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March 01, 2007


Cow Forces Beaver To Land on Interstate

This has been your news update from Alaska.

(Thanks, again, to JerseyGirl)


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"We were going to land on it and wait" I've said that a few times when driving a beaver.

I hate it when my beaver lands on the interstate. It gets all that road-gime on it, and then I have to clean my beaver. If the grime is too bad, I end up having to shave my beaver. And then people take pictures of my beaver out on the interstate, but everyone is always cordial to me if my beaver ends up places it really isn't supposed to be.


And this morning, a milk truck overturned on I-84, closing it down during the rush hour. Coincidence?

I don't think so!

I, for one, welcome our new bovine overlords.

DPC - do you have this beaver problem often?

yikes...a triple with Hammie & Chris and their beavers!!!

THAT is sooooooooo wrong!!

oh and YAY JG....again!

and *SNORK* @ Hammie's beaver driving!

I can usually keep my beaver happily munching on my wood, but every so often it gets out there on the interstate. Once I had to bring my wood out on the interstate...

Somehow, I get the feeling all of ya'll are alluding to something besides a plane, but I can't quite put my finger on it....

Not that I'm trying to finger anyone's beaver or anything.

Wood slipped out, huh?

*hates it when that happens*

This de Havilland's beaver? And what, exactly, is that in her hand? Looks like she is about to scrub it!

"There were a lot of people taking pictures and wanting to know what was going on," he said.

Where are the pictures of the beaver?

Beaver picture

LOL DavetheRed!

DPC, I've heard that soft woods slip out much more often than hard woods.

DtR, I don't find that request strange at all.

Not sure what the origin of the name is but I live a couple of miles from Beaver Ruin Road. Sounds painful...

Hee Hee Hee

What a way to start the morning...Siouxie in a three-way with beavers. (Wasn't that a Beatles song?)

AGNFA punk B???

I'm sure the Banshees won't mind...

Hey, if Josie and the Pussycats can pull it off...

Hey there, Jersey Girl
Posting to the blog so fancy free,
Nobody you meet could ever see
The looniness there inside you.

Hey there! Jersey Girl
Why do all the stories catch your eye?
Could it be you just like pie, or is it the clothes you wear?
You're always story shopping but never stopping for pie.
So snork with Clair Martin and fly a little bit.

Hey there! Jersey Girl
There's a psycho girlie deep inside
Bring out all the goofs you hide and
Oh, what a snork there'd be,
The blog would see the real Jersey Girl!

Cowtown Beavers sing this song,
Hoo-ha, hoo-ha.
Cowtown road is 5 miles schlong.
All the hoo-ha-hey.

Gonna fly all night
Gonna fly all day
I land my beaver on a cow-pie trail
Somebody slid in my way.

Fivver, I used to work near that road. I always wondered what the origin of that name was. It was probably something dull, like large, toothy rodents damming a creek and causing a flood.

very true, writer!! it's got a nice ring to it too!

oh and LOL Annie!! good one!

One of the big telephone companies up here in Canada, Bell Canada, have two cartoon beavers as their spokes-beavers in their ads. They are called Frank and Gordon and they even had their own web site for a while. During the hockey playoffs last year, they had a TV commercial where they were both growing "lucky playoff beards" for the series so that their team would win, except that Gordon forgot and shaved his beard off. The ad ran for quite a while until the telephone company got all these complaints for talking about shaving your beaver on the TV. The commercial may be on You-tube but I'm blocked at work.

Al - I remember that commercial!

OK, a free Geezer Bus pass for anyone who remembers this beaver.

hmmm nope! sorry, pogo.

why drink the milk when you can land the beaver?....

*bows deeply to Siouxsie and AWHB*

Aw, shucks, ladies... it's twue, it's twue... I've blown my own cover.

Guilty as charged.

If I admitted I was a disc jockey in a past life, would it come as a surprise? ;-)

I don't' know what's come over me.

*keels over*

Help! Help! I've started blogging and I can't stop. Help!

The career of Siouxie and the Beavers was a typical Rock-n-Roll rollercoaster ride. With their breakthrough album, "Hot and Steaming," and their double-platinum, "Shaved," Siouxie and the Beavers owned the music industry. Their #1 hit, "Give me chocolate, NOW!" was downloaded more than any other single in history." Then, of course, came their downfall, the ill-advised concept album, "Cranky and Bloated..."

Behind the Music
"Siouxie and the Beavers"

Great, pogo, now I've got that scene from "Grease" in my head!

Pogo I already have my pass and also remember Bucky. Dave's written about him a number of times.

...there's tv in Canada?

Hammie, don't forget the smash hit "Me and my BOB."

ROFL Hammie!!

you gotta buy me a new kb now!!!

brusha brusha brusha. no beaver geezer pass for me. i got the reference 2nd hand from grease also.

the pilot spotted the cow on the road, but if he'd landed the cow would have been a spot on the road. how now smooshed cow?


Sorry I am bored at work.

ditto to cg and w132 - "Grease" and I'm too young to remember any original usage of that commercial.

Phew! Escaped the geezer bus, at least for today!

lol writer!

unfortunately, "Me and my BOB" failed to get take off.

*wonders if the beaver suffered any road rash*

That is all - back to work

Addicted, missing those BM links?? ;-)

but you forgot to mention my all time favorite song from Siouxie and the Beavers first album - "Shiny, Happy Beavers", the B52's ripped them off.


