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March 28, 2007


(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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Good to know...?

YAY, Siouxie! No kosher gumballs?

2 for Siouxie. If this wasnt lent I would link you a special present.

Unkosher blog brownies, anyone?

... what about those of non-European descent?

Get h!gh and take care of your munchies at the same time?

*checks stash for the U in a circle thingy*

*passes out joobies*

is tobacco kosher?

So...are like...brownies kosher?

I don't know. I just know that according to this article, the BlogBrownies aren't....

*snorks* at gadfly, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

YAY again!! woooo hooo!

Ducky, my gumballs are always kosher!

Addicted, I am thankful for Lent...in so many ways ;-)

*SNORKS* out my special brownie @ Gad!

hash matzos may be the only way I can eat gefilte fish...

But Cannabis is not a bean, so huh?

Now what do you do if the wife is Jewish and you're not and you smoke pot then kiss the wife? Dave, perhaps you know?

Dr. D....tell her not to inhale, of course.

Dr. D, the rabbis are still debating that one... I'm sure that they'll have a decision in a month or three.

"Marijuana is not kosher for Passover."

But Roach Hashana and the High Holidays, now that's another thing.

Look, the law isn't logical. Even the Rabbis call it "Stupid".

Ya know?? I never knew Jewish people were such the party animals. I'm wondering if my Jewban bretheren know this? mix pot with cuban coffee and WHAMMO!

Well Alei Yarok (translates to Green Leaves) certainly are.

Um, hello! Then what the hell was the burning bush?? What better way to represent that than with a good doobie.

Beppie, Vagisil should take care of that burning bush for ya.

No Xmas presents, no chocolate bunnies and now this...

LOL Layzee!

oh and *ouchie*

Not a good time to mention that liquor, being made from wheat and barley, would also be forbidden on Passover.


That's why I'm a Catholic. Wine is crucial to ourreligion. Not sure what the bible says about cannabis but there's a parable in there about someone getting stoned.

I think I found it, Siouxie. Maybe this is why my college technically doesn't "let" students drink...

LOL Glix! I love that joke!

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