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March 21, 2007


That's Harold C. Crittenden Middle School, which this blog graduated from shortly after the Civil War. It's in the news.

(Thanks to Jo Anne Bander)


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first to be eleemosynary with congratulations

Wow, Dave! Did they have this contest there when you were in school?

Awe, sweet! Dave Barry is one of his favorite writers! That kid will go places!

Will Shortz looks much taller than I'd imagined. Maybe standing next to a youngster helps.

Never mind--this contest started 7 years ago. Dave, perhaps this kid should be enlisted to help with the Dave Barry for President campaign!

I'm looking forward to the Dave Barry Emulation Contest. Now With Emus!

I hope they told Will Shortz to stop doing those awful and funky things he does to the puzzles on Thursdays. Diagonal clues? Weird shapes? One puzzle that included icons of a teepee? Stop it, Mr. Shortz. No one does crack and the NY Times crossword puzzle at the same time.

Yes, I am Team Word Nerd.

"Giant Fungal Puffballs" wbagnfarb

Sorry, writer132 - Will Shortz is just a scion of the Times.

*promises himself that he will use the words granivorous, magnanimous and cumbrous in tomorrow morning's meeting with his staff*

*snork!* Oh that was excellent, Annie.

AFKAT, not sure if "cumbrous" is SFW. IYKWIM.

*snork* @ annie!

"Dave Barry is one of my favorite writers," he said, beaming.

Little sycophant.

Methinks jeffie's invidious.

Exceedingly risible, Annie ...

*new pickup line @ singles bar where only divorced folks hang out ... "Whut's your scion?"*

Oooooooh, Annie! That was bad. :D

"The foundation for everything," he said, "is vocabulary."

*Tries doing chemistry using only vocabulary.*

Wow reactions of vocabulary can be quite exothermic!

Edgar...reactions can also be endothermic.

Edgar, iso know what you mean!

(Note to non-chemists: that is a geek joke)

I think there's a mole in the chemistry department!

Edgar already got this one, but:

Principal H. Evan Powderly said he's been studying that list for more than 50 years. "The foundation for everything," he said, "is vocabulary."

In an unrelated incident, moments later Mr. Powderly's house collapsed in a pile of rubble.


You graduated from middle school?

I have a Scion at home. It's an xA.

I always thought Dave made up the name of his middle school. I am shocked to find out it is a real school.

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