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March 09, 2007


There's a pile of hooey, and then there's a pile of hooey that you don't dare mention to your wife.

(Thanks to Mr. Completely)


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First - grrrr!

How appropriate, ec! :)


I want to take an anger test! It sounds like fun!

that was classic...what a load of hooey!

I like how this site's statement about how the stomach contains corrosive acid is accompanied by a photo of a pregnant woman's belly.

Another study about finger length. The aggressive manly men may not be as interested in women as you might think. Thats why they like sports. NTTAWWT

*creeps slowly and quietly into the room*
*places large hunk of 60%-cocoa dark chocolate on table*
*backs slowly and quietly out of the room*


ONLY 60%? WTF is wrong with you?!! *sinks to the floor, sobbing*

"Hey, Honey, I'm home! When's dinner? I hope you don't mind that I invited my poker buddies over for dinner and a few beers tonight. Oh, by the way, the paper says that the reason that you're such a cranky b!tch all the time is due to your genetic make-up."

"Wow, that's a long epitaph to put on a tombstone."

"Well, he said he wanted his last words inscribed there."

5:00 SNORK for Mr. C and Hammie

Catch y'all later!!

pile of hooha

My left hand is beating the crap out of me....

I also have a certain finger test for my anger.

*snork* at CJrun

But I'm scared. According to Ex Matt's link, I'm half woman/half man. My left hand looks just like the man's, and the right like the woman's. No wonder I have a moustache.

"Mood gene" WBAGNFARB

OMG!! I'm homosexual!!! Who knew? How come I didn't know?? (Better go get myself tested for HIV)

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