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March 30, 2007


(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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YAY Annie!!

You mean to tell me that I gave birth to my youngest daughter on Kilt Day?? (she's 17 today!!)

Where are the men?

We're all gonna die! Or at least crash.


Annie - you're wonnnnnnnderful! :)

I wish I had known about this this morning when I put my pants on.

hehe Hmm...aawful lot of stories about kilts. You tryin' to tell us something, dave? lol

wow - judi - you are quick (guess the kilts helped)! ;)

*BRAVO* for Annie and Men in Kilts!!

Now where'd I put those shoe mirrors??

Makes trips to the Westoe Netty easy and simple


Why do I find this hot, but this disturbing?

DPC - I haven't heard that song in YEARS!!!

*praying for a strong upper-level wind today*

hellooooooooo boyssssssssss!!

Ha; I didn't even know what day it was, but the weather looked so nice that I wore a kilt to the office today!
Yay for me =)

jon, cross yer legs!

Thanks, judi. And then to scroll down and the first picture I see is Adrian Paul..... oh Lord. Where's my drool bucket?

But the breeze feels so nice on my kiltage, Siouxie...

Seriously, I would love to wear a kilt every day. It looks cool, there's apparently a percentage of the female population that enjoys it, and quite frankly, I imagine it would be nice to have a breeze hit the nether regions once or twice a day...

But what about No Pants Day on May 1? We'll have to open the blogbar early and get extra batteries for the crapcam.

Med, I have plenty of batteries for the crap cam and for any other device that may require batteries...

jon, carry on and let the boys breathe!

did none of you notice that pants off day is coming just over a month away?!?

crossgirl, that's why Med and I are stocking the bar & charging up the crap cams.

Boss: Schade, what's that thing you're wearing?

Me: It's my unbifurcated garment.

Boss: You did what in your garment?!

Me: I said unbifurcated, sir. Don't worry, it only means that I'm not wearing pants.

Boss: You put your pants on immediately! The only people around here that get to not wear pants are myself and my sycophant!

Hmmph--none of the guys at MY place of employment are celebrating International Kilt Day.
*feels momentarily cheated*
**thinks about it**
On second thought, that's a good thing.

Do you like the stratigically placed caber in the "Caber Toss at the Highland Games" photo?

Dr. Doug - yes, I did.

More mimosas, and fresh batteries for my horses!

That tears it. I need to buy a kilt. (Since I do not currently own a kilt, I mercifully refrained from improvising with one of Mrs. H.'s skirts. You may thank me in small bills care of the Hands in a Kilt Fund.)

(Oh, dear, did that ever come out sounding wrong...)

CH - no it didn't.

I guess the question is, whose hands.

*not going there*

and yes I mean what you think I mean.

I wish I had known about this this morning when I put my pants on.

Posted by: The Dread Pirate Chris | 01:25 PM on March 30, 2007

Thanks for that blast from the past, DPC! My Dad brought Andy Stewart's 45 of "Donald, Where's Your Troosers" back from one of his business trips to England when I was a wee sprout... Along with assorted Spike Jones 78s, it helped warp my taste in music. In a good way. ;-)

Clean Hands - we can leave that question open for discussion, sir.

And...the answer to the all important question.


judi, you are a national treasure.

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