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March 29, 2007


Guys do what must be done.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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Two firsts!

A video of the tube on YouTube, well done.

faster than the stairs i suppose

This is a dangerous, stupid and irresponsible act ...

which is exactly why guys do it. duh!

This must be part of the intelligent design.

Checks another one off the list.

Now, what else needs doing?

A British Transport Police spokesman said it was a "naive and reckless act" and urged witnesses to call them.

He was later overheard commenting that "... it was WAY cool and I've been wanting to do that for years. I was just waiting for a pair of skies that I could waste."

Next comes snow boarding...

I did see a pair of boys riding the "shock absorbers" (those absorbers that seperates metro cars) of the rear car once.

Meanie, that's another thing you can chalk off your list!

Well, er, Kibby .... I've actually checked something close to that off my list. Back in my even less mature days as a kid in the Bronx, my friends and I would ride on the bumpers of buses while holding on to the window frame (old buses used to have a lot more points that could be gripped; don't ask how I know that).

I saw him. He was dressed in a pirate's costume and heading for school.

We used to tobaggan under barbed wire fences. It wasn't that dangerous, though. To be on the safe side, I always sent my little sister down first.

ok, we would 'tobOggan' also.

*Pins Honorary Guy medal on Annie and offers condolences about her sister*

My husband and I had this conversation just last night. He'd seen this story on CNN and came running to get me laughing uproariously. All I could do was mutter something about that absolutely, positively having to be a man/boy of the male gender. (Who was lucky not to put an eye out, break his neck, catch a cold, or be found on the roadside dead I might add.) My husband just looked at me and could not for the life of himself figure out why I didn't think that was the coolest thing ever. Go figure.

I agree with kibby: very cool.

The story is actually better than the video:


I agree with RF: Youse gals will never figure it.
Back in my Guy heyday (i.e. before I married one o dem gals), I lived in WashDC where the brand-new escalators can be very very long. I think I hold the record for running down the Up escalator at Dupont Circle, then the second-longest. Being one of the busiest also after each train arrival, there was a built-in incentive to get down and off fast. The most memorable part was the vertigo - onrushing mini-stripes while you're trying to concentrate on accurate footwork.
Long live Guys. Forget YouTube - ya gotta be dere.

an ultimate man/boy toy. (note that his skater lady has not tried it. seems to be a sensible gal!)

*hat-tip to reluctant floridian;)*

Wasn't Ted once employed in the vertical transportation industry?


Wasn't Ted once employed in the vertical transportation industry?



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