'scuse me, it was REM that ripped that song off. That lithium is really helping my memory anymore.

*remembers the ipana commercial but doesn't get the reference to grease*

Hey Siouxie - see you've got quite the musical career going now - I miss out on SO much 'cause of work - life is unfair!! Hope all the boogers are behavin'!!

Gypsy, you are missed GF!! and of course we're all behaving!

fivver, I don't either but I didn't wanna appear stupid uninformed.

ww, the nerve of them!!!

The movie Grease - John Travolta, Olivia N. John - at the sleep over the girls have, that commerical is playing on the TV - will now really return to work


Thanks, Gypsy! smoooooooooooochies!!

I'm with fivver, both chronologically and geographically.

Ah don' know nuthin' 'bout no grease, Miss Scarlet!

Speaking of greasy beavers,..........

I got nuthin', just wanted to say that.

Gee, you'd think for the hundred or so times I've seen Grease I would have noticed that. *pouts*

During the sleepover scene in "Grease," Jan (Jamie Donnelly) mimicks the toothpaste commercial on the TV.

"Brusha, Brusha, Brusha. Here's the new Ipana with a brand new flavor, It's dandy for your te-e-e-e-eth."


Slippin and slidin down the beaver trail.

Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver.

Hell, I've been on the geezer bus so long it seems like home. But it's true I haven't thought about Bucky for a while. *ponders Bucky*

And as for planes taking off and landing on highways, shoot, it happens on '24' all the time.
Without a cow, even.

The Beaver is fine, June, but I think Wally and Eddie Haskeill are having an affair....

That's the word on the street, anyway.

another irrelevant post from me. Unfortunate Banana Placement in Slylock Fox. (thanks, beloved Comics Curmudgeon!)

Gee, Ward, you were sure rough on the Beaver last night.

*SNORK* @ Hammie!

*snork, snork, snork* @ Ward and June!

Did somebody say sleep-over? HooHaaaah!

Well..it's quittin' time for this hoo haa Banshee!

Catcha all later!

"Oregon State Senior Trooper Robert Hereau was stopped at a non-injury accident scene...
Hereau said it was the third such incident he'd witnessed in his career..."
Did you ever know State Trooper Hereau?
He's seen everything there is to see
I wanted to land on an old haul road,
But I saw a cow beneath my wings.

Stevie!! I wondered where you went.
What part of SoCal are you in?

Home now!

wow...so much to catch up on!

Sio...it's a slow day on the blog. We're all blogged down with work, sitting like bumps on a blog and dreaming of building blog cabins. Why don't you sing us one of your Beavers hits? Perhaps "Spread Eagle"?

*snork* @ writer132 -- what station would you find that on, anyway? (Is there a Spice Channel for radio?)

lol writer but this being a family-type blog...I may have to decline your request.

CH: Only on Sirius!

Sioxie: Dam.

*walks in in jammies with footies, dragging teddy bear and ingredients for 'Smores*

I'm here for the sleep-over!

Ooh, ooh! Me too, CJ! *quickly dons lacy, er - no, family blog...hmmm...scratches head...flannel bathrobe and fuzzy slippers...yeah - there we go! grabs bananas as a great s'more topper.*

mmmmmm.....sleep overs!

Are we going to have a pillow fightand tickle-fest at some time tonight?

*thinks warm thoughts about AA* Gentle friction, remember? ;)

Still at work, but will bring chocolate and wine to the sleepover when I am liberated (40 minutes from now, but who's counting??)

*adds strawberries to the list*

DeskDiva, I have plenty of extra AA's. *wink*

*wearing really sexy old t-shirt & sweats*

I brought chocolate chips for the smores & the Twister game!!

ohhhhhhhh AA = ArticAl

hmm nevermind then. my bad.

Still at work, but will bring chocolate and wine to the sleepover when I am lubricated (40 minutes from now, but who's counting??)

Posted by: Gypsysoul66 | 06:18 PM on March 1, 2007

Fixed! :D

I got the bacon butter

Hey, Sio - those are always handy, too iykwim! *winkwink*

Look out! Someone just threw Wesson oil towards the Twister sheet!

You know - I want to play Twister at Four Corners sometime - using the four states in addition to the colors.

Wesson oil? Oh, man. Couldn't it have been a nicely flavored lubricant instead? It washes off so much better.

Tastes better too! I prefer strawberry or passion fruit.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! slip & slide!

DD, better than the bacon butter.

Wesson oil? Oh, man. Couldn't it have been a nicely flavored lubricant instead? It washes off so much better.

Yoo hoo, DeskDiva...

Wasn't someone just talking about Travolta & Co.? Grease was the word...

Thanks writer - slip of the proverbial tongue I guess

Indeed they were, but "Brusha Brusha Brusha" didn't seem to have its place here. "Blue Moon," on the other hand....

I prefer olive oil on the slip and slide and for Nude Twister - much better for your skin

Clean Hands probably did it; I think he has cooking on the brain!

And AA - passionfruit is a good thing...just a little bit tart....

Who's a tart?...where?

My skin will be in fiiiiine condition in the end anyway... ;)

CJ! The butt flap is open on your feety PJs!

*thinks her skin will be glowing*

I think I'm glowing already....

only 12 minutes 'til lubrication

w132, that's a toll gate. I had it open so Gypsy can sail home!


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