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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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You've got to be careful with that wild tea. You can never be sure it wont turn on you.

First to say... Huh? and then Why?

Well, if the bot hadn't attacked I would have been first.

However, I do have to say that Monkey Picked Tea sounds better than this Kopi Luwak Coffee

Monkey tea, monkey doo?

I thought this was gonna be about boogers...

eeeeeeek ewwwwwwwwww Baron!

I knew I could get an ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww out of you, Siouxie.

Again, Happy Friday.

do spider monkeys pick spiders?

Baron- I'll try the monkey poop coffee if you want to try the weasel coffee

Now, that's pretty funky too, ddd.

Happy Friday to you too, Baron ;-)

*accck* ddd!!

passes on the coffee. and the beverage picking monkeys. i want one of those toilet cleaning chimps.

I don't know about that tea, but I'm all over the crocodile curry!

And we'll wash it all down with some nice scorpion infused vodka!

Our scorpion vodka, contains a real farm raised scorpion, latin name buthus martensii).

Which has been specially bred for us in southern china. The scorpion is first put through a special detoxifying process then infused in the vodka for 3 months before hitting the shelves, the scorpion imparts a pleasant soft woody taste to the vodka, it also effectively smoothes off the sharp edge of the vodka.

Alcohol infused with a scorpion is said to possess many excellent health properties when drunk, such as helping to increase libido, lowering blood pressure & helps remove toxins in the bloodstream.

Scorpion vodka is best served straight from the freezer neat, but it is also a pleasant partner to a simple mixer such as tonic. Once you have finished the vodka you can then move on to the scorpion which has been carefully detoxified so that it is 100% safe to eat!

* Please be careful of the sharp stinger *


Ummm, looking at those links, are we sure its not already April Fools day where you guys are?

I hope not, Matt; I've just run up all my credit cards!

i don't what them pulling my leg or my "rehion"....that's just sick

Looking at the text of the monkey-picked tea, I'd guess the specially-trained monkeys did the typing also.

I bypassed the 'bot, AGAIN !!

Ha HA Ha (my evil laugh)

Try a steaming cup of many weed tea.

too bad it's not monkey-poop coffee, but i guess the name capuchin-o was taken (or maybe capuchin-eau for the french market...)

maybe "rhesus pieces" for the monkey tea...

"monkey picked tea: Because there's some jobs political prisoners just aren't good for...yet!"

*snork* @ insom

"rhesus pieces" Heh. **SNORK**

I don't like the way they call their slaved laborers 'monkeys' ...

So, are they saying that Monkey Picked Tea is tea that has been picked by monkeys, or tea that has been picked by Mickey, Davey, Peter, and Mike?

I can hear it now. You're walking around in remote mountain region of China, minding your own business, thinking how nice it would be to have a cup of tea picked by monkeys, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you start hearing this:

Here we come, walkin'
Down the street.
We get the funniest looks from
Every one we meet.
Hey, hey, we're the Monkees!
And people say we monkey around.
But we're too busy picking wild tea
To put anybody down.

Wild Tea? Does that mean people go ape-sh!t over it?

from ddd's 9:31 post -
How do you clean weasel-barf tea? Autoclave? Alcohol? All of the above?

Wild tea
You make my taste buds sing
Yeah, you make everything groovy
Wild tea

Wild tea
I think I’ll drink you
Wild tea
But can I trust those monkeys for sure?
Wild tea
A brew so rare
Wild tea

Wild tea
You make my taste buds sing
You make everything groovy
Wild tea

C'mon c'mon wild tea
C'mon c'mon wild tea
Drinkin’ drinkin’ wild tea
C'mon c'mon wild tea

Wild tea
C'mon climb up those trees
Wild tea

I think I'll drink you

awesome earwig, marfie!!! nicely done ;-P

*passes Siouxie a "wild" mojito*


thanks, marfie!!!

Fivver, from here on out, I will use the phrase "Many-Weed Tea" when I mean S***. THank you for your contribution, and might I add an Eeeeeewwww to the chorus?

Did you see the "species" designation at the right side of the screen?

These days, the phrase "macaca mulatta" would get an awful lot of people in trouble, especially politicians using it in public.

It's quite a mouthful even if you've heard of macaque monkeys before.

They've tried to be politically correct, asserting (on what basis? squirrel surveillance cameras?) that no monkeys could possibly have been mistreated in the course of being required to harvest tea from cliffs all day every day. But the species name is a no-win thing to publicize ...

My own only regret is that my comment is way too late to inspire one of our resident poets to add a verse. They've obviously already struck home....

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