)

huh??? ohhhhh veggies. Nevermind.

Canned antelope? I don't think they carry that at the supermarkets around here.

I never saw canned antelope
I never hope to see one...

They had a big party for her the night of her 102nd birthday. They asked her her secret to longevity. She said, "Potatoes, peas, onions, and lots of sex."
----"You still have sex?"
----"Yep, gotta have a really really active sex life."
Someone got the nerve up to ask, "When was the last time you had sex?"
----"Oh, about 1945."
They realized a touch of senility might have set in, but one person had the balls to pursue it. "But ma'am, 1945 was actually quite awhile ago, wasn't it?"
----"I guess it's how you look at it, Sonny," she said, as she glanced at her watch. "But it's only 2100 hours right now."

Pah-dump bump.


Stevie - that SOOO sounds like an Arctic Al joke to me....

Who's Arctic Al?

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