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March 02, 2007


A moray eel in Scotland.


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That's a McMoray Eel, Dave...

hahahahaha! He poked it with a stick! Always, ALWAYS poke a suspected snake with a stick. It can save lives, I tell ya!

When the snake in the yard
is all frozen and hard
that's a moray..

LOL fivver!

Mornin' Punkin!!! stay warm today!!!

*snork* at fivver

*snork* @ fivver.

Wasn't there someone of a saint that killed all the eels in Scotland?

Saint ......?

Moray eels can live out of water?

It was trying to get home to Hawaii via a Beaver but a cow was in the way

Oh, I'm glad I read to the bottom, just to read about the python named Monty....

*snork @ fivver*

I was already working on that rendition.

Actually, Moray eels can be found anywhere in the world. Why? Because they're cosmopolitan. Don't believe me? Look it up.
Cosmopolitan eels ... band name?

Scotland for Eel!

Oh! ye'll take the head road and
I'll take the tail road,
And I'll find a Moray afore ye;
But me and de Havilland
Will never poke again
At the balmy, barmy cakes of Cow Beaver.

*holds lighter aloft for DWV*

This spose to be funny? T' ain't dude.

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