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March 09, 2007


The situation in Nausori is tense.

This has been your update from Nausori.


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History will record this as the start of shithouse was 1.

I imagine things are mighty tense, if the toilet has been off-line for several days...

In my eagerness to be first, I screwed up the`whole point of the posting. *Sheepishly changes was to war*

it's a crappy job, but someone has to do it.

waves to mot!! having fun?

CG, I'm having so much fun I'm sure there must be a law against it or something.

Mot- we knew what you meant (*snork*)

"According to police, the Turaga-ni-koro was also involved in the incident."

*Cue chilling musical chord*

Well, then, no wonder it's tense. You just know that when the mysterious and dreaded (I think....) Turaga-ni-koro are involved, things are going to tensify!

*Is glad the Hooples are enjoying the U.S. of A.*

well mot, depending on where you are, there probably is!

I'm in Tancredoland so I guess I'd better watch out then.

Wow! Don't mess with the Turaga-di-toro! Oh! Dang, Meanie beat me to that. Still... don't mess with them. I've been busy marinating meat, which has absolutely nothing to do with lighter fluid. Or Violas. [must stir]....

mm, I for one had not a clue what Mot was trying to say in his FIRST post. And I read it about three times. :)

*waves hi to Mot*

I'm glad you and yours are having a great time here. What's the most different thing you've seen or done so far? From Africa, I mean.

Are we invited CJ?

This is tha sh$t!

El, Saw a bit of snow in NY, but as for the rest, you guys have no idea how similar things are in SA. Please do not equate SA with the rest of Africa. Namibia and SA are very different from the rest of the Continent. I suppose driving on the right is the biggest difference, but then I've done that in Europe as well.

Mot...still waiting for that proposal...

CJ, just make sure you don't light anything important on fire, IFYKWIM...

Baligurl, you're just gonna have to wait until the moment critique.

Mot, you're certainly invited, but as usual you are Latitude challenged. You need to go bonk Wyo in the haid and let him know you're gonna be nearby, soon!

CJ, got a date to wrap myself around some ales with WriterDude, OtheU might drop by as well, Wyo isn't too far away up the I-25. Maybe we can have a real rip tootin' blog party.

Sounds like they are hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in their society. An anarcho-syndicalist commune and self-perpetuating autocracy. Shame, really.

Belated wave at Mot!

Pee me
Flush me

*Snork* me.....(The Who, right? know the song, not sure of band)

"Put the seat down!"
"Do it yourself, son-of-a-sheep-dropping!"
"Lazy tancredo-of-lizard! Prepare to die!"

You got it, jazzmeister. The original three-chord wonders.

from the "rock-opera" Tommy

*sprains arm patting self on the back* Must ....sleep...now. Weary from over use of brain cell. tomorrow....(later today) JZ


Much to do, this morning, but first I must download, compress, upload, and post this, from ShyJan, witch she helpfully named 'a better view from my lanai in Kona.' That, and she mentioned things like 'dratted computer' and 'won't you please oil me up and roll me over.' OK, I made that last part up. Let's all please join in wishing Shy would mistakenly sleep with a careless cabana boy!

... um ... CJ' ... still haven't managed to download my pix from last weekend ... now I see 'Jan has already managed to beat me to that task with her own ... dang ...

Travelin' today, escapin' from CA to NM ... then flyin' home to Nodak, possibly about midweek ... plane change in Denver, mebbe, so that's whut Mot wuz suggestin' ... pix of NEthin' resemblin' a bloglit gatherin' there, I promise ...

Mornin' booglits....CJ..your photo looks loke a cat peed on my screen .....wait...uhhhhh never mind.

OtU...if you do see Mot, he needs an extra hour. He seems to have lost one of his.

loke being a caveman version of "look"....or Arkansas. not much difference

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